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We’ve been following the release of the new Chevy Cruze for a few weeks now, and GM just released more images of its next-generation compact car, including interior shots. The inside looks to be pretty modern for Chevy. There also appears to be at least three interior color choices, including blue, red and black. Check out more photos below.

More Chevy Cruze News

By David Thomas | October 1, 2008 | Comments (13)
Tags: Chevrolet



Not bad. Good looking car. What about reliability?


i like the interior, but the multifunction controler looks exactly like it was taken out of an infiniti. not a bad thing, but infiniti has been getting some heat for their multifunction controlers lately.


I'm sure the reliability will be fine as most modern cars are. I'm more interested in seeing the level or shall I say the lack of quality GM will put into the interior. After having rented the Malibu on several occassions it's apparent that GM has not changed their ways much. Just one of several reasons why we decided to buy a Accord.


I wonder if the US spec will change much from these pix of the Euro spec??!! Looks better than a Cobalt!


This can finally put up a good fight. So what the hell is the wait?


Indeed. Why the wait? With its styling and turbocharged 4, the Cruze looks like a bargain basement Audi.


if i ever here another gm/audi comparison, theres going to be fisticuffs! gm vehicles are lightyears behind Audi.



in design - yes,
reliability - not so much

Lightyears behind in number of dealer visits to keep the Audi functioning or lightyears behind in making routine maintenance costs astronomically high?


Is this one going to meet the safety specs this time around? GM had an opportunity selling the Corsa here in the states but failed to make it safe so now GM is left peddling the miserable little shytebox Aveo (which itself is a deathtrap)


people keep saying that about audi. i had a TT for years and the thing was fine. executive management at my company all drive audis and keep getting them year after year.


Tony is right, Audi is way behind GM in the reliability department. GM builds the most reliable truck, one of the most reliable mid-size cars, and Buick is one of the top three most reliable nameplates on the road. Don't get angry that Chevy looked to the Germans when styling the Cruze - BMW and Audi should take it as a compliment.


Looks about thousand times better than the Cobalt. The interior looks Malibu-like, which is a great point and the exterior is great looking too. but what's with all those #s in the middle of the gauges? Looks very small and busy.

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