Hummer Prices New H3T Truck


Not even a year ago, people were clamoring for a pickup truck version of Hummer’s smallest SUV to date, the H3. Now Hummer as a brand has a cloudy future as GM considers unloading it and its plummeting sales, which are down 40% so far this year with no sign of recovery. With that as the backdrop, we give you the starting price for the all-new 2009 Hummer H3T pickup: $30,750, not including $745 in destination charges. That’s almost $2,000 less than the starting price of the Hummer H3 SUV, which is currently enjoying a blockbuster $7,000 incentive.

Mileage figures aren’t official yet for the H3T, but we assume they’d be similar to the SUV’s 14/18 mpg city/highway. The H3T and Toyota Tacoma with a V-6 engine get roughly the same power, but the Tacoma gets roughly 3 mpg better fuel economy. The H3, however, has more offroad chops. The H3T Alpha with a V-8 engine is estimated at 13/16 mpg. Who thought we’d ever be talking fuel-efficiency and Hummer, but here we are.

The H3T comes out this September, assuming Hummer dealers’ doors are still open then.

By David Thomas | July 14, 2008 | Comments (15)



GM should put their 3.6L V6 with the six speed automatic in the H3 and H3T instead of the nasty 3.7L 5 cylinder and 4 speed.

Ken L.

I guess development went too far ahead for GM to scrap its intro. Maybe with the H3T, GM could command more for the brand if and when they choose to sell.


I am pumped that we are finally going to get a Truck that can hall and go offroad. This is what the Hummer brand has been missing until now. GM would be stupid to sell at this point. They have an untapped Luxury offroad truck that will put Chevy and Ford to Shame. Marketing will be critical for its success.


Looks good. Hope it does well.


Will this actually sell? Sucks for GM, a bad product at a bad time. Too bad it wasn't introduced years ago, when it was profitable...


Finally a Truck as durable as people require. The people who said LOL must not understand the value of a good truck. Hummer Haters, go back to work and flip some burgers.

Troy S.

Steve, they will have to flip burgers as a second job to keep gas in it.

No doubt..... it's a "Truck". The very type of vehicle consumers are running away from.

GM needs to dust off thier crystal ball.


Hummers are just re-skinned GM products.

Tahoes and Colorados.

Just because they have that boxy look doesn't make them any worse than the run of the mill vehicles that are already out there.

Trucks and SUV will sell to those who need trucks and SUVs.


Steve, the value of a good truck is what we used to have back long ago before these fat junks rolled their way here. True trucks without fat cabs and less space in the back and engines made soggy by unnecessary weight.


Leal, There are many reasons to drive different models of trucks. You may not appreciate this truck but there are many who do. I challenge you to go out and test drive one and then give your opinion on it. I happen to like a crew cab feel.


What is frustrating is how THIS is marketed as an actual alternative: expensive, bloated, it goes beyond functional and adds too much luxury and ostentatiousness, all while graciously adding a lovely sticker price; what happened to a basic yet strong truck? Crew cab is fine, but to be serious while promoting this vehicle is absurd.


Well I guess I'll find out how good this truck is, I have pre-ordered this truck from my local Hummer dealer. I didn't want just a normal run of the mill truck like everyone has. I work on vehicle bodys every day (30 yrs+ )and I like the way Hummer has built this one. This will be for my business.

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