Gas-Saving Moment of the Day: Social Site Carpooling


Sure, Facebook and MySpace are great if you want to know that someone's favorite movies are “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Love Actually,” or that their favorite bands include Celine Dion (none of these examples are about me, by the way), but how about some information that helps you save gas?

Several social networking sites are trying to tap into the gas panic of 2008 by setting carpoolers up with each other. Sites like and allow drivers to match with passengers, using information that ranges from what kind of music you like to how much money you're willing to contribute to a driver.

The sites may still have some hurdles to overcome. After all, there is no enforcement agent except a gentlemen's (or ladies’) agreement. If you've got a specific destination in mind, though, it might not hurt to see who else is going your way.

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By Stephen Markley | July 11, 2008 | Comments (2)


Hey, thanks for the tip. Did a search on the second one and found one guy that does the same commute as myself. Unfortunately he leaves and comes home way too early for my work, but something like this could really work out if it grows.

Another good website to check out is this carpooling search engine at . It works just like google, very easy to use!

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