Hybrid Hyundai Sonata Headed to U.S.


Today, Hyundai announced it will sell a hybrid version of its popular Sonata sedan in the U.S., using a lithium ion battery to store electricity in the hybrid. The company did not announce a release date, but the new hybrid will debut at the Los Angeles auto show this November, so we’d guess it will go on sale in calendar year 2009.

The current four-cylinder version of the Sonata — which was redesigned for the 2009 model year — gets a very healthy 22/32 mpg city/highway. We’ve yet to see a lithium ion battery-powered hybrid on sale, though companies like Audi and GM have plans for products that use them.

Hyundai Announces Hybrid Sedan (Technoride)
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GREAT NEWS! More competition benefits consumers!

Honda, if you are listening, we need a 4 cylinder Accord Hybrid!!


Bravo Hyundai! It's about time they entered the hybrid arena. The four cylinder Sonata is already rather fuel efficient and powerful, I'm eager to see the numbers produced by the hybrid model. It would be nice to see a hybrid Santa Fe, Tuscon, and Elantra join the Sonata on the road too. Hyundai is really stepping up. I can't say that they will knock Toyota or Honda off the podium, but they are definitely making a large dent in their sales.

Troy S.

Good job Hyundai! Now, please bring i10 over!!!



Honda, we need 6 speed automatics.

Once you drive a Hyundai your views will change - you will never forget the experience even though you would like to



Mind to share more in depth experiences?
By just reading that comment, it could be both ways (good or bad). :)

Sonta. What car it is!


I purchased my Hyundai Sonada in September 2008, it is a 2009.
I average about 26mpg in the city and recently I drove it to Arizona it averaged 36.7 mph. It is a 4 cyl, but even in the hills between Phoenix and Flagstaff I had plenty of power up and down the hills and the AC was on all the time. I had a 2000 Mercedes C230 and it did not drive as good and I could never get this gas mileage. The ride and comfort was not even near the comfort of my Sonada. I will buy another when I wear this out.

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