What Lincoln and Mercury Will Look Like in 2010


Earlier we took a peek at what Ford’s future lineup is expected to look like after today’s announcement about integrating European models into the U.S. sales channel. Ford also announced that it would stand behind its Lincoln and Mercury brands. There had been rumors that at least Mercury might meet its maker thanks to Ford’s tough economic times, but now it’s slated to get a unique small car in 2010. Below is our look at what the two companies will field in the near future.



New Small Car, 2010
Ford didn’t say what small car it would give Mercury, but did say it would be built on one of its existing platforms and that it would come from Europe. Our best guess — and suggestion — would be for Ford to rebadge the European Ford Focus Cabriolet convertible as a Mercury. The brand is already female-centric, and an attractive, affordable, efficient convertible could do very well as a unique vehicle for the brand.


2010 Mercury Milan, Milan Hybrid (2008 shown above)
Like the Ford Fusion, the Mercury Milan will get a mild redesign for 2010 along with a more efficient four-cylinder engine. A hybrid version will be offered for the first time, borrowing the same technology used in the Ford Escape Hybrid.


2009 Mercury Mariner, Mariner Hybrid
There was no mention of dropping the Mariner, and we’d expect it to continue at least through 2010.

There was absolutely no mention of a 2009 model year for the Mountaineer or Sable. We’re fairly positive there will be a 2009 Mountaineer, but can’t say the same for the Sable, as Ford mysteriously did not mention it when talking about the new Taurus, with which it shares most of its components. 



Unnamed Seven-Seat Crossover, 2010
Ford says a new seven-seat crossover will debut in calendar year 2009 for Lincoln. We previously reported that it would be a production version of the MKT (shown above), but recently there had been rumors that it had been shelved. Today, Ford confirmed it will indeed go into production, with a new EcoBoost turbo V-6 engine. It should compete with the Buick Enclave in terms of near-luxury crossovers, and it looks remarkably different than Ford’s Flex.


2009 Lincoln MKS
The new, large sedan is an impressive entry for Lincoln. It has style and a lot of interior room, along with a very well-executed navigation and entertainment system. It also comes with available all-wheel drive. A huge advertising push is swirling around this car, and Lincoln hopes it will bring people into the showroom. We’re not sure if it’s the exact right car at the right time, but it sure beats any sedan Buick is selling right now.


2010 Lincoln MKZ (2009 shown above)
Lincoln’s entry-level sedan will get a mild redesign, like its siblings the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan. It will not get a hybrid option, however. It appears it won’t get a four-cylinder version, either.

There was no word on how long the Navigator will continue, but we’d assume the large, recently refreshed SUV will make it to 2009 at least with few changes. Ford might need a year to figure out how many buyers of these types of vehicles take advantage of their full capability. There are still people who tow fancy things, like boats and horse trailers, and don’t want to be seen in a Ford.

By David Thomas | July 24, 2008 | Comments (15)
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I honestly expected to see a blank box or a picture of a Ford badge.


They should call the New Small Convertible the Mercury Capri.


From what it sounds like is that Mercury will cover small car LUX and Lincoln larger car LUX. I wondered about a town car replacement, none of these vehicles mention rear-wheel drive. If that is so Lincoln= Buick.


Do you think there's a chance that Mercury could get the new Ka? It may be a little bit small for american tastes, but if Ford fancy a little slice of the Smart car game then the new Ka could be an option... Th eonly problem I see with giving Mercury any of the EU Ford vehicles is that they ALL follow the same styling theme. With Ford getting the Fiesta, Focus and possibly S-Max, should Mercury be getting cars that look a little different, or are they simply still going to be crappy rebadges? I really don't class the convertible Focus to be a different model than the hatchback one, and I'm sure other buyers don't either.

Lincoln is adding AWD which to many is much preferable to RWD in terms of safety and performance too. I think that's a smart way to go as well. Most people looking at a lincoln aren't after RWD performance anyway.

I think the Ka's Smart car size will be too offputting to Mercury buyers.

I think a waterfall grille on the Focus Cabrio along with it's 2-door convertible bodystyle should differentiate it plenty from a euro focus sedan and hatch.


can they just kill mercury already? whats the point? lincoln of course is worth the invesment if they can make it work.

And the subtle difference between platform sharing and badge engineering continues to elude them. There's a whole lot of yawn here.

Are these just the new platforms or is this a comprehensive list? Won't the MKX and Navigator be part of Lincoln's lineup after 2010?

I don't like the trend towards split grilles that I've seen from several automakers. There are some nice designs, but sooner or later it all ends up looking like a '79 Trans Am; and if you're not Burt Reynolds you can't pull that off.

I didn't include Edge and MKX! They should be 2010s...but there was no confirmation either. The Edge is still selling so well I doubt they'd axe it. MKX is not selling as well though.


I thought Mercury was getting the axe, but I guess not.

And what's gonna happen to the Navigator and the MKX?


Lincoln MKX is meeting sales goals and is significantly more profitable per unit than the Edge.

The Navigator sales are plummentting and it won't make it...in it's current form. The name recognition is strong so look for it to go away for one model year and come back radically different.

The Ka may just get a Mercury badge. Mercury's new lease on life will allow it to take a few chances...

The point of Mercury is to give Lincoln Mercury dealers enough sales AND service volume - a Lincoln dealer can't stand alone. Mercury brings some (not enough, but some) sales and service revenue.


It dosen't matter if they have one brand or three brands. If you make unattractive cars no one will be interested. Ford makes unattractive cars period.

Mercury is practically dead; it's a rarity on the streets, and the Canadian Mercury already flopped. The Mercury convertible would be interesting; it's Mercury first two door idea since the Marauder convertible concept.

Everett Rupert

I understand that the Lincoln MKX crossover is selling well, as has the Lincoln line of late.
What sems to be needed is a product line distinct from Ford division products and closer to provide a step between Ford and Lincoln products.


Does anyone know what the future for the MKX holds in 2010? I am trying to find out if there is going to be a Hybrid Model?

Richard Monaghan

Lincoln hybrid is a very nice car.
First 3000 miles mpg mixed driving 41 mpg.
Unfortunately Ford Motor is acting like an Insurance Company; so far not honoring Corporate incentive Coupon

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