International Kills CXT, MXT and RXT Consumer Trucks


Just a few years ago, International was making a huge splash building and selling gargantuan trucks to the common man — who had at least $90,000 to spend. Then this thing happened with the economy, winds changed and no one wants to park a nearly semi-sized International in their McMansion driveway.

“These trucks were always seen as niche products,” International spokesman Jon Harmon said. He pointed to a combination of fuel prices and market forces as the reason for discontinuing the three models.

Mike Hanley and I test-drove an MXT a few years ago, and overall we were surprised at just how easy it was to handle for non-truckers like us. The company had made a splash with some celebrities purchasing its vehicles. Many buyers used them as corporate promotional items, and we saw one at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show decked out in Chicago Bears colors and logos. 

International is now focusing on its larger truck business, including the Lonestar semi, as well as military versions of the XT trucks. We just wish the company would build the DMAXX concept from the 2008 Chicago Auto Show.

By David Thomas | September 26, 2008 | Comments (9)
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Good riddance


I'm sure a few knuckleheads will be disappointed that this over-sized soda can won't be sold on the market.


Common sense, anyone?


now what will i drive to the gay bar?

julio anzola

muy linda la linea de camionetas, porque no las trajeron para colombia. las fabrican tambien en acpm. cuanto valdrian en pesos colombianos.

Large Truck. I am thinking from long time for buying my own truck as I used to shift from one place to another with in month. Can you give me some idea about it cost..

The overall car sales seem to be all right in 2010. I know on average there are about one million new cars sold each month. But I guess the truck sales is not only affected by economy, also the gas price, which is not low right now.

"GLOBAL MARKETS-US oil surges to $100, safe-havens gain on Libya" That makes me wonder how much gas does this type of truck consume per mile.

Please I want to drive a 2016 truck to high school please continue the economy is getting better please

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