Car Art: Infectious or Tacky?


Infectious Art offers decals for your car that can have the glibness of a bumper sticker or the sprawl of a mural, depending on your taste.

The company says it works with artists from around the world to create these "moving works of art." While the concept of decorating your car's exterior may not be new, Infectious Art's method is. You choose your art online and install the piece yourself.

Infectious claims the art will last for up to two years and can endure the blazing hot summers of the Southwest and the frigid winters of New England. It can even withstand numerous car washes, but if you get bored with it, a hair dryer can easily remove the specialized vinyl material.

Let us know what you think. Would you deck out your car with Infectious art?

By Stephen Markley | August 15, 2008 | Comments (10)
Tags: Car Gadgets



A car can never be art, because in order to be art, something must have no purpose other than itself.

And.... i disagree. I think a car can be a work of art; art is defined as something different to everyone, and I LOVE the above picture of the blue car. If i had a car like that, i would definitely decorate it. As it stands now, any art on my car would be lost in its crappiness. But, i'm on board!

Now those are the hopeful signs I like to see! A good taste of the old days, they will make a come back, I promise!

I love those graphics. I would love to put something like that on an old van from the 70's, that would be sweet, or my vw bug would look good skinned out. Those are nice keep up the good work!!!

Those are real nice. We were trying to get a van for our shop done like that. Just wondering about the heat, it gets real hot down here in the South.

I was interested in a High Resolution vehicle wrap for my business. We live on the beach, do they hold up well to the sand and sun??


I was wondering how well that would hole up on the side of a big moving truck?? Can they be made that big and what is the approximate price??

I'm going to roll with tacky, mostly because I'm not a cat person, and simply by dint of not being a cat person, the overwhelming amount of cat art out there has proved, well, overwhelming. So, tacky. Thiago |


These decals are so cute! Would they work on any kind of car? How long do they usually last?

Laurey Williams

I personally love the look of this car! I think the decals make it so fun and unique. I wouldn't mind making my car looks something like this!

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