Diesel BMW 335d, Out in November, Will Be 2009 Model


There was word out this morning in the blogosphere that diesel versions of the BMW 3 Series and X5 SUV would be delayed until next year. Those rumors have turned out not to be true. According to BMW spokesman Tom Plucinsky, the 335d was always planned to be attached to the freshened-for-2009 3 Series that we told you about a few weeks ago. They will start production in September with sales to start in November.

However, Plucinsky says the 335d will not be at full production capability at that time, so availability may be limited until early 2009. The X5 35d will also go on sale in November, but probably not until after the 335d reaches dealerships. 

Plucinsky says the 335d is BMW “dipping its toes in the water” as far as the demand for diesel cars in the U.S., but he says early feedback for the product is strong. Both models will make their official U.S. debuts at the Los Angeles auto show in November.



I can't see the 335d catching on in any great numbers. You lose the best part of the car, its highwinding gasoline engine, pay a premium on the window sticker and another premium at the truck stop. Because it's turbocharged, it will struggle to get even five mpg better than the gasoline version. Finally, how will the typical BMW driver go for the unsightly oil residue stains on the tailpipes and rear bumper?


In answer to Red, I know that diesel engines don't have the same reputation in the USA as they have in Europe, but things have developed pretty much...

The 535d (heavier than 335d) gets an average of 37MPG which I think its pretty good. The 3 series is lighter so it will get better mileage.

About the "unsightly oil residue stains" you talk about, I don't think they exist anymore thanks to the particle filter these cars use.

TDI Nick

I used to have a 524TD and can't wait for this new clean diesel car to get here! I hope to buy a used one. The torque will be super and 40mpg is great for such a comfortable sedan. Thanks BMW!! Now offer it with a manual transmission and in a wagon varient.

What is the biodiesel policy? B20 approval would be excellent.


I think the new clean diesels only accept five percent bio diesel or you void the new car warranty. I hope that changes as it would make the new diesel BMW a more attractive deal.

Ditto on the manual/wagon diesel setup (a comment I've seen echoed on many different blogs/boards). If it costs too much to certify the manual diesel, then at least give us the auto/wagon. C'mon BMW, dip your toes a "little" deeper than only a auto sedan.


BMW had the 335d at this

I checked before/after I drove, no oily stains from either tailpipe.

It is plenty fast even while keeping the revs under 3000rpm. It is really fast in the 3000-4500 rpm range.

The engine will pull 1100 rpm in 6th gear, automatic, without lugging (thanks to the newest ZF 6 speed automatic)


I switched from Audi S4 265HP biturbo yellow to 335D white 286HP Diesel Biturbo. I am really happy about the torque of 580Nm. In Germays highways the best speed for the 335D is 200km/h + here the 335D takes only 9.5l/100km compared to 15.5l/100km with the Audi S4.
But don´t take the buildin navi, unbelievable bad results and tracks.

Charlie Aarons

Please, we need the 330xd here in Alaska.

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