Reviews the 2009 Chevrolet Traverse


In a world that’s seemingly full of crossover vehicles, one wouldn’t think GM needed yet another when it already has three. But here it is: The Chevrolet Traverse, a crossover that has Malibu-inspired styling and all the pieces that make GM’s other crossovers (besides the Saturn Outlook) so popular. Does it stack up? Kelsey Mays answers that question and more in his review.

2009 Chevrolet Traverse Expert Review

By Eamonn Brennan | October 1, 2008 | Comments (10)



Hopefully the big camshaft problems that plagues the other Lambdas have been corrected with this one.

Looks good though, better than the other three in that it's not as bubbly as an Enclave or as platapus looking as the GMC or the Outlook. It holds its proportions in check.

Still don't understand why GM continues to believe rebadging leads to increased sales. It just canabalizes the others.


I personally, don't like the Traverse. It's uglier than it's badge engineered siblings IMO. Not that I think the Enclave/Outlook/Acadia look all that great :D. I think I'd buy a Flex over all of them. GMs Lambas, just look to big and bloated. Some people I know even mistake them for minivans when they see them lol!


Well, they are built on the same platform as the old Chevy Venture, Pontiac Montana, Buick Rendezvous, Saturn Relay and Olds silohuette.

They drive exactly like minivans, just bigger amd heavier and floatier. Their heavy weight makes them feel a little more secure than the minivans though.

Jonathan Kruppe

My wife and I are cross-shopping this along with the Highlander, Hyundai, and Pilot. We are far from car knowledgable but it was apparent after two test drives that the Traverse comes in 4th place on our list. The interior materials seamed to be on the cheap side and my wife does not like the double front grill openings. I think we will end-up getting the Pilot or Highlander this weekend as they both had high quality interiors and my wife loved the way they both drove. We ruled out the Hyundai as my wife didn't like the body however we could see why someone would buy one as it's a very good all around vehicle. Since it's my wife car I think she will ultimately choose the Pilot since the two dealers we visited were very professional whereas the Toyota dealers were not.

As far as I understand they have nothing at all to do with the minivans.

On topic, I parked the Traverse at home a few times and the looks NEVER grew on me. The acadia and outlook (let alone Enclave) are all better looking.

Thanks for your feedback. Really interesting insight into your shopping process.

Jonathan Kruppe's comments reinforces your blog from a few days ago about 80% of shoppers are turned off from a particular model after visiting a dealership.

The Enclave has the nicest interior materials of the Lambda models.


The lambda vehicles are not built on the same platform as the old gm minivans...They developed a new frame that is much more high tech in terms of how it performs in a crash and this is much safer. I have had the old gm minivans and just bought an enclave and the interior in the enclave is much wider and roomier than the old minivans. Any anyone who complains about the handling and drive of these vehicles hasn't driven an rides and handles much more like a car and is quiet beyond belief. Speaking of the interior you won't find one more beautiful than the enclave. We shopped around too and I know to each his own but the GM lambda's are superb vehicles which might suggest the reason you can barely find the buick or gmc versions and why their sales press release today noted that while the rest of the market is down the lambda sales were up 10%.


I still don't understand why a Chevy needs to offer air conditioned seats and a panoramic sunroof. Reminds of the greed that has us in the mess that we are in today with the financial crisis. People just can't get enough so GM builds the Chevy to offer features that are offered in the Highlander and Pilot. Toyota builds the Toyota to offer the features that are offered in the Lexus. Auto manufacturers used to retain upscale features for their luxury lines. Leave the upscale features for the Enclave.

Those taillights are hideous.

If you haven't had the opportunity to test drive one of these, or any of it's Lambda siblings, do yourself a favor and drive it! You are going to be astonished! You'll see exactly why there's been so much positive press on them. These are, quite possibly, the best vehicles GM has ever made. And the Traverse only improves on that already class-leading formula. More cargo and passenger space, more comfortable ride, quieter and nicer interior AND the best Fuel Economy in its class! Tons more info, pictures, news and reviews info at

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