More Than Half of '09 Models Will Be iPod-Compatible


Apple continues its steady march toward world domination, which is great, because at this rate the next car I buy will definitely be able to play music from my iPod.

More than half of new cars sold in 2009 will offer some kind of iPod connectivity, according to a study by iSupply Corp (another branch of that world-dominating company, I'm sure). The percentage of 2008 models with iPod connectivity hovered around 39%, but the study found that the number of compatible '09 models will see a 58% jump, which will push the overall number of iPod-compatible vehicles to well over half.

This isn’t all that surprising given that iPods make up 70% to 80% of the overall market for portable media players, and the demand for connectivity between cars and PMPs has rapidly increased. Car buyers are coming to expect that option in new vehicles; it's only a matter of time before connectivity for iPods and other PMPs will simply be standard.

Will you look for iPod connectivity in your next car purchase? How important is it? Let us know in the comments.

Report: Half of U.S. Car Models to Offer iPod Connections in 2009 (TechnoRide)

By Stephen Markley | October 9, 2008 | Comments (11)
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Just a regular aux jack is good enough. That way you can use any MP3. It's the ones that have the USB or ipod specific jacks that make it difficult to run your non-ipod mp3's. I use an ipod but other's in my family don't. Just give me a simple aux jack and I can plug into any headphone jack.

Personally, iPod integration is a must in a way. I'm definitely looking for it or at least an AUX port in my next car, but it's safer to control everything through the steering wheel or stereo instead of the MP3 player itself when adjustments must be made. A universal USB jack would be amazing, but that would be a little hard to implement I suppose. But props to more common ground among iPod and car enthusiasts.

Does an auxiliary input count? I've got that in my car, but I'm the only one in my family that uses it. It's great until you're halfway through an album and want to change it, and you gotta wait 'til a red light...

Anyway, iPod compatibility should be standard in all cars, it ain't expensive to create at least an auxiliary input.

iPod's aren't the only player, what about the Creative Zen? Creative invented the iPod interface, which Apple stole. The ZEN is a better player, as it offers more for less.

Car makers should make it compatible for all players, not just the iPod

Ken L.

I think having an Aux port on the dash would be better. You might not be able to control the playlist/volume on your steering wheel, but at least it’s universal. Proprietary systems will only stifle creativity and competition. Thank God for aftermarket receivers that does way more and cost less.

I want an iPhone/iPod compatible car.

Hey, Doesn't Dave T. have a Zune? How many cars will have a Zune hookup next year? Just wondering...

Take a look at the interface for iPod in Scion radios.

The standard radio is fully functional as a player and allows you to change tracks on the iPod using your steering wheel audio controls or the radio itself.

I rented a few GM cars with the aux input jack & the sound was terrible!!!!


Ipod's are simply not necessary with the satellite radios in almost every new car. It's not necessary, and will not be an item I look for in a new car. Yet, the rain sensing wipers are an absolute must. Sorry to get off topic, but I could not find another way to respond to today's article about the 10 worst car options. If you do not have the $95 option, when it rains staggeringly, you must still constantly turn your wipers off and on, and off and on. The person who wrote that article got it way wrong.

It shouldn't have been called the Worst features, it is a Halloween themed "Scariest" car features.
Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for reading!!!

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