Recall Alert: 2007-08 Nissan Sentra


Nissan is recalling 170,000 Sentra compact sedans due to a faulty brake cylinder. The part can potentially leak, leading to a brake warning light illuminating. If left unaddressed, the problem could eventually lead to brake failure.

Nissan says there have been no accidents or injuries reported due to the problem, and the company will replace the faulty cylinder.

Contact your Nissan dealer to schedule the necessary repairs.

Nissan recalls Sentras due to brake problems (

By David Thomas | July 23, 2008 | Comments (16)
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Unusual for Nissan - they are normally the top of the list as far as quality and value for money are concerned. Still swift action shows the service provided by this company

Nissan is notoriously low on most dependability ratings out there. On JD Powers dependability scores only seven other manufacturers rank lower than Nissan.


The website isn't very useful when it comes to individual vehicles since they show 2004 data. Makes you wonder if the manufacturer numbers are from then also.


Family and friends with the last generation Sentra SE-R had serious engine and transmission trouble that Nissan had difficulty fixing. Those cars have all be traded now. The Sentra seems to have been one of their weaker products. Do have friends with Maximas of the previous gen that have made it past 100K mark without too much trouble.

dependability rankings are from 3 years of results which would date back to 2004. Initial quality is a different ranking. Nissan ranks higher on initial quality but is still below average.


My 2000 Sentra sucked. Wrote Nissan about the problemsand never heard back. That concludes my ever owning another Nissan.


contact enterprise

they probably have the recalled ones :)



On an unrelated note: I seem to live in Altima central. The number of these things in my neighborhood (Nassau County, Long Island, NY) is beyond belief. New ones, old ones; they're all over the place. There are a lot of new ones, the single most common new car in the neighborhood by far.

I'd say that I see 10 Altimas, for 1 of any other make/model of car. It's been that way now for about 4 years.


Initial quality ratings to me are worthless anyway. Where on the site does it say dependability is from a 3 year average? If you search by "most dependable" in various catagories, the only cars listed are from 2004. In fact, in one case (infiniti i35) the most dependable isn't even made anymore. Data should be updated every year to make it useful.

Nissan's used to be very reliable, infact those made in the late 80's / early 90's were very high in the reliablity ratings. We had a 93 sentra and put almost 150k miles on it with very little repairs. It seems that Japanese manufacturers have had reliablity issues when they started moving assembly to countries outside of Japan. This particular sentra is assembled in mexico.


My experience, having owned five Nissans between 1987 and 1998, is that the Japanese built Nissans were trouble free and well built. Those that were not built in Japan had many problems. My last Nissan was a 1998 200SX-SE and needed many warranty adjustments and repairs within the first couple of years. Once those problems were addressed, the vehicle was good to go, though.


the truth is that Nissans were never as great as people think.
You are exactly right!
Japanese built Nissans used to be rock solid. They had small issues here and there but nothing major.
I had 1987 Stanza vagon and 1989 240sx - both Japanese. And they both ran great into high mileage. Both developed an issue which I didn't want to fix. Like my 240's timing chain punctured a hole in one of the engine covers and coolant started to go into the oil drain container. But it had 182K miles!!! I could fix it myself or pay $500 but it was "it" for me.
The newer Nissans seemed to enter a Recall Valley. So I wouldn't by one made in Mexico or even US. Rogue is the only one I would consider today.

My sisters 07 Sentra is one that was recalled. Swift action by Nissan? Maybe so, but that does not change the fact that she took it into the dealership three times when her brakes were failing and they claimed there was nothing wrong with the master cylinder. Obviosly idiocy trickles from the top. Her life was on the line, not theirs.

Chevy has bad brakes that need recalls, seriously. All models.


I took my 2007 Nissan in because the front door on the passenger side wouldn't open. That is when I found out there was a recall on the car.The "low tire" warning light also stays on all of the time. Nissan is keeping it for a few days so hopefully they will work out all the bugs.

Martha Foster

I have a 2007 seven Nissan got it new. The push button were not working too it in several time before they fixed it and them had took take it in for the master cylinder had that fix all the same time from first day i had a slow leak tire took it back suppose to have fixed then took it back again suppose to have fixed it then took it back a third time still never fixed it keep in mind the car was just bought ended up having to buy two new tires for it. They didnt want o replace the tires at all i think that suck cause i had just bought the car

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