2008 BMW Models Get 0.9% Financing


The 2009 BMWs are on the way, and it’s time to get rid of the 2008s. Yep, BMW has model-year-end sales too, they just use fancy terms, like 0.9% financing, to promote them. Through Sept. 2, all 2008 BMW models — besides the X6, M3 and M5 — will be eligible for 0.9% financing for qualified buyers. What does that mean?

The current average loan rate is 6.78%, so say you want to finance a base 328i sedan, which starts at $32,700, over four years. Putting nothing down on the car (and let’s keep tax out of the equation), your monthly payment would be $779.70. That’s a lot of money for a 3 Series; in the end you’d wind up paying $37,426 with all the interest included.

Lower the rate to 0.9% and your monthly payment drops to $693.84, with total cost over the term of $33,304. So BMW is basically offering a $4,000 discount here. The math is rudimentary, but 0.9% is a good deal on any car, let alone a BMW. Oh, and because the 328i is one of the most affordable BMWs on the lot, the savings only go up as you move up through the model range.

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The other Dan

Yum! The 335i @ 0.9% sounds tempting.
Too bad I'm doing my part for the country to continue the plunge into a recession.

NO! Go help the economy! 335 is really tempting. Although with a new iDrive in the 2009 3 Series...that might be a deal breaker.

nasıl yani ben bişi anlamadım şu yazıları türkçe olarakta yazsanız olmazmı

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