Ford Smart Key Watches Over Teen Drivers


Ford has created a new type of car key that will allow parents of teens to add all types of nanny-like features to a new car. Each key can get its own program to limit top speed, add extra seat belt warnings and limit the volume of the car stereo. 

Called MyKey, the system will be standard on the 2010 Ford Focus and will later be available on many Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models. We’re guessing the Focus is first because it’s the most affordable car in Ford’s lineup and thus probably the most likely one to be given to teens. 

Check out a full list of features offered on MyKey below. 

  • “Persistent Ford Beltminder” keeps alerting the driver rather than shutting off every few minutes. It also shuts down the audio system and adds a reminder on the display that says “Buckle Up to Unmute Radio.”
  • An early low-fuel warning can be set to go off at 75 miles to empty instead of 50. 
  • Limits top speed to 80 mph.
  • Traction control cannot be deactivated. 
  • Stereo volume can be limited to 44% of total volume.
  • Speed alert chimes at either 45, 55 or 65 mph.
By David Thomas | October 6, 2008 | Comments (24)



Now...If it could only drive for them, mmmm! lol


Ford sure does know how to make some clever features.


Its too much to assume the kids would be resposible on their own? [yeah, I know they aren't, but this is a poor reflection on drivers education, and parenting.] I guess it's intentions are to create safer drivers, and thats good.

BTW, why not add a breathalizer function option? For all ages, not just teens.

I could see this happening, if it were a brand-new driver around 16 or 17 getting a new car. Considering the overall statistics of teen drivers, the risks we usually take (NOT me though, I drive better than 99.99999% of so-called "new" drivers, I'm 19 btw) could cause need for a system like this. But I've seen middle-aged men do stupid stuff that I would never even dream of doing. Anyway, isn't this a bit too nanny-like? I wouldn't want to not be able to raise my volume, and I think it's a safety hazard if you can't reach a certain speed on the highway to keep up with the flow of traffic. Hopefully it can be fine-tuned for each driver's needs.

*coughs* I do see alot of adults around here (especially in minivans) who need speed limiters. I'm 20 years old, and drive a Camaro and am constantly coming close to getting rear-ended by supposedly more responsible adults, and I do the speed limit!!!! Honestly, it would be a far better idea for people to just sit along interstates, like in trees or something, and just watch to see who does what on the roads. The results may be surprising, at least here in Spartanburg, SC.

I completely agree with you, I'm consistently doing 10+ over the limit in order to not get run down by soccer moms, businessmen, and middle-aged men. You know, the ones who think they're more important than they are. So they tailgate you, and glare at you like you're the bad guy, when you're the only one doing remotely near the speed limit...


dude this sucks!!! i officially hate FORD NOW!!


dude this sucks!!! i officially hate FORD NOW!!

Turks Turks

this is amaazzzzing!

Melinda Kaver

I will deffinitly buy this for my sweet little honeyy bun .. she is like my everything and for me to be able to feel safer at night when she is out would be incredible. thank you so much ford i really honor your company for doing this . now me and my honey bun will be safer! THANKS!

lost pookie

okay.. so my poookie is depressed about this .. readers what shall i do about this i love my pookie pooks pook to death and dont want her hating me for doing to her.. any tips?


im 19 and i love the idea of a controlled enviroment anyone who feels babysitted is crazy.
i personally would feel much safer knowing that my car wont go over a limit that i would probably define for myself and that the people who i allow drive my car will wear their seat belts.
i dont know about anyone else but where i come from almost no one my age likes to wear their seatbelt and cutting off the radio if they do not do it is a plus.
we are not being robbed of our freedom
ford is helping keep save drivers safer and reckless drivers safe
i love it.


Online classes allow teens to work at their own pace which gives them a better chance to grasp all the knowledge being showcased in front of them. In addition, they are allowed to work in the comforts off their own bedroom on their own schedule.


This is a great concept. I really like the technology which the car companies are starting to embrace. It will be very interesting to see what they come up with in the next few years with internet connectivity becoming more of a need than a want by many.

Very nice post.

This is a good idea

Smart Keys are a Great concept.

Sounds like a great idea.

I know he’ll be a good driver. I taught him. I wish that all cars had it. Limiting the car to below 80 MPH and making the dashboard ping the driver isn't much help when chasing a teen across town. Maybe they could "trick" the kid by turning on the low fuel warning light?

Thanks for the excellent info.

I think this is a great concept that would make the roads much safer to drive on and every teen driver should be encouraged to use it. Thanks for the information. Every teen driver should be encouraged to use it.


Eileen Nevermind

Stop GIVING kids cars. They need to work earn and save for a car not just be given one. That's the stupid part.


my parents still have never been able to even Afford a brand new car, and people can just go out and spend 25k on thier kids to have a brand new car to destroy.....yeesh

I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog, I’m sure I’d visit here more often.Great job, keep posting interesting articles here. All The Best

They are using the technology. It is really good that such kind of technologies are being implemented in new gen cars.

we will always have safe drivers and unsafe drivers, all sharing the same roads. this is a good step should be implemented for all next gen cars also.


Ford should have a klunker program for these parents, when they buy a new car they also get a heap of junk for their teen to drive, that just naturally is incapable of going 65mph and has no stereo. An old windstar would do nicely.


Okay, can someone please exlain how to turn this dumb thing off?
I wanna raise the volume up in my car and this smart key won't let me.

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