Most Riveting Car Chase of 2008


I’ll readily admit I don’t go to a lot of movies these days, but I do watch a ton of TV and have a subscription to Netflix. I also have a healthy love for car chases, the best of which is the one in “The French Connection” (“Bullitt” fans can chime in below).

So, last night, color me completely surprised when I witnessed one of the scariest, most real-life car chases I’ve seen in some time during … ”Entourage”? Yes, Ari Gold (played by Jeremy Piven, who claimed an Emmy last night for the character) got a new Ferrari F430 Spider for an anniversary present — he married up — and seconds later got in a street race with a competing Hollywood agent in a Porsche.

Aside from the fact that the F430 would easily school the Porsche, the street race was entirely too real, with lots of L.A. traffic on a four-lane road. The filming was well-done, and because they were both in convertibles the camera could look down into the cars allowing more shots of the actors.

The authenticity of the chase — two egomaniacs behind the wheels of expensive cars they can’t really drive — plus the reality aspect of the traffic — really sold it for me. What’s next? A midnight car chase during next week’s “True Blood?”

By David Thomas | September 22, 2008 | Comments (4)
Tags: Pop Culture



"Aside from the fact that the F430 would easily school the Porsche"

I didn't watch that scene but maybe because I'm a Porsche fan I have to comment on that.

From 0 to 60 mph the Ferrari takes 0.2 seconds more than a 911 Turbo (don't know if it was this model) and their top speeds is basically the same, 196 mph in the Ferrari against 193 mph in the Porsche.

My vote goes to Porsche...

It was actually a non-turbo and a few years old too. Maybe two generations ago Porsche.

Si Valley Dan

Ari's a hoot on that program. Nobody could play him better either. I saw it last night as I really enjoy the show despite my 55 years on this plane. It's not TV it's HBO...
It was in a 40mph zone with traffic everywhere. Fun stuff. I'd take either of them regardless.


The best car chase ever was in "it's a mad mad mad mad world". Pure awesomeness! And no CGI!

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