Brazil's Sexy Chevy GPiX Concept


We don’t usually cover production cars on sale only in other countries, let alone concept cars. But the new GPiX concept from GM’s Brazil-based design center got our attention. The two-door crossover features a lot of design cues we’ve seen from the Chevy Malibu and upcoming Cruze.

The two-door SUV body style is really unique, and it could fit a certain niche in the U.S. … if the price were right. Because it’s aimed at the South American market, chances are good that a production version would have a low cost, and GM says it would include standard features like a stereo, air conditioning and power windows.

What would hold it back from hitting the States? It probably won’t have the array of safety features required here, including standard stability control. It would also most likely pack a diesel engine. However, the new turbo four-cylinder going into the Cruze would probably fit perfectly under the hood. 

We see this as an interesting alternative to the slow-selling Saturn Astra hatchback. If GM could keep the price along the line of the Astra’s ($17,000-$20,000), it could definitely sell in the U.S. Let us know your thoughts and check out more photos below.

By David Thomas | October 28, 2008 | Comments (11)



I love it!

I don't know how it would be equipped. But I think it is the "best looking" car Chevy has. Why they wouldn't sell it in the US first is beyond me.

The Cruze is the only Chevy I have considered buying since 1975. But I'll probably buy a Fit Hybrid or an Insight next year because Chevy won't have any cars that "fit" into that category. Though, I've heard some people consider the Aveo a car.

These are the kind of cars that "could" save GM's life, but they won't sell them.

And, if they buy Chrysler, they are just inviting a faster bankrupcy.

But then they bought Hummer. How stupid was that?



This one reminds me of the Ford Kuga in Europe. Keep the projectors with HIDs, add a four door model and keep it in the 18K to 23K range and it should do well.


The car looks cool! I think it would sell well in the U.S., especially if it gets good gas mileage and is priced right with the right standard features like pw, pl and air.

I think it looks a lot like a Saturn Astra. But I like it.


I agree with Mike C, as soon as I looked at it, I saw Astra. I too like it.


The people who buy small fuel-efficient car-based hatchbacks are usually not the same people who would consider "crossover" SUVs.

looks like a shrunken traverse!


Bring It Chevy!!!


Bring It Chevy!!!


Bring It Chevy!!!

Bruce Elvy

Puzzles me why the rest of the world seems to have more desirable GM cars and GM Chev. Volt prototype ends up an ugly production car instead. Why bother even spending the money to build something to SHOW the public rather than actually offer the public for sale...No wonder they are going broke...the puiblic is not stupid.

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