McCain's Cars: Fiscally Responsible?


One of the hottest political stories flying around the internet today is about John McCain’s 13 cars and how they’re not all American brands nor American built. What no one is discussing, though, is that all the cars mentioned are pretty darn inexpensive, and many are more than four years old.

Most are also owned by his very wealthy wife, Cindy. When you have millions of dollars and the most luxurious car nameplate in one of your six or seven garages is Lexus, you’re not being irresponsible with your money. Check out these cars and see if you would pick differently if you were worth millions:

  • 2004 Cadillac CTS
  • 2005 VW Beetle convertible
  • 2001 Honda sedan (model not mentioned)
  • 2007 Ford F-Series
  • 1960 Willys Jeep
  • 2008 Jeep Wrangler
  • 2000 Lincoln (unknown model)
  • 2001 GMC SUV (model unknown)
  • Unknown Lexus

He also has three NEV Gem electric vehicles that can be used in gated communities but not on public roads. They look like bubblish golf carts, but the point is, McCain owns electric vehicles, which is somewhat interesting.

If you’re going to tout yourself as a fiscal conservative, this is pretty much the car shopping list for you. One new Porsche 911 Turbo or Bentley Continental GT would cost more than three or four of these combined.

All the Candidates’ Cars

By David Thomas | September 22, 2008 | Comments (11)
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I pretty much agree with everything you said Dave. This story might be good enough for tabloid journalism, but not main stream politics.


Well, he is old so driving a Cadillac and a Lincoln isn't surprising.

The rest of them are probably Cindys and his kids.

our EIC mentioned the kid factor. I didn't realize he had 4 between the ages of 15-24


The thing I see is the list he owns maybe the list that a conservative shopping would look at, but they wouldn't own 13 cars. What family has that many vehicles?


"The thing I see is the list he owns maybe the list that a conservative shopping would look at, but they wouldn't own 13 cars. What family has that many vehicles?"

Well lets do the math ... McCain, Cindy, 4 kids = 6. That's about 2.16 cars per person which is not unreasonable. I'm 27, single, homeowner in Silicon Valley. I consider myself a fiscal conservative. I have two cars, and a motorcycle all purchased used, the oldest being a 91' MR2. I use to have a third, a RAV4, for the snow but got rid of it 3yrs ago.

A family (2 drivers) down the street owns 4 cars/suvs and a motorcycle.

I know another person (single) that owns a Z4, RX300, and an Acura TL. His reasoning ...he has something for every situation: Sports car / convertible, Truck / SUV, Sedan.

Its not uncommon, at least in California, for a driver to have two vehicles. Yes that's excessive, but it's not like we drive all of them at the same time. One of my cars only gets taken out 2-3 times a month. It sits in the garage most of the time. And the person who owns the Z4 has only put on 3500 miles since he bought it 2yrs ago.


Model not mentioned? Guess he'll have to have his staff get back to you on that...

Juan Carlos

one thing that must come up is where are the cars at?

but yes, the list isn't bad at all. reminds of mc hammer who had a garage full of cars. but what most peopel don't know is that most weren't over 5k.

at least we know mccain doesn't rush to the dealership and gets a new lease when the old one runs out. or buys another car and gets a seven-year loan on a fully-loaded car that he doesn't need. and when he can buy any car he wants and then buy some more, that isn't bad.

McCane's garage is not seriously-looking.

Check on David Beckham's top 10 cars. Now we talking.

Aston Martin DB7
Bentley Continental GT
Chrysler Grand Voyager
Ferrari 550 Maranello
Ford F-Series pickup
Hummer H2
Lincoln Navigator
Porsche 911 (993) Turbo
TVR Cerbera


I would have thought that he'd have more. You figure he has 7 houses and each house probably has at least 3 garages so you'd think that he would have 21 cars.


Wasn't Mccain around when they invented the wheel? Maybe he thinks he owns them. Terrible blog. Gas guzzlers.

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