First Look: 2011 Chevy Cruze


GM released the first full-size images of the Chevy Cruze compact sedan that will go on sale in 2010 as a 2011 model. The Cruze will most likely replace the Cobalt in Chevy’s line-up and closely resembles the new Chevy Malibu in the looks department. In fact, we’d say it almost looks like a shrunken Malibu with some BMW influence thrown in. Considering the new Malibu is widely praised and is selling well, this is probably not a bad thing. However, having to wait another two years for a competitive compact sedan from GM is not a good thing. Full size images are below.




By David Thomas | August 21, 2008 | Comments (49)
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Colin B.

Love it... I like the BMWish crease cut-line along the upper side profile.

Looks upscale though a bit garish. Just what a American car should be!

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gm needs to make this into production faster. At least in terms of looks it looks very competitive.


By the time 2011 comes around the competition will have left it in the dust.


This vehicle is gonna be sold in Europe for the first few years ONLY?! What???

We need this baby with the Diesel direct injection NOW!!!

It looks nice, fits the needs of consumers, and should be on sale in 2009, not 2011!


lm I agree, i said on a earlier posting on this car that this thing is scheduled to be released about the same time the civic is ready for a full redesign. fall 2010. So I think it will be an improvement on the cobalt, but can it match the civic? i doubt it, its tough to catch up in a segment once u have been behind for so long. Even a company as Toyota hasent been able to completely catch chevy in trucks, despite all the time and money they put in the tundra.


Looks MUCH better than the current Cobalt!!


It's supposed to be here during calendar year 2010 as a model year 2011. It's supposed to go on sale in Europe in March 2009. I believe the delay is because they are releasing it to the US market with a new 1.4L engine that is probably still under development and does not have a manufacturing facility up and running yet (one is under construction in Flint).


The angry headlights will definitely attract younger buyer, and the styling actually is a good one. Way ahead of the sterile Cobalt.

However, there are 2 blemishes as I can see now.
a. The tail light is just like the JDM Civic. While it has nothing wrong with that design, but could be better if more original.
b. The black plastic triangle at the c-pillar needs to go. Put a small piece of glass there can fix it.

At last, it all comes down to standard equipment over how much they are charging for this baby. If they charge too little, the car will not be profitable (thanks, UAW!), if too much, no one buys it.


I don't like the front grille, but the styling is otherwise very attractive.


Looks like a BMW 3-series with a bad grill. Too late to help the current market. GM is dying.


The car is excellent all around. It's a car that GM needs. The rear tailights remind me of the Asian version of the Honda Civic, but it looks good. The Cruze will do much better than the Cobalt and I'm glad it's replacing it. It even looks better than the Cobalt. It's about time. I very much like the new front grille and headlights, something that GM needs to do with some of its Chevy models.

I kind of agree with you. At first I liked Chevy's new grille, but now that it's put on everything it looks, I don't know, weird. Audi's grew on me. But this is having the opposite effect.


I disagree with autor who said, "...Considering the new Malibu is widely praised..."

There is nothing to consider. Malibu is still not an Accord. And this car will be "old tech" by the time it will show in the store. People who praises Malibu really need to sit in Accord.
I believe, that most Malibu shoppers are those who want to pay less for car - FIRST! Because after riding in Accord no way one can say that the Malibu was better.
So if GM prepares this car for "future battles" it will work for them. But if they trying to compete in 2011 with today's models it will rattle them to the ground.


This grille design has only been used on the Tahoe, Malibu, Traverse and now this so I wouldn't categorize it as overexposed, unlike the Audi grill which is used on everything. I haven't seen the Traverse in person yet but the Tahoe and Malibu look fine. I'm sure this will be attractive enough when we see the actual car...these renderings that manufacturers use never do cars justice.


Great that Chevy is bringing this car to the market. Too bad it won't be until 2011. By then the design will look old, and compared to Honda's or Toyota's technology it will be outdated. Keep trying GM, if you're still around you'll get it right one of these decades. If GM and Ford merged they might have a fighting chance.........maybe.

Oh, but it's on the new Aveo too! which I think has really done it. That's what I'm saying, four or five models and I've had enough. What happens when the Equinox, Impala et al get it too!?!?!


Forgot about the Aveo, which is the worst application yet. After all their vehicles get it then....then you have Audi and BMW and Acura and Mercedes etc....all pushing cars that more or less look the same except for their size. Such is the case when manufacturer's feel like they need a "family look" to their line-up.

It doesn't look that bad. Has a real euro look. Don't care for the front end. Didn't like on the Malibu and I don't like on this. Heard rumors of 45mpg but then saw other articles report "up to" 40mpg. A high mpg will be a selling point but it might be a little late to the dance. That segment is getting more crowded each year and waiting til 2010 might be a bit too late. It should have decent sales though. Can't understand why they want to replace the cobalt that continues to be one of their top sellers and has been over the last 4 years. Just give it a re-design and drop the 1.4l in it. Oh well GM isn't known for sound judgement.


This is the redesign of the Cobalt...they are changing the name to Cruze and using that name globally. Speculation is that "Cobalt" is too difficult to pronounce in certain parts of the world. I have heard 9 mpg greater than current Cobalt but don't know if that is greater than the XFE mpg or mpg with automatic.


Keith, it's not that hard to pronounce the name Cobalt in other parts of the world. Just say "junk".

They're spending 500 million to get this into production...what a waste.


It's so easy for you to criticize...this is $500 million that GM is investing into the US economy...take a trip to Lordstown and tell the people there what a waste it is.

I think it would be a good idea to keep this and the Cobalt in the lineup. That way, this car can be positioned as a premium small car, while a heavily updated cobalt can serve the lower end, Or at least keep the Cobalt SS Coupe as a high performance small car. Overall, I like it alot. I am not a fan of the current cobalt, or Civic for that matter, and I wonder where all thise super high technology civics that KJ and others mention are. When I drove the civic, it felt like a small car- not much different or special than any of the others I have driven.


The plant already exists producing the the cobalt and G5. The money doesn't create any new jobs (unless you count the people it take to re-tool the factory). So the money is already being pumped into the economy. Unless you're thinking it's a 500 million dollar investment to keep them employed. Plus 80 million is coming from the state (Ohio tax payer dollars). The cobalt has been selling at a rate of 180,000 a year and has since it's inception. In fact it may sell more this year than last year. Why put that much money into this project when you're profits have been going down.


FYI - Real-life pics of the Cruze have been posted on another forum (don't know if I'm supposed to be calling out other websites on here). I believe they are from the press conference at Lordstown today when GM announced their waste of a $500 million investment.

If you're already bored with the front end consider that this won't be on the road for another two years! Maybe by then GM will realize that gold bow ties don't go with anything.

I think they should keep the Cobalt name and save Cruze for the inevitable rebadging. Let's see, the new Chevy Cobalt in 2010 then in 2011 it becomes the Saturn Cruze, Pontiac G4, Saab 9-1, Buick Skyhawk, and Cadillac BTS. Sweet


Wow...this car needs to come out TODAY!

George W

The bow tie suggests low quality materials and construction. Other than that it appears to be ponderously over weight with a high aerodynamic profile that will cut gas mileage. No liftback? A car this big and clunky needs 112 horsepower for sure. Better it had a hybrid electric motor backed up by a 40 horsepower diesel and 200 pounds of battery. GM is slow on the uptake.


GM can't do anything to please so many of the naysayers who love Civics on this site. How much should GM have invested..a couple hundred thousand? What's the magic amount?

You start a new project that has an initial capital outlay because you project a return on your investment.

The sad reality for so many of you Civic worshippers is that GM is still the #1 manufacturer in the WORLD! This is for good reason.



a. Cut the crap, show your proof about the number one manufacturer comment.
Alright, found one for you.
Please do not forget to add both Hino and Daihatsu's number into Toyota's because they are both Toyota's subsidiary. While GM's number has already added all of its subsidiary including: Saturn, Opel, SAAB, Daewoo, Vauxhall, and Holden.
b. As a Civic owner, I did agree that the Cruze looks okay, but what the hell is the wait until 2011?! Assuming that they can bring it out in 2010, the Civic is already on the drawing board for the 2011 model year.
c. Make no mistake, the money spent on the investment was good in my opinion, but the question goes back to why are we still waiting for it? Opel has been selling great cars in Europe, but all we have are some sterile Ion and Cobalts.


Half a billion to fix what's not broken. Doesn't make a lot of sense. They should spend their money on something to compete with the Prius (and it's not the Volt). That's what Honda's doing. Both Honda and Toyota are developing a line of hybrid cars - none of the big 3 are doing that. In 5 years both Honda and Toyota will have 3-4 small hybrids that will get 50+ mpg. Where do think gas prices are going to be by then? Are they the only ones that can see this. Oh well GM will have the $40,000 Volt and the others will have < $20,000 hybrids. Who will sell more?

To be fair GM has the Aura hybrid, Vue hybrid, Tahoe/Yukon hybrid and the malibu hybrid. The problem is besides the SUVs they're mild hybrids. A 2 mode Vue is coming in the spring and I think it'll be a big seller. The current Vue Hybrid is virtually sold out.

Ford's Escape hybrid also sells REALLY well. I agree they need smaller hybrids of the next Focus and Cruze too. Maybe they will.


Dave, don't waste your time trying to reason with Ziggy. He is going to continue criticizing GM for any and every decision they make because they are not following in the footsteps of the almighty and righteous Honda/Toyota duo. In the eyes of Ziggy and others, you do it the Honda/Toyota way or you're doing it the wrong way.


It's not a matter of anyones "way". It's practical business sense. It's seeing the market trend and capitalizing on it. I give GM all the credit for doing that with SUVs in the 90's. How can american manufacuters sit back and watch others do this and not try to duplicate it is beyond comprehension? They watched the success of the Prius over the last 5-6 years and their answer was a mild hybrid SUV???


People here are clueless. Folks cant even get the year of the Cruze's debut right, much less anything else. GM and everyone else knows a new civic is coming out in 2010 and this car is designed to compete with the civic and everything else. Mindless GM bashing never stops on the net.


If they really know that the Civic is coming out in 2010, then why do they show how their car looks like 2 years ahead?
By the time it goes on sale, it is already old.
Plus, they are risking to show their competitors what are they going to bring to the market 2 years later.




You need to keep up with current events. The cruze is going to be unveiled next month in Paris so everyone would know what the car looks like within two months. Its going on sale in europe in about 6 months, not 2 years. They need time to convert the factory and build a new plant for the 1.4L engine here in the US.

If you think Honda can (or will) make changes to the 2011 Civic at this stage in the game you know nothing about how cars are designed. Furthermore, GM hasnt announced squat about US options or engines or pricing. All Honda knows is what the car looks like. You can rest assured HOnda has something odd waiting for us so I doubt they care what the Cruze looks like.


"Opel has been selling great cars in Europe, but all we have are some sterile Ion and Cobalts."

I just noticed this nonsense. Have you heard of the Astra? The reason most European models arent sold here is that they are very expensive by US small car standards AND their most efficient engines are diesels which arent popular here. One reason the Astra isnt doing well in the US market is that it's 1.8L gas engine isnt that efficient. Why? Because in Europe the car has a range of smaller gas engines and diesels that get far better mileage. Those diesels cant even meet US requirements and even if they could people wouldnt be flocking to them because of the cost of diesel. Diesel is cheaper than gas in Germany.


I don't think either Honda or GM is concerned that much about what each other is doing. GM knows that it needs this to be competitive and Honda probably doesn't worry that much given the Civics sales history. Not much will change with 2011 models. The Cruze will probably mirror the Cobalts sales and the Civic will probably produce just like it always has. The one that may take a hit will be the Corolla.


"The reason most European models arent sold here is that they are very expensive by US small car standards"
The Astra starts at 20K Euros in Ireland, the Civic starts at 26K Euros.
It will be reveiled in Paris, but who gives? The US model is 2011, which is AT LEAST 2 YEARS.
We can say all we want about the European models but when will we get them is the key point.


Cars in Europe are terrible expensive because of the high taxes and double taxes, like "registration" In Spain a car pays 17% VATand 5% extra registration.

Gas in Europe have more octanes, so most cars can't be driven in the USA due to environmental concerns.

Corolla is another boring senior citizen car. (Scions have the handling of toy cars, pleasee). Kudos to Honda for taking some risks with the last Civic at least tried to be different, but it is plainly ugly. New Focus, ugly. Mazde 3 it is cool car. I like the new Cruze,it looks good.


20k euros equal 30k dollars.


"The Cruze will probably mirror the Cobalts sales and the Civic will probably produce just like it always has. The one that may take a hit will be the Corolla."

You just keep on believing that. There was a time when GM thought it didnt have to worry about what Toyota and Honda made. The funny part is Honda probably is as arrogant as you are with regards to its products. The current civic is just OK but it happens to be very efficient. The Cruze will meet or beat the civic in efficiency and match it elsewhere. BTW, the Cobalt's sales are up this year and it was the 3rd best selling small car last year.

It will do well considering at least 30% will be fleet sales.


They better be beating something that's been on the market since 2006, or else they are destined to doom.
The sales numbers are not factored for discounts.

Every time I hop onto Honda's official site, I've never seen they have any special going on for the Civic. What do we have for the Cobalt?


I have had a 2005 cobalt and currently a 2009 as much as I LOVE MY CAR. I cant wait to get behind the wheel of this car. It is alot flashier than the cobalt and I can see it flying out of the dealerships as quickly as they get them in.

Ken Gaglardi

I like the Cruze, but the trunk can be accidentally pocket opened from a considerable distance making anything stored in it unsecure. I think GM should fix this problem.


well i test drove 1.4t and bought the 1.8 tell honda chevy has arived this is there first real stab at the imports and it was a hell of a first punch

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