Movers and Losers: August Top 10


We’re back to a simpler format, just listing new cars and how many days it takes them to sell, from the day they reach the lot to the day they drive home with a happy new owner. Remember, folks, this is just a snapshot of the industry, not the be-all, end-all of which cars are best-sellers. Although we do that, too.

Anyway, a reminder on our process: The top 10 movers have to hit a certain number of sales to make the list, while the losers do not. The losers also don’t include 2008 models that are already competing with their 2009 versions.

August’s winners are interesting, with the new Dodge Challenger muscle car doing well now that it has a full lineup of cars available, not just the high-performance SRT8 trim. Otherwise, folks are looking for efficiency … still. And Audi’s sexy A5.


  • 2009 Scion xD: 3 days
  • 2008 Toyota Prius: 6 days
  • 2009 Dodge Challenger: 6 days
  • 2009 Nissan Altima: 6 days
  • 2008 Toyota Yaris: 7 days
  • 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid: 7 days
  • 2008 Mini Cooper: 8 days
  • 2009 Audi A5: 8 days
  • 2009 Ford Focus: 8 days
  • 2009 Honda Accord coupe and sedan: 9 days

Again, the losers list looks like an SUV and high-performance-car parking lot, with the Audi TT convertible thrown in. Not sure why people aren’t buying the new TT; the 2009s are just reaching dealers. Perhaps it’s a good time to get a 2008.   


  • 2008 Hummer H3: 221 days
  • 2008 Dodge Durango: 218 days
  • 2008 BMW M5: 185 days
  • 2008 Volkswagen R32: 174 days
  • 2008 Suzuki XL7: 174 days
  • 2008 Dodge Nitro: 172 days
  • 2008 Kia Amanti: 156 days
  • 2008 Ford F-350: 156 days
  • 2008 Chevy Colorado: 149 days
  • 2008 Audi TT convertible: 148 days
By David Thomas | September 11, 2008 | Comments (22)



For the xD to top the list they must have cut back on production. I don't think it's been in the top 10 before and it's only selling at about 2500 a month. The Yaris and Accord are hot sellers. I see them everywhere.


It would be easier to tell if they had put back the sales numbers. Why'd you guys take it out? It seemed to provide more information. DT likes to antagonize us, apparently.

It's actually been pretty close to the top ten in economy cars but not overall. usually the xB is there. I think it's more the fact that the 2009s are just reaching dealers as of last month. But still it did meet our sales threshold to make the list. I see very few around chicago as well, although more this summer.

after the last round everyone pretty much said the sales numbers etc didn't help any. It didn't change the rankings anyway. All I can say is, they sell "enough" to make it on the list.


Thanks for bringing back the simplified format :)


If you look at sales numbers, Ziggy, you'll see that the xD actually had an increase in sales last month compared to a year earlier. There are no production cuts. Now, if they had provided the sales figures, I wouldn't have had to write that.

Who knows for the rest of the list. I'm not going to hunt down all those numbers.

Last month's list looked confusing/bad because it wasn't formatted. Any communications or marketing specialist would know how to publish the numbers in a clear graphic.


Btw...I just looked at last months comments and none were negative. In fact many were positive:
The only negative was this:

"i really wish would stop posting this infomation. in my opinion at least its not a good indicator for the market. Of course when there are only a few lexus 570 made they arent going to lag on lots. I think raw numbers (with fleet sales taken out should be the main one posted."

But even this had requested sales numbers, not days on lots.

Most of the comments were on the % percentage to fleets.

I just think is being lazy, and I will harp on this because I think it's important to provide/receive more information, not less, especially if you say you have the numbers right in front of you.


I agree with LM above, except I don't think is lazy.

Lazy or not, ugly or not those lists last month were extremely time intensive for little feedback that anyone actually wanted to see them.

Because the models are so different and have such different sales figures anyway, those numbers were just getting in the way of what the whole point of the Movers and Losers list is. What's selling quickly. What will be hard to find, and what is languishing on lots. Why do you care if they sold a few hundred Audi TTs if you're looking to buy one? It doesn't. But you know it takes the Audi dealer a lot of time to sell one last month and maybe he'll want to move one this month. That's the point.

also the manufacturers don't break out sales figures per model year, and our lists do, so we couldn't deliver 100% accurate figures unfortunately.


I noticed that but the increase was pretty minimal and August of 07 was the first month that the xD was on sale. It has averaged about 2500 every month since and has never been in the top ten. It appears that the production numbers have decreased significantly for it to be #1 for August. They are likely closing out the 08's to get ready for he 09's. Remember these rankings have very little to sales numbers but rather vehicle availability.

sales were for the 2009 model and it met our sales threshold.


DT...I remember a post by you saying that you had ready-access to the sales numbers, so I thought why not just post those.

Now, if it is labor intensive, that's a different story. I only know where to access Toyota's numbers which is why I comment on those alone. I don't know, and don't have the time, to research all the others. However, much of the discussion has focused on production and supply/demand, which is indicated by sales numbers, not by days left on the lot. An automaker, playing the game right, can restrict demand, as Ziggy is claiming, by reducing production. But, when 2,500 xD's are sold month after month and one month it suddenly is #1 on the movers list, there's another reason. Perhaps it's people jumping on the 09's, for whatever reason, or perhaps suddenly the car is hot.

I stand by more information is better. I also don't buy the argument that people did not like the sales figures. No comments last month showed that, yet that was the excuse originally given for not providing that information this month. NOT that it was labor intensive to gather the data.

Whether or not that is laziness is not for discussion, and I withdraw that remark. What I don't like are excuses. I also stand by my feeling that the sales numbers drive the number of comments and that in turn drives traffic and revenue for you guys.

But when you look at the top ten sales in the country it is usually the same suspects in a different order every month. It's a very different list.

As for restricting supply, sales numbers won't tell you that either because they group 2008 and 2009. There were a few comments last month saying folks didn't care about the added numbers.

You can't really extrapolate the info you want from raw numbers (restricting supply, when new models are hitting lots etc). I am excluding certain vehicles though as I stated originally that are either outgoing models, outgoing model years with new model year vehicles readily available etc. You're going to just have to trust the process.


One person commented on it, Cj. Maybe he couldn't handle the information, but I think most people who post on here do care.

Anyway, no use in trying to convince you. Perhaps someday another site will provide a more complete picture.


i find the lists helpful in my job as they pertain to ACTUAL lot availability. good job guys. LM needs to relax, and take the rod out his a$$


It's ok. It's kind of fun poking around the net looking for more information. Already am seeing leaked photos of the Volt which I didn't know existed.

Competition is good.

Later guys.


point proven, i love being right.

argh, the point is no other site has the "Days to sell" while anyone can go out and get sales figures. Add to that the fact we're about consumers and not industry insiders and I think it stands as it is just fine.

I've said many times, it isn't about us getting spy photos and posting the latest rumor. We want to post information that's relevant to consumers one way or the other. Just because we happen to do a pretty good job on deadlines and beat others with photos and information brings in a lot of enthusiast "Car" folks too. Which is great. We also get to review a LOT of cars.

But we don't see running photos of the Volt that are unofficial as competition. Its out there for those like LM to find if they want to.

I didn't want to run LM out of here, but I also felt I needed to defend these posts and this blog. I like open discussion. Keep it coming. But first and foremost we're trying to help people make informed car buying decisions. Talking about cars is just a bonus.


Wow, LM. Why did you have to insult my intelligence? I think a lot of people here forget that this is a consumer car blog not an enthusiast car blog. Consumers might get overwhelmed by all the numbers and information that was listed. Simpler is better in most cases. This information is for the average Joe (and Jane) out there that wants to know if they can find a deal on different models based on how fast they're selling and how many days they are on the lot. They don't need to know sales figures and every little detail. OTOH enthusiasts want to know everything about the industry, sales, days on lot, fleet percentages etc. etc. etc. Maybe should start a separate enthusiasts blog (similar to a certain other websites "InsideLine") with enthusiast focused news and information to satisfied some of the dissatisfied commenters here, and keep Kicking Tires for consumers.

The Japanese imports continue to dominate the car market, and will continue to do so as long as the "Big 3" come up with innovative ways to overtake the market. However, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

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