Fellas: Women Really Do Care About Your Car


I totally knew it.

A survey by UK autoparts company Kwik-Fit found that 75% of women admitted to dating a guy primarily because they liked the car he drove. More shamefully, another 23% owned up to turning down a date because his car was lacking.

What can this tell us about the state of male-female relationships? Aside from the fact that we're about as advanced as peacocks and their cool tail colors when it comes to attraction, it seems that single men should make a cool car a top priority.

Admittedly, we don't normally go to autoparts suppliers for our sociological research, but we would also like to point out that the pendulum swings both ways on this: A surprising 40% of men said they judged their partners by the type of car they drive.

Cars.com covered this topic last summer surveying men and women about what they think a car says about their date. Check out the Date Cars: Men and Date Cars: Women videos on YouTube.

Cars Do Make You Attractive to the Opposite Sex (MotorTrader)

By Stephen Markley | August 6, 2008 | Comments (12)
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could have told u this long ago. women are shallow like this

Not to mention shallow men that drive certain cars for status or evaluate other men by the cars they drive.


another prime example of the state of this nation. a car is a hunk of metal and plastic, regardeless of who makes it. It is designed to get you from point A to point B. This report sends the message to kids that unless they drive a cool car they wont be excepted by the opposite gender.


i always thought we guys get jealous of other men with better cars, imagining that women would want to throw themselves at them, when women really seemed not to know the difference between a Corvette and a Viper vs. a Celica ...

Juan Carlos

of this nation markt? survey is from the uk. bashing america. cute. really cute.

Does this mean that if I have a Jaguar I'm guaranteed a "Hummer"?

Let's not kid anyone here as those who criticize others for what they drive are really the shallow jealous type. If you're a low-wage earning loser then fix your earning potential instead of whining about what others can afford to drive and the reasons they do so. In other words MYOB. If the greasey head Italian wants to drive around in a Iroc-Z (first coming of the Hummer) with dozens of 10k gold chains around his neck blasting Debbie Gibson one hit wonders who am I to judge;-)

I ride a bicycle - got no chance at all apparently


You need to reread the actual press release. It's not 75%, it's 44% (and men are 40%). Maybe the author needs to brush up on his 3rd grade math skills, I tell you what, I'll volunteer my ten year old for tutoring.

Kristy, with your ten year old in your hands his math skills are definitely in trouble. The article reads exactly the way the story says. 44% of women said they can tell a lot about a prospective partner by the car they drive. Come on the article is 6 paragraphs long, you can't figure out what it says? Don't give your ten year old any reading advice either.


Heh, I have a penchant for small 2 seat convertables. (1969 Datsun 2000, & 2003 Toyota MR-Spyder)

Frankly I've gotten more intrest from men and small children then from women.

Ladies, you want to meet men? Buy a TR-6.

I want to be one of your member

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