Nissan GT-R Supercar Has Strict Warranty


A story has spread on the Internet over the past week about a 2009 Nissan GT-R owner who couldn’t get his warranty to cover a blown transmission. The problem? He says he had turned off the stability control to use the car’s launch control feature. That mistake cost him $20,000 in repairs. 

We contacted Nissan about this problem — they seemed well aware of the Internet story — and were told that using the launch control feature or turning off the VDC by themselves would not void the warranty. However, if the two features are being abused and lead to damage than the warranty is void. We list the excerpted warranty below and it includes normal stipulations about modifications, racing and other changes that void warranties. 

Nissan wasn’t able to quantify how owners could use the car, meaning how many times it could be driven on a track or other hard uses. There are other GT-R owners who have complained about the transmission, but many on the original Internet forum thread attacked the original story’s author for not being a good enough driver. 

The result remains for GT-R owners: Don’t drive your 0-60-mph-in-3.5-second GT-R too hard if you’re not willing to pay for it. 

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What is not covered: Damage, failures or corrosion due to accidents, misuse or alterations

This warranty does not cover damage, failures or corrosion resulting from:

  • Accident, theft, fire, driving through water (including engine water ingestion) or misuse, which includes, but is not limited to, operation in violation of any applicable law and racing of any sort whatsoever (Proper use is outlined in your owner’s manual).
  • Alteration, tampering or improper repair, including but not limited to adding/replacing chips, reprogramming or attempting to reprogram, alter or disconnect any computer or control unit.
  • Operating the vehicle with the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) off, except when rocking vehicle when stuck in mud or snow (see GT-R owner's manual).
By David Thomas | October 10, 2008 | Comments (17)
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Its the first production run so its not uncommon to have problems.

Hey you pay for what you get ... <$80K for a supercar. That's why a Ferrari or a Lambo cost more than $180K. They are built to be driven hard on the track.



Come on, we all know how long does the Ferrari's engines last, so your joke is not even funny.


Nissan's conditions are absurd. Are they stating that the vehicle is not designed to be driven with the VDC off? And driving through water? Are owners not allowed to drive their car in the rain?

And Brian is right...don't call it a supercar if it's not trackworthy right off the showroom floor.


this sint uncommon. ask the editors at's Insideline Long-Term blog.

they just had their GT-R stripped and practically rebuilt.

ian singleton

hey, this is a no brainer.. when you drop 500+ hp into any transmission you gotta be easy.. its been like that for 50 years and aint gonna change... these new punks with factory racers get into a real engine and hurt there new car.. maybe im an dickhead but ive bean building cars for years and u cant drive like a punk if you wanna keep ur ride together.

Maybe they don't know how to drive either ;)


Maybe they don't know how to drive either ;)


Glad to see even Dave posts twice.


Someone has no common sense.

Anycar even if it is a sports car, super car, or whatever it is. If it is brought to the track, those damages are not covered in warranty.

Check it out with any automaker.


Boy, if you can take a supercar to the track, what is the point of having a supercar?

And what were you saying in your first post J? A Ferrari's engine doesn't last? How would you know, you drive a Civic.



Come on, grow up.

Why do you even bother to get back on me?

Reading is a great thing to do. Reading will tell you that Ferrari's engine are built to be re-built.



BTW, from what you are saying, that means you do drive a Ferrari then, huh?


J, no you moron I didn't comment on the Ferrari engine you did. Is that the only retort you ever have, grow up? What is there to read? Post something and then maybe you have some back up. Trying showing a little class, how about it?

Well if this car isnt ready to hit the race track everyone should check out Targa Trophy. It features cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche- and those wont fall apart.

bmw man

Their SPORT CARS are a HUNK OF JUNK. I've owned a 280zx TURBO, it was piece of junk. I've owned a 1990 300 zx, it was a piece of junk. I've owned a 1996 TWIN TURBO, it was a piece of junk.

If you want nice cars for your bucks, get you a BMW M3 or M5. I owned a 1995 M3, 2003 M3, and a 2003 M5, drove the hell out of them with no problems.

NISSAN will continue to sock it to you if you continue to buy their SPORT CARS. These cars are made for you garage, and riding around looking pretty, nothing beyound that.


Buy a car but you cant use or disable a certain feature or its on you!?! Why does that sound retarded. This car practically drives itself so how can nissan put blame on the owner?


GTR truth from an owner:

Ok... So here is the real story. I have a number of Performance cars from a GTR, Vette, Viper, etc.... The GTR is one of the baddest cars on the planet but.....

Nissan does NOT BACK IT PERIOD... I currently have a 2010 with 5K miles only driven 4 miles a day at most and I do get on it occasionally as anyone would that owns it. I have had several problems with the car and here is the results of calling or dealing with Nissan.

Paint problems in 3 obvious places on the car: Nissan first stated to me it was environmental (the car had 30 miles on it and was bought new and never been outside in the sun). They then said there were painting the whole car then backed out of that. After 5 months of them having my car I told them to forget it and picked up my car. Still unresolved.

Nissan & a loud Transmission noise: Nissan said they want me to do a 3500.00 trans flush because it was tracked (wrong... the car has never been close to a track) They stated that if the noise was still there afterwards they would address it. Still unresolved

Rims: Paint peeled off both rear rims with no help from me: Nissan took over 1 year to replace the rear rims and first stated it was something I did. 1 Year to resolve:

Nissan built an incredible performance car but they think it is perfect and refuse to back it up if you say anything is wrong. Thats a fact. I have all the paperwork to back up what was stated above.

In all the years I have owned cars I have never seen any company that runs from issues on a car like Nissan does with the GTR.

When I first bought the car Nissan has this GTR hotline to take CARE of their customers but it did not take me long to figure out that it was to take care of Nissan not the customers.

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