First Look: Chevy Orlando Concept


Chevy just released the first images of a new concept slated to debut at the Paris auto show next month. Dubbed “Orlando” — it seems automakers are cutting back funding for their name-generation departments — the compact utility vehicle will seat seven and is based on the upcoming Cruze global small-car platform.

Think of this as Chevy’s answer to the Mazda5. Or think of it as the vehicle that may replace the HHR in Chevy showrooms. However, this is more of a global car for GM, and the U.S. likely won’t be its strongest market, despite sales spike for the Mazda5 and the similar Kia Rondo during the recent rise in gas prices.

The company says the seating can be rearranged to produce a “large cargo area.” Expect more details on dimensions and better photos next month. For now, check out a larger exterior image and a shot of the interior below. 




By David Thomas | September 9, 2008 | Comments (16)


Another one of those vehicles that looks good but won't make it to U.S. shores.


Finally, we have some small people mover for the States.


I've read that it's not intended for the U.S. In all likelyhood it will take 3-4 years to produce it and it will be in Europe for another 2-3 years before we get it. By then the U.S. automobile market will be completely different.

not sure where you read any of that and that's why we don't publish rumors. Sigh.
It has already been seen testing in the U.S. I'd guess it'll be out in 2009 in Europe and follow the Cruze here in 2010 with the new engine they're working on.


Are you referring to the Zafira replacement? It doesn't look like the spy shots that I've seen. What I've seen looks more like a van.


FINALLY a DIESEl small car with funactionality for the states. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting...You know how many ppl have those Diesel Jetta VW's?! Hello 50 MPG!!! Bring on the DIESEL!!!!!!!!!! Plus its a mini mini van to boot!! See ya later Town N Country!!!


This is the one that I'm referring to and it's obvious that this is not it.

I have also seen spy shots of another one that they were calling "Tacuma".


Yeah, this isn't the Opel Zafira replacement but more the Daewoo/Chevy Tacuma replacement, I believe.

I think it looks great, and the interior is nice too, although I wonder if the interior is REALLY the same car - look at the small pillar in the door window that isn't there in the exterior shot. It's just a rendering though, so maybe they removed it to make it look cleaner.


The car Ziggy referred us to is actually a Chinese Roewe prototype. The confusion was caused because it was seen testing outside a GM proving ground. However, I understand they were simply using the GM facility.


Sorry for the triple posting, but I noticed that the interior could easily be the Chevy Volt interior. Look at the window line/pillar and the wing mirror in that interior shot, and then compare it to the recently revealed Volt pictures. They look almost indentical.

I'd be surprised if the Volt interior is that conservative though.

I kinda like the design but they don't want to make it too big. If they keep it say smaller than a ford edge then they may have something here. But if they don't then they just have another CUV. Something GM doesn't need.


It can;t be a US product until it's been rebadged 4 or 5 times to be sold under every GM division.

Maybe the Pontiac Dawn will be next.

Has anyone seen a rear end shot of this? It looks like they took some design cues from the Aztek!


Look at that interior - mostly the sculpted dash. Can anyone say "Subaru Tribeca?" That's not a bad thing . . . just a thing.

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