2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid: Real-World Mileage


This past weekend I was on assignment in Michigan for Cars.com and PickupTrucks.com, and instead of flying the puddle-jumper distance, I drove 273 miles from my home on the northwest side of Chicago to Romulus, Mich., a southwest suburb of Detroit. This alone isn’t blog-worthy news, but for that entire drive (which is 90% highway) my car estimated that I received 35.7 mpg. It is rated by the EPA at 33/34 mpg city/highway.

Thank you, 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid. “Efficiency” and “comfort” be thy middle names. If I were a little less of a leadfoot I probably could have squeaked out more miles per gallon from the engine. Maybe next time.

Cars.com Hybrid Mileage Challenge

By Ian Merritt | September 12, 2008 | Comments (16)



"...my car estimated that I received 35.7 mpg."

But what was the actual MPG received? The car's computer isn't always accurate.

If you check out this post:

about onboard computers I think you'll find they're usually very accurate.

Alas Ian didn't fill this one up himself due to logistical issues.


Hybrids have to be wagons to make for space taken by batteries. Camry Hybrid can do one thing - carry passengers. But in real life this is not only the way cars are used.

Well, they do sell a lot of Camrys. I don't really see your point. i think a Camry getting Corolla mileage is impressive.

I personally agree that wagons and hatches have more utility but most of today's best sellers are all sedans.


Having a large, comfy car like the Camry and pulling nearly 36 mpg is AWESOME!


Only 37 and it was a HYBRID?

Geez, my car beats it all summer long.


One side note, my buddy who drives a 05 Camry @ 50% city and 50% highway gets 34mpg.

It is either you guys are flooring it the whole time, or you were running against a headwind.

Mike S

35.7 is okay, I would expect somewhat higher for a hybrid . The computer on my '00 3.8 V6 4 speed Impala consistently averages over 31 on mostly highway. The Camry's city milage rating (if it is accurate) is impressive though.

Juan Carlos

why all the hate? the epa says it should 33/34 and it got 37. this perhaps should be another blog down the road as they do more runs. and is his car and drives it everyday right? well, put 10 gallons of gas and see if always gives 300 miles or 330 miles or 370 miles.

btw, was he running 55 or faster? and the tire gauge?


Juan Carlos,

All the hate? Well, I guess I am just jealous that someone can drive without worrying the gas mileage, thus making such a pathetic mileage.
33/34 and got 37 only? That is only a 12.12% better than the underated EPA number.
Using my bud's Camry number will be like this:
21/31(This is according to the new ratings changed in 2007), and he got 34. 50% of city and 50% highway should get 26 (50% * 21 + 50% * 31 = 26).
(34-26)/26 = 31%.


I have a 2007 passat 2.0T with a six speed manual that gets between 35 and 37 on the highway. Hybrids tend to get better combined economy due to regenerative braking etc. The hybrid hardware is really not an advantage on the highway due to all the extra weight that is not being utilized. I bet a standard camry four cylinder would have got very similar economy.

Juan Carlos

guess i am talking about the epa ratings. they tend to be generous at best and here the camry is beating it big.


MJB you know nothing about Hybrid Synergy Drive, which allows electric only operation even at highway speeds under the right conditions. Your Passat is not in the same league as the Camry Hybrid in terms of economy or reliability. VW/Audi has the highest maintenance costs of any vehicles on the road.

Toyota Hybrid is a Fantastic auto.


Ummmm...... A Camry Hybrid for $35K that gets 37 MPG, and a Fully "Loaded" VW Jetta TDI that gets 45 City / 50 HWY and costs $27K with Navigation, Save 8 K and be ch happier.

Not to mention the 80 MPH Stability you get from a Jetta, That a Camry can only dream about !

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