Recall Alert: 2008 Hyundai Elantra


Hyundai is recalling 65,000 Elantra sedans for problems with the fuel pump. The faulty pump may lose pressure and affect the engine's performance. The recall covers all Elantras for the 2008 model year that have a 2.0-liter Beta engine. Some fuel pumps may be adversely affected by residue buildup from gasoline mixed with ethanol, a problem that has been affecting small motors as well.

By Stephen Markley | August 29, 2008 | Comments (47)
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Beatrice Hatstat

Wouldn't it have it been nice if the dealership I purchased my vehicle from had contacted me as soon as they learned of the recall. Knowing that their customers are out driving, and that they may be involved in a crash because the fuel pump stops working in the middle of your commute!! I know this is the last Hyundai I will be purchasing.

We usually add to most recall posts that the manufacturer, Hyundai will contact owners directly. Dealers rarely if ever contact owners after a recall is issued. They also take a long time to mail out the notices after they file them with the NHTSA which to me is somewhat annoying. But don't be confused in thinking this is a Hyundai only problem. You can however contact your dealer to schedule an appt if your car is included in the recall.

richard t.

my dealer called me about the recall, asked when i wanted to have the work done and will provide a car to use for the day.

sean john

i prchuse a hiyndai elantra and the car broke down 30 000 miles, hyndai suck,please dont ever purchase a hyndai again, i still own the bank for a car that doesnt work


My fuel pump went out on July 4th at 3500 miles. It took over 13 days to get it repaired. They gave me problems on reimbursing me about the rental car I had to pay for then the recall came out in Sept. I received full reimbursement after a lot of hassle. At least they didn't blow me off.


seanjohn..can you please explain how you are stuck paying for a car that does not work after 30'000 miles when the car has a 5 year 50000 mile bumper to bumper warranty and 10 years on the drive train? What is wrong with it? Did the dealer refuse to honor the warranty?

Troy S.


I doubt Sean John owned a (hiyndai/hyndai).


It's Hyundai.


my 08 elantra was slipping out of park on small grade. i brang it back to the dealer and they told me they replaced the transmission and it is still doing it!! they had the stones to tell me to use the parking brake. I am using it now!!! is anybody having this problem?? they claim to have fixed the gas pump problem.


One thing I have learned from buying a new car, DON't buy a new car. They are just as much work and cost as a used car. Hyundai warranty doesn't mean a thing, my tires cupped after 10,000 miles and the dealer told me it was because I didn't rotate them enough. Rotations every 3,000 miles isn't enough? Should I be rotating my tires after each commute to work?


Yes, I am having the exact same problem with my 08 Elantra with the transmission slipping out of park on a small grade. Hyundai also supposedly replaced my transmission, and unfortunately the problem remains with the replacement transmission. I won't settle for a "use the parking brake" argument... this could be a hidden defect that exists with all of the transmissions of this type, and could be lethal to an unsuspecting owner who normally doesn't park on a hill.

Jim D

Yes, my 2008 Hyundai Elantra SE kinda "bucks" a bit when put in park on a hill. I've been meaning to take it in but am afraid they will say there is nothing wrong and waste my time. I think you can submit a report to NHTSA and they get enough they look into it.


My daughter was in an accident yesterday. She said she started to break about 25 feet from the car ahead of her and her car would not stop. She stated she had to push all the way down. She has a 2008 elantra. Anyone have any problems similar to this


@Roberta I had the same problem, I slightly rear ended another car even though I had plenty of breaking room. When I got my wheels rotated (at 17000 mi) the mechanic said that my rear brake pads were warped and probably caused the accident. He told me brake pads shouldn't be warped until at least 30-40k mi and he said that I should bring it up with my dealership. My transmission is also slipping and I'm just under 24000 mi. For a car that is just above a year old, it's got a lot wrong with it. Due to family conflict and a busy schedule I have not been able to get to my dealer but I plan to ASAP.


yes...i've had problems with skidding when i'm braking...and supposedly i have anti-lock brakes!!!

also I have an oxygen censor light coming on after 19k miles....could be that fuel pump deal...


We have a 2007 Elantra had 2 transmissions replaced and they have the same problem rolling in park on a grade please post if you have a Elantra 2007to2009 having this same issue…Thanks


We have a 2008 Elantra SE with 40k owned since new and the transmisson just started bucking when parking the vehicle. I am going to trade it.

robin hartman

my 2008 hyundai elantra has a sometimes problem :when i accelerate to pass a car on the freeway at 60-70 mph,the tranny feels like it slips into neutral..then it pops into place..anyone else? 24,500 miles

Larry McNair

I'm having problems with the studs breaking away whenever the tire/s have to be taken off for brake work or tire repair. I own a 2008 Elantra. Is anyone having this problem?


Hi I read through all your comments and questions and im freaking out a little. I just bought a used 2008 Hyundai elantra with 28,000 miles on it. So far I haven't had issues with it but I've only had it for 2 weeks. I got a warranty for up to 60,000 miles. I am taking it to get the recalled airbag module fixed but no one said anything about fuel pump. I know they are super expensive to do... what should I do?


Contact your Hyundai dealer Service Department. If you supply them the VIN they can check their database to see if the recall was performed or if it still needs to be done.

Ken Piper

I have a 2008 Elantra and sometimes the ignition switch and the key get very hot. So hot that you don't want to hold the metal part of the key. The dealers says that if you make a lot of turns that this is normal because of the electric power steering. Doesn't sound normal to me, anyone else having this problem.


@Roberta - had the same braking problem with 2008 Elantra. Took it to dealer and they could not recreate the problem. Continued to drive car knowing this could happen again (luckily no wrecks involved) and it did. Took car straight to dealer who after two more days recreated the problem. The issue was a bad master brake cylinder, according to Hyundai, the first they have ever had reported on any of their cars. This went all the way up to Hyundai Corporate in Korea, as they wanted the dealer to send the defective part to them. The dealer happily replace the master brake cylinder at no cost to me, all under warranty. Problem solved.


I own a 2008 Elantra - I would never own another. In the winter it slides all over the road and I have to be pulled or pushed out of my work parking lot. It has already been in for 1 recall, now I am reading there is another. Also the other day my check engine lite came on, went to the auto shop they tested and said it was the O2 Sensor - I only have 22,000 miles on my car.


Our car is o8 Elantra & it's transmission is slipping out of gear, we're awaiting a new transmission. The dealer said it's on back order, we wondered why? Got our answer after seeing what you all were saying.


Buy new tires-it's worth it. We were having same problem.
New good tires fixed it. We live in Ohio so we get a lot of snow.

Tracey Winsor

I've bought my one and only Hyundai car,my Hyundai Elantra(2008) transmission is slipping out of park and the company won't fix or replace it, its still under warrenty, they said this is normal and I should use the hand brake!!! Very poor consumer service!!!


My 2008 Elantra SE has 45K and I bought it two weeks ago. Put it in park at the bottom of the driveway to get my mail (slight incline) and the car started bucking forward as I was exiting the car. This is dangerous and they should be recalled. I am going to put in an NHTSA complaint if they don't fix it.


I purchased an 08 elantra and had to replace the transmission after 45k. Although it did not cost me $$ it was still a pain in the @#$. I have also had problems with holding an alignment, the dealership keeps telling me that it is normal for a bump to knock it out of alignment.....really????do they think I am a f@€%ing moron?


@Grnmtntoker Did you replace the transmission under warranty? How was that experience for you?

I also have 08 Elantra and am waiting to hear what exactly is wrong with my transmission (52k miles). I'm hopping not to have to enter into a fight with Hyundai over this. If anyone has any tips on dealing with them and their warranties, I'd appreciate it!

I have same issue as Ken Piper, with a 2010 Elantra Sport. The ignition key barrel was so hot after a 40 minute drive that one could almost get a burn blister from touching it. First time I have noticed this. Schematics show that a lot of powered items are powered through the switch, so may be related to running A/C at max? If this is by design, it seems ill-advised, but no sign of problems resulting from it.


Just bought a 2008 elantra 54,000 miles so far so good but I don't like what I've been reading on here. Next day off I'm taking it to a Hyundai dealership to check all the recalls. Thanks for all the input.

Darlene Mac Lennan

I have a 2008 Elantra. The dealer called me right away about the fuel pump, but now I hear it cutting in and out. I mentioned it and they didn't seem to overly concerned. It doesn't happen all the time so chances of them hearing it is slim.
I had my transmission fluid flushed not long ago and since then the transmission is slipping.It is getting worst by the day. They assured me there is nothing they could have done to cause the problem but when I checked with a transmission shop the first thing they ask me was did they change the filter which I would assume they would but they don:t. I am now looking for a second hand transmission and still owe three years. I might add the personal at the dealer are the friendlies ever.
Is there a head company we should be taking these concerns to? Also I am hearing a tapping. Not looking good I suppose.

Darlene Mac Lennan

By the sounds of all the transmission problems we are hearing about hear I think it sounds like there should be a recall. Imagine the ones we don't know about.
My car is my job, what do I do now?

Darlene Mac Lennan

I have a 2008 Elantra. The dealer called me right away about the fuel pump, but now I hear it cutting in and out. I mentioned it and they didn't seem to overly concerned. It doesn't happen all the time so chances of them hearing it is slim.
I had my transmission fluid flushed not long ago and since then the transmission is slipping.It is getting worst by the day. They assured me there is nothing they could have done to cause the problem but when I checked with a transmission shop the first thing they ask me was did they change the filter which I would assume they would but they don:t. I am now looking for a second hand transmission and still owe three years. I might add the personal at the dealer are the friendlies ever.
Is there a head company we should be taking these concerns to? Also I am hearing a tapping. Not looking good I suppose.

Darlene Mac Lennan

Sorry another comment.
Shouldn't a sensor be alerting me of a transmission problem? Nothing is showing, I even had it checked for a sensor problem.


My mother often feels quite light headed after driving her 2008 Elantra. Does anyone else have this issue? Could it be related to the fuel pump problem?


I have a 2008 elantra as well...had the transmission replaced when it was only a couple of months old! They were very helpful and I had no issues with getting it replaced. I still find a slight issue with the transmission. Also, my light has been on too! And the last few months there is a hesitation when I am driving it...feels a little sluggish at times even after regular oil changes etc. I think this fuel pump may be my issue too..3rd Hyundai and only one that has had a few issues


I had transmission problems with my 2008 Elantra. Almost every time I made a hard left turn I would lose all gears and the engine would just rev up. I took it to the dealer 3 or 4 times and they couldn't find a problem. One day I was talking to a sales rep at CARQUEST and he suggested checking the transmission fluid level. I did and it was about 1/4 inch too high on the dipstick. I sucked out some of the fluid and the problem has never returned. According to the guy at car quest the fluid is sloping up and getting on parts that weren't designed to get wet. It might help to mention that I take my turns very fast, not tire squealing fast but still faster than normal.


My tranny was replaced at 60,000 due to the bucking after putting it in park. no problems now.. hopefully there wont be in the future


I have a 2009 Hyundai Elantra with 54,000 miles and yes my transmission is slipping also. Pretty sure the 5 year 60,000 mile warranty will be over at the end of the year. I brought my car to the dealer and they told me they reset the tranny but it did not change a thing in fact it might have gotten worse. Any advice before the warranty runs out?


I have a 2008 w/39, 000 mi.on it. We have had three recalls on it in 5 yrs. Now I have a tire light coming on almost every time I get in the car.Two shops say there is no leak. Hundai is saying that the tires have normal wear for the mileage, & that my car was slightly out of alignment which they claim to have fixed. After doing a full inspection they claim all is well. An outside shop said all 4 of my tires are wearing down on the inside at an abnormal rate. Every oil change we have the tires rotated & the tires were fine until this last oil change. My steering wheel shakes & worsens on the highway. I can't seem to get my car to brake when approaching intersections either. I'm worried about the safety of my family.I'm disabled w/spinal cord injury in my neck & this car feels like a death trap & I'm making payments towards my own death! When we bought the car new...the dealership waited until we made the first mos.payment then sent us our first recall notice.They sold us a car knowing dang well there was at least a fuel recall on it & since that first repair...our gas mileage dropped significantly. Another lie! I will be popping hoods for now on looking for manufacturer stickers that say "Made In The USA!!" If I survive driving a foreign death trap for now. Has anyone else had tire problems &/or brakes???


Hello i have just bought a 2009 Hyundai Elantra SLX with 26,000 and i am noticing a accelerating problem which feels like a lagging in the transmission and then drops suddenly should i be concerned?
Also after having it parked and turned off overnight upon start up the next morning it struggles to go from 20k up to 50k. I accelerate and feel like a struggle and then quick take off?
I would be greatful for any advice or help.


OMG Prue, I purchased a 2008 Hyundai Elantra back in July of 2013 and I am having the same issues as you. I bought it and had 33k miles on it, it now has 47k miles on it and there is a lag in acceleration in the transmission and sometimes it starts putting, then it seems as if it's skipping gears and takes off quickly after while. And also, the wheel alignments get knocked off so easily. It makes me so mad. And there is a loud grinding when I brake at high speeds and the mechanic can't find anything wrong with it. Definitely may have to take it back to the dealer real soon.


Just bought a 2008 Elantra with 44,000 miles. Looks beautiful BUT drove home from work (16 miles) put tranny in reverse to back up and an uncomfortable pause then bang into reverse. Was told to change tranny fluid and use Amzoil synthetic. Flushed tranny of all old fluid and filled with Amzoil (8 quarts) and changed the filter which was hard to find. Guess what NO CHANGE. Hesitates and then bangs into revers. Trading it in on a New Ford Fusion the wife likes.


I have a 2008 elantra with now 175,000 miles. For the last year, when i drive fast, i.e. highway driving and come to a sudden stop, my car shudders like it is gonna stall. 2x the car actually stalled on me. I turned the key and it started right up. I wonder if this could be the fuel pump . FYI, the fuel pump on a 2008 elantra is in the fuel tank..good luck getting to it. Smart move hyundai

Samantha H.

I bought my 2008 Hyundai Elantra 3 years ago with 30,000 miles on it. I haven't had too many problems with it until recently my transmission is totally failing. I'm not to knowledgeable when it comes to cars but I know when something is wrong with my car. In the last month or so while driving, my car will lurch forward (I feel like that's when it starts to slip out of gear) then from then on out, my car won't switch gears at all. I can't go past 40mph without my RPM's going way high. It happens almost daily after about 20 mins or so of driving. From the very beginning my stearing wheel has always shook if I go over 70mph or so but I just always thought it was because I have a compact car. I have always gotten my oil change/tires rotated and flushes when I was supposed to. From what it sounds like, this car is a piece and has had too many recalls. I still owe $5500 on this car. I don't know whether I should spend the money to get it fixed or trade it in. Any suggestions?

Larry Zink

My Engine light came on after filling my gas. I removed the cap and retightened it 3 turns. Still on. I checked the ouil it is low. While trying to pour oil in the back pressure was blowing it back on me. I have 125,000 miles and it uses 1 to 2 qts every 4000 miles. Is the blow back normal . Is the oil used to much for that amount of miles

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