Another Shock: Chevy Silverado Tops August Best-Sellers List


It seems that dangling a nearly $10,000 discount on a truck — along with sub-$4 gas prices — will help it sell. That was the case with Chevy’s Silverado pickup in August, as GM’s employee pricing offer kicked its sales into overdrive and put it atop the list of the nation’s best-selling cars and trucks. 

The Silverado sold only 32,989 units in July, but the added discounts bumped the total to 55,765 in August, which is still less than August 2007’s total of 67,486. 

Other trucks were also heavily discounted and saw sales increases, but practical cars still make up the majority of August’s top 10 list. Check out the full list below. 

August Top Sellers

  • Chevy Silverado: 55,765
  • Toyota Camry: 44,064
  • Honda Accord: 43,613
  • Ford F-Series: 40,429
  • Chevy Impala: 30,271
  • Honda Civic: 30,052
  • Toyota Corolla: 29,443
  • Nissan Altima: 25,298
  • Dodge Ram: 24,974
  • GMC Sierra: 20,297


  • Honda CR-V: 19,866
  • Toyota Tundra: 17,401
  • Ford Focus: 16,387
  • Chevy Malibu: 15,718
  • Honda Odyssey: 15,546


Si Valley Dan

At a $10k discount you're giving them away. That and you can't haul hay with an Accord.
They definitely spanked Tundra's ass didn't they?
That's alright. My Tundra lease expires in Feb and I want them to beg me to keep it with a nice fat reduction of the residual.


Does this not upset the Ford F-150 claim of being the best selling truck for the last so many years? I know it lost the title of best selling vehicle (for however many years) a few months back, but not it cannot even claim best selling truck for the last 30 (or however long) years straight.

Claude Z.

I can't believe the old model Toyota Camry is outselling the redesigned Malibu by almost three to one. How is that possible? Are you sure these numbers are correct?


seems like the Impala is back. its a pretty good large car, but it really could do with a redesign to bring the interior and driving dynamics up to the Malibu's. plus it could really use an engine update...the 3.9L V6 is OK, but GM's 3.6L with the six speed automatic is so much better.


well this list shows us a couple of things. One, americans are all talk and no action on terms of gas prices, they wine about it, but still buy trucks. Two, amazing that accord can be near the top of this list with NO rebates except some cheap financing vs 10,000 in discounts.



Accord has a special finance rate now.

Troy S.

Alex, I predict Honda's special finance rate will go away once the 2008's are off the lots.

I don't however see the huge rebates goig away on the Silverado any time soon do you?


troy, its the only way they can move them off the lot, with huge discounts, because they have too much capicity. So while it may be a deal now, u pay for it with resale down the road. The accord mostly has some good financing, but it changes from time to time.


With the price of GAS! You would think the civic or some small gas car would top the list. Sure, the Silverado doesn't give you the best mileage, but it isn't that bad for a truck. It's not any worse than a minivan. Besides, the silverado is a very nice looking truck.


This is not a shock to those of us who have purchased the 08 Silverado. Quietly and with little fanfare, GM has created the most aerodynamic full sized pickup in history (look at the photo and notice the spoiler below the bumper and the windshield that is now laid back at a 57 degree angle), and combined that with an engine that uses variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation to get the best mileage ever in a large truck. Our real world highway mileage is 23 to 25 with the 5.3 V8. The lowest highway mileage we've experienced was 21.5 and the best was 30.6 (a 40 mile trip at 50 miles per hour to keep it in 4 cylinder mode). To top it off, JD Power has named the Silverado the best full sized pickup in initial quality.


Short of a month or two the Impala has been staying up on the list. Not surprising it beat the last Malibu but even the new one cannot keep up with it. I suspect for the deals you can get on the Impala over the Malibu it is a tough sell on those watching their $$$. I have been more then happy with the gas mileage out of a 3.5 and the 4 spd. I know it is behind the times but you have wonder if they can get fuel economy this good how far could they go with the 6 speed in place which the next Impala will have I am sure.

I suspect the trucks are back up on the list after having taken some time off, the great deals they are offering and the reality that some people need them for businesses or work. In general good thing around here seems I am seeing less of them on the road that are not being used for work. If people are looking for bang for their buck and fuel economy of the trucks the Silverado seems like the logical choice.


Aerodynamic & Pickup is like high tech & anvil.

No Silverado engine has variable valve timing.
The 6.0 & 6.2 have variable camshaft timing, there is a difference.
Cylinder shutoff was a ploy to distract people from the fact GM was years late with their 6 speed automatic.



How much rebate are they giving on the Silverado?


Variable camshaft timing and variable valve timing are the same are altering the timing of the valves opening and closing with respect to the location of the piston. I guess their "ploy" must be working what with all these people being duped into buying Silverados with...gasp...a 4-speed automatic.



you are wrong but I see someone already addressed that. The silverado with 4 speed beats the Tundra with a 6 speed from a mileage perspective.

Someone said the Impala needs a new powertrain but I disagree. The Aura gets 17/26 while the Impala (until 2009) with 3.9L gets 18/28. Sure the engine is down 19hp but most people could care less about that. If you get the base engine mileage is 19/29 which is pretty good for a 211hp engine. The PAssat gets 19/28 on premium with 200hp and yet everyone loves that engine.

The camry is outselling the Malibu because of capacity. GM can likely make about 200k=250k Malibus a year while Toyota can crank out over 400k Camrys. Malibu and Impala sales are about the same as Camry sales. also, remember Camry sales include the solara just as Corolla sales include Matrix even though the Matrix is a totally different nameplate. Toyota is an expert at playing with numbers. The civic would whip the corolla in sales if you removed Matrix sales.


This is variable camshaft timing
Very simple, and it does confer some benefits. It is found in the 3.5 & 3.9 V6s in the Impala, so why doesn't the volume 5.3 V8 have it.
Ford has this in their 4.6 & 5.4 V8s?

This is variable valve timing, what the Toyota Tundra has.

The Silverado with 4 speed automatic that beat the Tundra in mileage was so slow. It was still in 2nd gear in the 1/4 mile.


The Impala needs a new transmission. 4 speed automatics are so archaic.

But unfortunately for GM, they don't have a 6 speed automatic that can couple to the transverse 5.3 V8.

A 285hp direct injection 3.6 V6 + 6T70 would be appropriate for a 'premium' Impala.



both vary valve timing. That's the part you are omitting. The GM system varies the timing concurrently because it's an OHV engine. DOHC engines can very timing indepedently which allows more flexibility. That said, the GM OHV engines do in fact vary valve timing by changing the orientation of the camshaft. the OHV system is simpler because of the limitations of a pushrod actuated valvetrain.

In case you didnt know the Silverado is available with 6 speed auto now. The Tundra had an advantage, but not any longer. Not that it hurt Silverado sales.


"But unfortunately for GM, they don't have a 6 speed automatic that can couple to the transverse 5.3 V8. "

The Impala also has 2 V6s. its apparent GM isnt going to try to fit the 6 speed into the old W platform when the Impala already gets good mileage. The Impala gets better mileage than the smaller Malibu V6 so it's hard to argue the 4 speed "needs" to be replaced.


George, it is still the same thing whether you want to call it variable valve timing or variable camshaft timing. It is the architecture of a DOHC engine that allows the ability to independently vary exhaust and intake valve timing which I agree is more sophisticated but the concept and functionality are still the same.


there was a time when people thought you couldnt even get VVT on an OHV engine. Now Chrysler has it on the HEMI and the Viper's V10 as well.


There is no adjustment of how much valve overlap occurs with VCT.
It is possible to have variable valve timing with a 'cam in block' engine

Sheth, the fuel economy test is so worthless it is a shame it hasn't been updated (not just having a correction factor)
The Malibu 3.6 & 6 speed automatic is clearly faster than the 3.9 Impala.
Just look at how slow the 3.5 is, not even as fast as contemporary four cylinder cars. (the 3.5 is the rental model)


The Hemi is VCT
The Viper is variable exhaust valve timing.


George, you can debate the details, but GM has delivered a full sized pickup with respectable mileage. I own two Toyotas, but read a long term report on the Tundra, which reported a year long average of 11.9 mpg, so I decided to give GM a chance. The Silverado is EPA rated at 17 average, and ours averages 19.5 to 21.



Those reports are not accurate. 11.9mpg? If you are getting 19.5 to 21 in the Silverado, you will get similar mileage in the Tundra as well, because you know how to drive it conservatively.


It must suck to be such a GM-boy that you deny reality. To say that the Camry only outsells the Malibu because of manufacturing capacity is simply laughable. Considering that GM already sells 1/3 of Malibu's to rental fleets proves the car is another GM failure. Even with 'Employee Pricing' they can't move them. In your book that's probably due to the lack of "dealer capacity" to write sales orders. LOL


I do drive the Silverado conservatively, and luckily most of our driving is on the highway or suburban areas, and that helps the average (I'm sure you could hypermile it better than I). But there are a couple factors you need to consider that work against the Tundra: 1) it's engine, at 5.7 liters, is larger than the Silverado's so it will use more fuel; and 2) I don't believe Toyota uses cylinder deactivation on its 5.7, and that makes all the difference. It's easy to learn how to keep the Chevy in 4 cylinder mode and a dash display gives you instant feedback. Drive it like a regular V8 and you're going to get the EPA's 15 city/20 highway, which is still respectable. But with little effort I've found it very easy to exceed those numbers. I also remember reading something once that said pushrod engines by design get better fuel economy than overhead cam mills, and they were mentioning the GM 3.8 liter six that used to get 30 mpg in the big Buicks. Anyone else ever heard that one about pushrods vs. OHC?



As with most people quick to jump to insults and name calling you are clueless. Malibu retail sales were up 212% last month and the car has posted sales increases every month this year. Your assertion that Chevy "can't move them" is a lie. There are only a handful of cars in the US that can be sold in numbers exceeding 400k per year. This is why the Malibu, Sonata and Altima will NEVER outsell the camry under any circumstances. The Accord, Camry, Altima and Impala may be the only car nameplates that can be produced to the tune of 300k+ a year. Conversely it's impossible for Toyota to outsell the Silverado, Ram or F150 because they are limited to 200k units a year. Not that there is actual demand for more Tundras, but you get my point.

GM simply cannot build 400k Malibus under any circumstances. Total sales for the Malibu, Aura and G6 will be in the 400k range for the year. Those three cars are built at two factories which means GM epsilon platform cars have close to the production capacity of the camry SEDAN. The Solara isn't a camry even though Toyota includes Solaras in the totals.

As for the Tundra, C&D averaged 13mpg over a year with the truck when there was no trailer. To say the EPA's system is somehow cheating Toyota is nonsense. The new EPA system is reltatively accurate and the Tundra doesn't match the mileage of the Silverado. Let's not even get into the Silverado hybrid.



Still wrong. Just give up. You argued that there isnt valve timing on the GM small block V8. That is a lie. Now you are trying to substitute variable lift for cam phasing. Cam phasing and variable valve timing are the same thing. cam phasing isn't variable lift and no GM engines have variable lift because they don't have multiple cam lobe profiles. The Viper actually has concentric cams and can vary lift if I'm not mistaken.

The Impala gets better mileage than the Malibu. Period. There is no more to say on that issue. 0-60 for the base Impala is likely in the 8-8.5 second range which means that car is NOT slower than the average 4-cylinder midsize car. Recent comparison tests have shown that most four cylinder midsize cars need about 8.5secs to get to 60mph. The 3.9L Impala should be in the 7-7.5 second range which is plenty fast for the average driver.

Also, you are wrong about the EPA test. They didnt apply a "correction factor", they changed the test procedures to better reflect reality. Read up on it yourself.


What are you talking about sheth?
Never did I mention variable lift.
Variable valve timing isn't variable camshaft timing.
Ford doesn't even try to say otherwise.

I took umbrage with Red saying variable valve timing instead of variable camshaft timing. [maybe Red is a GM fanboy, that is his business]
It would be nice if GM could improve the output of the 5.3
V8 to 325hp 350ft-lbs, VCT could help them achieve that.

Like I already said, the Viper is variable exhaust valve timing (for emissions/mileage primarily)

Gearing sheth. The 3.5 is very tall geared. The Malibu with 2.4 & 6T40 transmission provides as good, if not better performance, with superior mileage.
With taller gearing, and less power, performance is going to be on par with four cylinder cars.

The Impala no longer has cylinder shutoff on the 3.9 V6, with 15% short gearing on the 3.9 (GM was banking on cylinder shutoff), it will no longer 'get better mileage'
The EPA applied a correction factor of 10% to city mileage, 22% to highway mileage in 1985. They are doing the same again. How else do they have numbers for older vehicles, did they retest them, no.


George, you can call people names, (that's your business), but it doesn't take a genius to know the number of gears in a transmission doesn't matter. The new Corvette ZR1 goes zero to 60 in 3.4 seconds without the need to shift out of first gear.

Car Buff

Trq replaces the need for high gearing and mutliple gears at Wide open throttle but

Unless your producing trq at low throttle it can be a drag to drive in city areas, that and its not so easy to make low end trq of a 3.5 or 3.9 stick to the ground as in comparison to high end hp with short gearing of a 4 banger.
Even with Trac Control Off, it will limit the trq between 0-20mph after wards it kicks in, ofcourse thats what Hp tuners and Wider tires are for.

Another fall back of low end trq would be immediate stress on the driveline without the relief of interia since it comes in so early.

Ofcourse it is perfect for highway mpg, staying at 1800rpms while doing 80mph with good aerodynamics = great highway mileage.

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