Gas-Saving Moment of the Day: Low-Rolling-Resistance Tires


Automakers have begun to turn to low-rolling-resistance tires to boost fuel efficiency, and if you want to try and save a gallon or two per mile, you can make them your next set of replacement tires. Popular on hybrids, automakers are using them to up gas mileage across the spectrum. All of Ford's 2009 compact SUVs will come with low-rolling-resistance tires.

The tires basically use advanced compounds to make the material more flexible. This flexibility reduces resistance, and the tire uses less energy to move the vehicle. In addition to safety concerns, the tires can cost a bit more than conventional replacements. They will save you a bit of money over the long run, though. Michelin estimates that its low-rolling-resistance tires can save drivers 68 gallons of gas over a lifetime of regular use. At $4 per gallon, that's just over $270.

Reinventing Wheel Helps Fuel Efficiency (Detroit News)

By Stephen Markley | July 15, 2008 | Comments (6)



the escape already struggles for grip as it is. it has awful braking and handling is only adequate. adding low-rolling resistance tires is only going to make this worse.


"...and if you want to try and save a gallon or two per mile". It shoud be "...and if you want to try and save a mile or two per gallon".

15000mi; $4pg
@30mpg --> $2000
@31mpg --> $1935

over 4 years --> 65x4=$260

But the tires cost more as well. So, all, or most of your savings are gone.

financially these tires don't make any sence considering that you will get less safety and potentially run into finantial disaster, destroying a vehicle and/or lifes.

Environmentally they might make sence, if their production is not more environmentally demaqnding then production of the conventional tires.


You can save gas, AND die!
Being dead uses much less gas!
(Once the obligatory hearse ride has been taken.)

Mr. Mister

Another bad idea that will probably go the way of Ethanol - forced down our throats by the government.


I recently purchased Hankook H727 tires for my Civic. Great all-around tires, and they get slightly better gas mileage than my old ones. But the difference is negligible. When I look at Consumer Reports and Tire Rack user reviews of these low-rolling resistance tires, it seems they are much poorer than your average tire. If this is true, then there is no financial savings in getting these tires. Personally, when I am driving down in the rain, or the snow, I'd rather have the best traction. That's what tires are for. There are better ways to save MPG if that is your issue.

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