Filling Up a Ford With No Gas Cap

Ford is rolling out its new 2009 lineup, and most models are getting a gas-cap-less tank. Ford calls this “EasyFuel,” not to be confused with "FlexFuel," which means the car can run on E85. In fact, when I went to fill up a 2009 Ford Escape with the EasyFuel system, I saw Ford’s warning that E85 would not flow easily into the tank.

When I first heard about this idea, I thought, “Are people so lazy that they’ll want to skip screwing a gas cap on and off?” but then I also remembered that while I’ve never run out of gas, I have forgotten a gas cap on top of a pump more than once. My wife also pointed out how annoying it was to remember if you clicked your cap closed properly. Was I supposed to wait for one click or three?

The actual process of taking the pump in and out and placing it back on its hook with no other step seemed a bit wrong, though. Like I was forgetting something. I wonder how long that lasts if you own one?

By David Thomas | September 19, 2008 | Comments (52)
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Gas thiefs are invited


Tony brings up a good point...can gas be cyphered out of this cap-less tank?

Also, the comment about E85, what did you do? pump slowly?

I copied this from a press release on the ford website.

"Easy Fuel also has a patented mis-fueling inhibitor to reduce improper fueling and siphoning.
The inhibitor consists of a fuel nozzle detector that guides the nozzle to the opening. If a nozzle or foreign tube of a different size – a diesel nozzle or plastic hose, for example – is placed in the filler neck of a gasoline-powered vehicle, the latches will not release. For a diesel-powered vehicle, the inhibitor will keep out the smaller gasoline nozzles.

To protect the fuel filler neck from dirt, dust and debris, Easy Fuel relies on a flexible rubber seal in the body housing. The system also comes with a handy plastic funnel, which is stored with a vehicle’s tire changing kit, in case someone runs out of fuel and needs to add a gallon or two from a portable container.

“Because fuel cans are not standardized in terms of their nozzle, we needed to make sure customers could easily get fuel into the system if they ran out,” said Aitken. The funnel is the same diameter as an unleaded fuel pump nozzle for a gasoline-powered vehicle."


I just copied this from a ford press release.

"Easy Fuel also has a patented mis-fueling inhibitor to reduce improper fueling and siphoning.
The inhibitor consists of a fuel nozzle detector that guides the nozzle to the opening. If a nozzle or foreign tube of a different size – a diesel nozzle or plastic hose, for example – is placed in the filler neck of a gasoline-powered vehicle, the latches will not release. For a diesel-powered vehicle, the inhibitor will keep out the smaller gasoline nozzles."


Sorry for the double post- it didn't show up after the first post- I thought it was too long and shortened it, lol.


Thanks I must have missed the first comment this a.m. Appreciate the help!


"I wonder how long that lasts if you own one?"

It's probably like GM's "auto crank" (not sure what it's called, it's the system where you can nudge the key to the "start" position and let go, and the car will automatically crank until it turns over)... You get in another car and expect it to operate the same way!


It's not that new a concept. After-market "permanent" gas caps have been in existence forever.

Connie Leamont

Broq has it spot on. I called the dealership when I gassed up my Ford Fusion rental and found there was no gas cap. I was so confused! Broq's explanation is almost word for word what the dealer explained to me. I'm still very wary of this, though. Not sure I trust it. I will say I did try to push open the flap where the nozzle goes, and it flat would not budge, until I actually used the gas nozzle. Still on the fence as to whether or not I will acquire a Ford vehicle in the future.

Mike Jones

ok seriously most people don't waste there time with siphoning. Punching a whole in the gas tank is much easier and faster. Just like if someone wants something from inside your car, breaking a window is quicker & easier than using a slim jim. Oh and I dont mean the kind you eat! Wake up people


now i know cut a nozzle off from the gas station when i have to relieve oneself find a new ford .


Great! So anyone who gets a hold of one of these funnels has access to your fuel system!


Author misses the point - these are used to reduce gasoline vapors by minimizing atmospheric exposure with its sealing system vs open cap (how many of us open the cap, then swipe our cards and when done, put the pump away first, get a receipt, then recap?). One car refueling, it is insignificantly a factor but hundreds of millions of cars refueling every day? That adds up. We're on the right path.


The several folks blathering about siphoning are also missing the point - what makes you think a gas cap deters fuel thieves? This system is actually more resistant to siphoning than a system with a cap.

Vinn R

so i just ran out of gas in my driveway.... my gas can is not wide enough to open tabs on i went to store to buy a tapered funnel.... well that was wrong....the funnel its the plate before the width gets wide enough to open tabs.... so i found this blog.....i guess i need to go back out and by a special, just for one car... gas can that will refuel MY 2012 ford eascape....horrible design.... why are we going backwards.... porobably desgined by a solyndra engineer....


The really bad design is this also;the latch on some cars is not locked! A 'bad' person can
open the cover and put water,or other not gas and wreck your car!


Are people really comparing this system with a gas cap you can simply remove by turning counter clock wise?

If you are comparing this method to a locking gas cap, Ford sells locking caps that fit on this system as well.

The special funnel is included with the vehicle. On my Focus it is with the spare tire, under the trunk carpet.

As for getting used to it, every vehicle I drive has a different ritual. Tank on right or left. Button or lever to open door? If so, where?

I have found that with this system my hands tend to smell like gas less since I don't have to touch a cap or put my hands near where gas may have spilled.


Yeah like having a Ga Cap on your car is going to stop gas thieves?????

If they want it they will just unscrew the cap and take your gas!!!


It is not a matter of the cap. It is that the cover can be opened from the outside without a key or a lever from inside the vehicle. The new design is just dumb and invites thieves.


Having bought a new 2011 Mustang, I can say that this new gas "cap" system is awesome. Vinn, you obviously didnt care to even read your owners manual, which would state that to use a gas can and not a pump, you need to stick in an adapter that comes with your car. To the other people who have their doubts, I have gone back there to mess with the device, and it will not open with fingers or a tube; there is a metal plate that gets in the way.


2012 ford fusin with an easy fuel gas tank. I just filled up for the second time and the gas pump nozel got stuck in my tank. The easy fuel flap stuck to the edge of the nozel and it had to be pried off. Now I have to go to the dealership because I have a piece of gas Nozel floating in my gas tank. Major defect and no one has ever heard of this.


I just had the same problem as Laurie did. I put the gas nozzle in the easy fuel opening and filled my tank. Then could not get the nozzle out. Took 45 minutes and 3 men to finally pull it out. Took the tip piece off of the pump nozzle so now I have to go to the dealer to get it extracted from the tank. What a stupid design! The edges should be rounded to not lock onto nozzles which are not perfectly smooth.

I gassed up my new 2013 Ford Escape SE two nights ago and could not remove the nozzle. Two other guys tried to help. The attendant used a scissors to get the nozzle out. Now I have to go to the dealership to have the nozzle checked for possible damage. And according to one website that problem is not under warranty. I have used this gas station before, so I have no idea why this issue came up after owning this car for months. This car model has already had 5 recalls - I am disillusioned.


Had the same problem this weekend as Laurie, Donna, and Jerry. Several people including Firemen could not get the nozzle out of the tank. Very frustrating! They disconnected the hose from the nozzle so I still had the nozzle in my tank when I went in for service. First thing they say it's not under warranty. According to service I may have some emissions problems where the check engine light may come on. To replace this part was over $400! How can it not be a Ford problem?. Very poor design!

What now

Opposite problem. Went in to fuel up 2010 Fusion and could not get gas nozzle into the tank. The little flap inside did not open up. Same gas station I always use. Now what do I do to get gas?


The problem I'm having now is I live way out in the country and I looked down one day and discovered I only had 5 miles of gas left and it is 11 to 12 miles to the nearest gas station but I have a gas can full of gas but I discovered the dealer didn't include a adapter so now what do I do the dealer is 75 miles away? I have no one and all my family has passed away!

Ruthie Smith

I had a problem with not being able to get the gas nozzle into my 2013 Edge. This was very frustrating since we were traveling and was low on gas and could not understand why we could not get the gas nozzle to go into the car. I solicited the help of another Ford customer for help to figure out a solution. After an hour three adults reading the manual came up with the idea of using the funnel that came with the vehicle.
We would place the funnel into the tank to open it up then we would put the fuel nozzle into it, then refuel.


Ford likes to make things more complicated than they have to be. Just look at this EasyFuel system, their electronics, and turbo engines nowadays. I would only lease a Ford if I ever was interested. Buy one and keep it after 5 way.


I just bought a 2014 Ford Fusion and have tried to fill the gas cap less tank twice now and I am not able to fill the tank all the way? I was told that I have a 16.5 gallon tank and when I have filled the tank twice, both times almost on empty, the hose starts the "click" stating the tank is full around 12 gallons? Has anyone incurred this issue on a brand new car? My service advisor suggested I give it one more shot and try to fill a 3rd time and see what happens, if not, I have to take the car in to have checked. I have only had the car 3 weeks now and by the looks of other posts, the gas tank issue is NOT under warranty for fixing? I refuse to take it in and find out I have to pay for service? Thank you for any assistance please.


I have a 2013 Ford Edge I stopped for gas this weekend and the tank was locked. I had to use the funnel to fill the tank. The tank is still locked I have to take it to the dealer ugh:(


I have a 2013 Escape - I stopped to fuel and noticed sugar on the collar, I tried opening the little flap and couldn't due to the nicely packed sugar that was packed in there... Drove it straight to the dealer and luckily the sugar never made it all the way the 5ft pipe (mechanic said). So I then go insanely crazy when I can't seem to locate a plug or some kind of safety device that would prevent this from happening again! The 2013 escape and fusion are the only cars that DO NOT have a plug that you can buy to secure the fuel tank!!!! So disappointed! Emailed ford, called ford and I hope they can advise on a solution... A body shop can't even think of a solution for me... Anyone???


capless fuel leaking at filler neck on fill up on my 2013 ford f 150 ? Anyone else have this happen? When topping off the fuel will not splash out on the top just below is this normal?


I have had my 2009 Escape since it was brand new....after warranty expired engine light came on and remains on....small evap leak. This is a poor design as it wears over time and it cost 300 hundred for new capless tank system that Ford has created. My car runs terrible as air is always in the line....I would just love a gas cap that would fit it nicely and screw the idea of a capless tank.

Doug Ervin

I purchased a Toyota Prius C and was always thinking "gee, I should have bought American, or at least tried the Ford Escort. I am driving an Escort as a loaner while my Prius is in body shop and I really do not like the car for several reasons, this gas cap thing has convinced me I made the right choice on what to buy.


Cynthia, just bought a 2012 Fusion and having a similar problem except the pump starts clicking off at the beginning, and I can only drizzle gas in the tank and take a guess when it is full. First tripntonthe dealer says car is fine and isnuser (my) error. Wrong!!

Did you ever determine what the problem was?


Sorry for fat finger issue above with my iPad!


not a bad idea until the spring gives out on the flap so that dust and and rain can build up in the neck of the filler plug. I am sure everyone keeps an air compressor with a hose long enough to reach the spout and blow it clean before filling.

Sir Paul

Go to gas station at 4 am early morning to fill up my car ( not a ford) and a very upset lady there calls me over to help her put gas into her 2011 ford escape. She is almost out of gas and she can't get the gas nozzle in because of the "No gas cap" design. Woman is hysterical she can't put gas into her Ford escape and doesn't know what to do and neither do I. I try to help but nothing works. This "no gas cap" thing seems very strange. I tell the woman this is a good reason why I would not personally buy a ford vehicle. Ford escape what a strange name to call a vehicle they should have called it the ford no gas trap instead.


The system is not reliable as eventually the filler door will leak slightly, causing the check engine light to come on. The codes displayed when I hooked up a code reader show 0455 and 0456, small leak and gross leak in the evaporative emissions system...from the fuel filler. The dealer will start with replacing the evap canister at around $400 and it gets worse from there. The smallest little seal leak will give you this annoying check engine light. I wish I had a fuel cap......The only way to fix this is to replace the fuel filler neck. Ugh! I'm trading the car for one with a cap..even if I have to go to a GM or an import.


I had the pleasure of having my 2013 Ford Escape syphoned down to "O miles to empty". I will be buying a locking cap for use when I am unsure of the neighborhood.


kindly direct me on how to open the ford escape gas cap.
i just bought a 2013 ford escape but am finding it difficult to open the gas cap.
Thank you


Kindly direct me on how to open the gas cap of 2013 ford escape

Susie Gonzalez

I have a 2014 Fusion and over the weekend some one put a hose down my so called cap less gas tank. and they could not pull it our so the cut it and now I have a hose stuck in my gas tank and can't put gas in or get the hose out. Ford wants about $400.00 to try yes I said try to get it out. Will I did not want a ford but Now I wish I would not have gave in and purchased one. Because my husband also has a ford truck and they did the same thing to his truck last night. The little door on the gas cover you can just pop it open and stick a hose down into you gas tank they can't get gas out or the hose but you can't either unless you pay ford lot of money they said they don't know how to get it out either. Just like a company to make something and don't even know how it works. The cap less gas tank was a stupid Ideal.


craftsman half inch wrench ,end of a certain forks,M&Ms mini M&Ms container all will work in a pinch tried and tested thank you


The problem is not with the nozzle. If you go to you can see what they are doing. The cost of the fuel system will go down. Also it is the responsibility of the tank maker to ensure cross platform compatibility.

Nersi Polly

This design is made to make ford money. As when the filler door leaks you get code displayed when I hooked up a code reader show 0455 and 0456. Purposely Ford does not allow the change of the filler door assembly. It is a gold mine for Ford when dealer will start with replacing the evap canister at around $400 and it gets worse from there. This is the same problem when in 1997 Ford used a plastic washer which did spread and grind all the gears. This left me with trucks over 10 years old with no option to buy a new transfer case. Had to junk the old one and buy a new one or drive an unreliable Ford truck.


I just filled my 2010 Ford Escape with gas and someone siphoned all but 1/4 tank. I had to buy a key locking gas cap. My Ford is supposed to be fully equipped. I am beyond disappointed.


I was out of town for the weekend on business. Sunday at 2:00 p.m., I was planning to drive home (200 miles). So I went to fill up my 2013 Explorer and the fuel nozzle would not go into the hole. The metal plate or "dirt flapper" was firmly over the hole. I figured it was some computer glitch so I started over. I restarted the car then drove it around the station lot to another pump. Same problem. I started to get a little nervous thinking how am I going to get home or anywhere for matter. Then I called my brother-in-law who handles all the cars in his company's fleet of company cars. He suggested I should try forcing the plate or flapper open. I got an umbrella out of the back with a plastic tip. I pushed it 4 times against the metal flapper and it finally gave way on the 4th time. Now I have to go to the dealership because I am worried that I could have caused damage to the thing just trying to put fuel in the car!!


I just purchased a 2013 Ford Focus haven't ran into any of these problems with gas tank I can fill up just fine I was worried about someone tampering with the tank but after reading all the comments at least I no now only a gas nozzle or the funnel will only allow gas to be poured in. I really love my focus but after reading some of the comments I hope I didn't make the wrong decision


Very stupid idea. Not only is it inconvenient, there' nothing to stop contaminants and dirt from getting into the system. It's just another cost savings at the consumers expense.

Bob Holmes

I have had my capless gas inley replaced and also worked on several times. I have been stuck at a gas station several times with a pump nozzle stuck in the car. Ford has made a fortune off me. I will "never" buy another car of any kind with a capless gas system on it. No matter what reasons are used to try to justify this system on a car, it is simply not worth it. I am paranoid every time I get gas because I am afraid the nozzle with get stuck. I cannot even begin to trust letting my wife have to get gas if she is out with the car. These systems ARE quite simply put...just money makers for the service departments all over.


I don't like the dirt that having no cap will let into the fuel system.

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