Prius-maker Toyota Not Favorite For Green Car Buyers


Most of us are arriving late to the “green” party, but what do green car buyers drive? Toyotas? Hondas?

Mazda, Mini, Smart, Porsche and Volvo cars are more popular with greenies than Toyota cars, which is No. 13, according to a Compete survey. Even Honda, which has the highest corporate average fuel economy numbers, is ranked at No. 19 with the likes of Buick and Jaguar in the survey.

What gives? The survey correlated search data on the visitors to the top "green" third party websites, including and, and the visitors to the top 25 automotive research websites, according to Autopia. "By taking the sum of the ranks," Compete analyst Hal Wurster told, "we can find the most visited and searched for 'green' automotive brands."

Autopia notes some limitation to this data, including that Toyota’s and Honda’s SUV offerings skew the results. As more non-green shoppers log onto their sites to look at the SUVs, the further they fall in the ranks.

Probably the most interesting tidbit is that Hummer at No. 33 isn’t in last place. Both Cadillac and Lincoln rank below it.

Top 10 most popular brands with green car buyers:

1. Mazda

2. Mini

3. Smart

4. Porsche

5. Volvo

6. Mercury

7. Subaru

8. Saturn

9. Infiniti

10. Audi

Mazda, Mini, Smart —Not Toyota—Are Faves Among Greens (Autopia)



This is quite a dubious survey. Porsche? No one thinks of Porsche as green. I am skeptical.

This list is retarded! I love Infiniti, but there is no way, no how it belongs on ANY green list. All of its vehicles are overpowered performance oriented machines. Thats great, but definetly NOT green, lol.


Juan Carlos

well. you have to think. typical liberal hypocrites or/and limo liberals.

also, perhaps infiniti is greener than bmw. some in survey will never drive anything cheaper than 40k, so they go for infiniti or something. a lot better than a escalade or a hummer. and while toyota has the prius, it also has the tundra.


A perfect example of why many surveys are absolutely meaningless.


Audi but no VW? No Mitsubishi? Goes to show,people dont buy what they profess.Tree huggers probably buy only 6.0liter Suburbans and HUMMERS for all we know.So,if someone is high on touting speed they probably drive a Renault Dauphine,and if they praise American vehicles they only buy imports.


I am surprised that would post some BS like this.

Guys, it's time for vacation.

ZoomZoomZoom? Green?



acctually, tree huggers do buy suburbans.

just ask Obama.

Juan Carlos

mazda perhaps since it tends (my impression) to get younger people. and as a rule younger people tend to be green.

perhaps the mazda cx7 has a better green reputation than the ford edge and mazda doesn't really have an expedition or suburban. that is another way to look at it.


who ever said this should be posted shoould be in a meeting in the office to see what exactly what was going on here.


JM - Suburbans carrying an entourage of people around (8?), such as campaign staff and equipment, are pretty efficient. I think Obama's personal vehicle, if he's even allowed to drive it anymore, is an Escape Hybrid.

Take your uninformed attacks to some typical right-wing blog.

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