2008 Paris Motor Show: Chevy Orlando Show Car


  • Looks like: The guy that designed the Pontiac Aztek found a new job
  • Defining characteristics: Compact seven-seater with over-stylized snout
  • Ridiculous features: Glass roof with what appear to be solar cells
  • Chance of being mass-produced: In Europe, nearly 100%; in the U.S., chances are 50/50

We caught our first glimpse of the Orlando a few weeks back, but today we see every angle of the Cruze-based MPV, including a radically truncated rear. Man, that is one flat backside.

Chevy calls the Orlando a “show car,” but it looks nearly ready for production, with the same basic interior design and materials as the Cruze. The three-row people-mover has a 60/40-split second row and a 50/50-split folding third row. Both can fold flat to create a very large, flat cargo area. The seatbacks are covered with a metal finish, but we’d expect something more affordable, like durable plastic, in a production version.

There’s also a storage bin under the rear cargo floor.

A small turbo-diesel is planned for the European model, if it’s produced, but the new turbocharged, 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine that GM announced for the U.S. last week could serve duty under the Orlando’s hood if it does go on sale here.

Check out the photos below and let us know if you think Chevy should bring the Orlando stateside.

By David Thomas | October 1, 2008 | Comments (20)



That "under the hood" shot looks like there's plenty of room in there for an electric motor as well ... the Volt's big brother?


If Chevy insists that every model they sell have a double grill, well this will get old real fast. BTW, the back of this thing looks like a Ford Flex....which ain't sayin' much.


This things looks good! Did I miss something or how big is this? RAV4? Tribeca? More info please... :) Almost looks like a Caliber and Volvo love child. Not so sure its a perfect match but I think I like it.


love the cheapo interior!!!

looks like what an hhr would look like in the 21 century


Nice styling with good proportions. If the drivetrain is refined this could be a winner.

Ken L.

If this does make it to stateside, I can already see a

GMC Miami
Buick Lauderdale
Saturn Crestview
Pontiac Doral

etc., etc.

Pat Magee

Based on what I've seen and heard, we're probably looking at the next Gen HHR. The current HHR is a Delta platform vehicle. It would stand to reason that the next HHR could spring from the Cruze...


GM needs to start trimming their suv/cuv fat before they bring this stateside.

I totally agree with Ken L. and Pat. We can use all the new small product line thats out there in the automotive world right now; but before they do the GM marketplace needs to clear a bit, such as the HHR. www.thecollegedriver.com has an interesting take as well.


How can anyone complain that the economy is in trouble? Even the Aztec guy got a new job!


aztec guy came back! appears to be in top shape too. wow, this thing is awful

Troy S.

Looks alot like a Dodge Caliber.


The Caliber hasn't sold very well has it?

Can we have something fresh please?


Wow...this thing is hideous.

Byron Boone

This car looks like "driving the letter W" It's as bad or worse than the Aztec. I've been driving a Rondo for two full years and loving it. Cars don't have to look tough to be tough. Europe is full of really nice looking micro vans. This kind of styling doesn't stand a chance there.


I like the looks, and the interior is like a shrunken Ford Flex -- not bad!

Aaron Allen

I like it, especially deck and driver's armrest
but Tach & Speedo need swapped. Cud rear side
windows tip out 2-3"? Cud an Orbital-type eng. [3cyl/2stroke] be avail as ethanol+HHO or tdi
bio-diesel [norm. aspire in boondocks]? 96VDC
BEV for city/Burbs? Bright interior is nice but
may show scuffmarks? How about classic bowtie
with 'Chevrolet' for grille? Bolder third STOP
lamp in rear? Can this be built on same line as
Buick 'Biz'?..Aaron Allen..


I would buy the 2011 Ford Grand C-Max over the Orlando because the C-Max will have rear sliding doors.


I like the concept(High efficiency, compact mini-van).

Now if it only wasn't quite so ugly.

Florence Nuez

What is wrong with you people, this cars nice looking! I like it! Im a mother and it looks very roomy, and room for the dog too! If its sold affordably and fuel efficent, it will sell just fine with the soccer moms out there! Its got style, not your typical looking boring mini-van! Thumbs up, please come to the USA!! I want one!!!

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