Should Business Writers Talk Cars?


With so much cross pollination between the automotive industry and business world going on these days, we’re seeing more folks involved in money markets talking about products than ever before. Conversely, we’re talking about the business side of cars more than any consumer would want to read on normal occasions. 

That brings us to a column posted a few weeks back by Rick Newman at U.S. News & World Report, titled “10 Cars Nobody Would Miss if They Vanished.” The problem? Four of the vehicles mentioned have already been officially declared dead, and three others are either on their way out or are being completely redesigned.

So should it be called “Three Cars Nobody Would Miss if They Vanished?” In the proper spirit of things, here is our instantly whipped-up list of the top 10 cars that have no clear timetable for vanishing, but which we think wouldn’t be missed. Of course we’re expecting your ideas in the comments, too.

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee: It may be a sentimental favorite, but in a dying segment it’s far behind the Ford Edge and Nissan Murano.
  • Saab 9-5: You could include all Saabs here, but the 9-3 at least has respectable wagon and convertible versions.
  • Saturn Astra: It has sold abysmally since coming on the scene earlier this year, mainly because it’s more expensive and heavier than the competition. Plus, all the buttons are weird due to its European roots. 
  • Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class: It’s one of the best-looking sedans out there, but it’s expensive — even for a Mercedes — and it isn’t selling. 
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse: Another car we like, but would anyone miss it? 
  • Hyundai Veracruz: In a crowded three-row crossover pack, it’s too expensive and doesn’t outdo the rest by any considerable measure.
  • Lexus GX 470: They’re still making this?
  • Subaru Tribeca: We’re seriously stuck with this instead of a Subaru minivan? Bah. 
  • Chevrolet Traverse: It just came out, but we’ve tested it and it’s so similar to the other GM three-row crossovers that its unsightly looks would keep us shopping for a GMC Acadia or Saturn Outlook.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser: At nearly $65,000, why not just spend another $9,000 for a Lexus LX 570 that’s almost worth the cash?
By David Thomas | October 28, 2008 | Comments (16)
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proves a point that right wing conservatists "act first and research later" great way to run a country or a business.


Coverage of Brazilian concept car (which is quite handsome btw) and now this...slow news day in the auto world. And back on topic - as my former boss told me once: everybody has an opinion. And now watch as top 10 lists spew forth.


Kia Borrego.

that was kind of the point of the post to get other thoughts on the list. I didn't really research mine either. But I do know they're not slated for termination as of today.

News will pick up very very soon as L.A. auto show approaches.


Should business writers talk cars? I don't know. Should automotive writers talk politics? Probably not. Should political writers talk football? No.

Otherwise, I doubt anyone will miss the Pontiac G8 ST.


My opinion is no, they shouldn't.

Wasn't the GX 470 recently on the luxury SUV top seller's list? I may be mistaken.

I vote for the Kia Amanti.


The CLS is a strange choice simply because it has created an entirely new vehicle segment - so so called 4-door coupe. It's also gorgeous and I would miss it.

I think my top 10 list would include:

Pontiac G5
Hyundai Sonata
Toyota Corolla
Suzuki Grand Vitara
Chevy Aveo
GMC Yukon Denali
Hyundai Accent
Mercury (all)
Mazda Triute

I think all of these are cars which offer no real redeeming values that aren't available on other, more worthy competitors. I feel bad for the mercury Milan, as it's very handsome, but Ford have sold this make down the river. The BMW may be a weird choice, but it's ugly and cheap looking and not really to the standard a BMW should be.


I don't know, should I cry or should laugh.
Toyota Corolla! Are you kidding me? What college professors will drive then?
There are generations in families that grew on Corollas. People will miss it!

Hyundai Sonata definitely a stay! No other family sedan offers so many features for the price and decent quality and good fuel economy on 4cyl.

Hyundai Accent has a good market between people who has no money but wants a new car and wouldn't buy Chevy.

Others can go as you pointed.


I included the Corolla as I don't think it offers ANYTHING that isn't already on the market. All these Corolla people - if it were no longer available, could they not get the exact same thing (but better) in a Civic, Impreza etc? i think so. Just these two offer the same but more (better looks, drivetrain etc) and as such I don't it'd be missed. That's what I based my views on - not actual market realities, just on real life selling points.


Besides, I always thought college professors drove 25 yr old Saabs and Volvos...


Oh, and some one would miss an Avenger or a Caliber???


I definitely think people would notice the loss of the Corolla from the automotive landscape, its the best selling car in the world, ever... so I think more than a few people would notice, ditto with Hyundai, I think they do offer an excellent value when compared with Toyotas and Hondas.


Mart, this is today Corolla is not the best car in the segment, but for years it was a benchmark and surelly, Toyota will attempt to keep it that way in the future. I think, Corolla doesn't deseve to be on this list becaise it has a future.


A quick google search shows that Rick Newman has been writing car reviews for us news for years. He has a column there called "test track" where it looks like he does 1 every week going back to at least '03.

Not defending his research, just questioning yours.


You can read Mr. Newman's column and it's pretty clear that he doesn't know much about the products...maybe the business side...but definitely not the products.

Good find Daisy. I guess they ended in 2007 so that would explain why he wasn't up on the models.

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