What Ford Will Look Like in 2010


This morning Ford announced a rather large loss in the second quarter of 2008 — $8.7 billion. Because the company needs to reassure stockholders and Wall Street of its future, Ford has detailed its product plans for the next two years in rather explicit detail. It seems dire economic times have broken through the secretive process Detroit automakers have had in place for decades. Check out our in-depth look at what products Ford will field in the next two years from Europe and North America, and if they’ll be worth the wait. We detail future Lincoln and Mercury products in a separate post.

Via Europe


2010-11 Ford Focus
In calendar year 2010, Ford will officially bring over the version of the Focus it sells in Europe. This is a higher-quality vehicle than what’s sold under the Focus name in the U.S. Ford says it will bring both the four-door sedan and the four-door hatchback over. Expect prices to be higher than the current Focus due to the cost of building a higher-quality product, and the fact that the Ford Fiesta — see below — will occupy the low-cost wrung of the lineup. The imported Focus will be a newer version of the car currently on sale in Europe, shown here.


2010 Ford Fiesta
We’ve been covering the release of this smallest of Ford cars for some time. Early reports of the gasoline engine used in Europe show mileage in the 39-mpg range, which would make this a big seller today in the U.S. Unfortunately, we’ll be waiting until calendar year 2010 for it to go on sale.


Unknown “White Space Vehicle”
Ford says it will bring a European “white space” vehicle to the U.S. in 2010. What the heck is a white space vehicle? Turns out Ford uses the term to describe small van-like vehicles. In Europe, Ford sells a Galaxy and S-Max that resemble the Mazda5 and Kia Rondo. The S-Max received rave reviews from the European press and may be the first vehicle of its kind from a major manufacturer. We’d put our money on the S-Max.


2010 Ford Transit Connect Van
This will be a vehicle meant more for commercial use. We’re not thinking it will have much impact on Ford’s bottom line.

Via North America


2009 Ford Flex
Ford’s answer to the minivan is already on sale and doing well according to most reports we’ve heard. It’s in the Cars.com fleet this week, but it’s too soon to come up with a definitive yea or nay on the Flex’s future in the U.S. On paper, it’s competitive on power and mileage with three-row crossovers from GM, Honda, Toyota and Mazda.


2009 Ford F-150
Ford has pushed back the launch of the redesigned F-150 until late fall 2008 to give dealers time to sell off stagnant inventory of the current F-150. There is employee pricing on the 2008s and other discounts. What was just six months ago a jewel in Ford’s cap at the Detroit auto show is now an albatross around its neck. However, if it ends up besting the competition it could still top a declining segment, as it has always been a successful seller.


2010 Ford Mustang
We’ve just learned that Ford will unveil the 2010 Ford Mustang at the 2008 Los Angeles auto show this November and it will go on sale in early 2009 to combat the recently redesigned Chevy Camaro. Unlike the Camaro, the Mustang will be a slight redesign of the current car with new design cues. Its success will probably be determined by what engines are used and whether the V-6 gets mileage that competes with front-wheel-drive alternatives. Most Mustangs sold are of the V-6 variety. A coupe, convertible and glass-top version will be available.


2009 Ford Escape and Escape Hybrid
There was no word of whether Ford would bring its exciting Kuga compact SUV from Europe for sale in the U.S. We believe that’s because the Escape has gotten tweaks to its transmission and looks over the past two years. The 2009 will be the most efficient Escape yet, and it still sells well. Why, then, would Ford need a Kuga before 2011? But today we’re talking only what Ford did announce. 


2010 Ford Taurus (2008 shown above)
The redesigned Taurus will go on sale in mid-2009; we’d expect it to debut in either Detroit in January or Chicago in February. This will be Ford’s first car sold with a new EcoBoost engine, which was previously aimed to deliver V-8 power with a turbo V-6. It was not originally intended for maximum fuel savings. Perhaps that has changed recently, as there has been enough time to tweak the engine before its launch. The car itself will be based on an updated version of the Volvo S80 platform, which also underpins the new Lincoln MKS. 


2010 Ford Fusion (2008 shown above)
An updated version of the Fusion will go on sale in early 2009. The car will get a mild redesign – think new grille and headlights — and revised engines, including a four-cylinder that Ford says will top Honda and Toyota. That’s curious wording, as the class leaders are the Hyundai Sonata and upcoming 2009 Chevy Malibu at 32 and 33 highway mpg, respectively.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
Ford will also drop the efficient hybrid system from its compact Escape Hybrid SUV into the Fusion sedan. Ford says fuel economy will top the Camry Hybrid. The Escape Hybrid gets a combined 32 mpg. The Camry gets a combined 34 mpg. We don’t find it a stretch that the Escape power plant in a sedan will exceed the Camry’s figures.


2010-11? Ford Explorer
The next Ford Explorer will indeed be a unibody, car-based vehicle, replacing the current F-150 truck-based version. The Explorer concept shown above debuted at this year’s Detroit auto show, and we’d guess the look of the production model will remain faithful to the well-received concept. While this is certainly the right way to build a large SUV in today’s market, we wonder if it will end up competing with the Flex to attract family buyers. We’d also guess Ford will still sell the current Expedition to satisfy buyers who need the capability of a truck-based SUV for towing.

By David Thomas | July 24, 2008 | Comments (25)
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That is a very ambitious business plan for a company that seems like they can't shoot straight! To execute so many new and updated models in 2 years seems beyond Ford's grasp, in my opinion. But I wish them luck - they need it!


don b, i agree! ford is way over their head. They think they can pull off miracles when a success would be nice! I dont think they are going to make another explorer. Some of the small cars are nice, but why so long before they get here? Just my opinion, i dont get the flex, and i think its ugly, it looks like a streched taurus. The plan is good, but can they they follow this plan

It's actually not "ambitious" it's a cost cutting maneuver. They will bring all small car R&D under one umbrella instead of two. With the exception of the Explorer all of these cars exist already.

The reason it is taking time to bring them to the states is due to lining up US suppliers for the parts and for retrofitting US factories to build them. I'm guessing it takes about a year to do that. The new Taurus is already done. Same with the Mustang.

I love "Euro" Ford. I think the cars the company sells overseas are immensely better than the ones sold in North America. If the automaker truly wants success, dump the "American" lineup and go for something more European. We need fuel efficiency with comfort and sport. Ford has the ability to produce, but so far everything has been a dud. Perhaps with the upcoming Focus and Fiesta, we'll see some turn around. Funny, this is precisely what Honda and Toyota did decades ago, and now all of the cars above (even in press releases) are compared to them. Come on Ford, catch up.


I think it's a good move if Ford can pull it off. The sooner the better for them as they can't wait two years for the next big thing. I think one area where, not all, but a lot of carmakers are missing the boat is that they don't offer higher end options in smaller cars or cars with the smallest engine option. Even some of the Japanese makes don't offer nav or leather unless you choose the V6 option. I understand them trying to make money on luxury option packages but to not offer them along with the more efficient engine is missing the mark.


I didn't realize the current Explorer was based on the F150, I thought it was based on a smaller platform.

This is a good move for Ford...maybe a few years late but what the heck. The Euro Focus and the Fiesta will be big sellers and will really help the bottom line. The C-Max/S-Max or whatever they call it could be good as long as it has good fuel economy. The Flex isn't doing too well but the newly designed explorer could. The need to add a small hybrid, i.e. a focus or fiesta hybrid.

According to Forbes - Ford says the a whitespace is an empty spot on the market and will be a vehicle that is not curretly being served by Ford.


I think Dave T. confused the Expedition with the Explorer. The basis of the Expedition is the F150 but the Explorer is unique to itself and the Sport Trac.

As far as I've heard the Flex is actually selling very well this early on.


I believe the earlier Explorers was based on a platform close to the Ranger. Not sure if that is still the case.

The Explorer seems small to use the F-150 platform.


Did you notice the the pic of the Transit had TAXI plastered on it.

There is a real dearth of cars that are good as taxis in the US. In places like New York it's very big market. Most cars, with the exception of the Crown Victoria, have not been able to stand up to the horrible roads in NYC.

If the Transit is tough enough, it could find a nice niche in the taxi business.


Not wishing to be pedantic, but the S-Max isn't really the same class as the Rondo and Mazda5. That segment is served by the Focus based C-Max. The S-Max (and Galaxy) are larger, being more Mondeo/Fusion sized. The S-Max in particluar is stunning though, and I'm pretty sure would be a big hit for those people looking for something larger than a Rondo but not GARGANTUAN like an Odyssey or Sienna.


One other thing I don't understand about Ford - what is taking the Fusion Hybrid so long? They are 18 months behind their competition, at a minimum. And I'm sure Fusion sales aren't great; a hybrid would surely give them a big boost. Why hasn't Ford put the Fusion Hybrid on the street yet?


To clarify names, the Transit Connect is the model being introduced here. The Transit is a full-size van like the M-B Sprinter.


I hope this plan works out. Ford of Europe has good cars coming its way. The U.S. should use a few of them, despite the economy, but that's not the case.

For the Transit Connect, I can see it becoming a taxi here in NYC. Those should AND BETTER replace the aging Crown Vic's, which cannot handle gas or the harsh roads.

For the Explorer, experts say the new Explorer would be in a crossover form, if the Explorer survives, in which I hope and think it will in my opinion.

The Fusion's been selling very well since it's production, but, what's taking the hybrid so long? The hybrid version could've been useful by now.

The F-150 looks good all around. This pickup will remain one of the best selling full-size pickups for years to come. The new distintive look will attract many.

The new Mustang will have more competition with the Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro. The Mustang will always remain a big seller and will always look good.

I haven't seen any of the Flex yet, but it will do much better than the Taurus X. Just give it time.

But what about the Edge? It's one of Ford's best sellers. They sold over 63,000+ of its models.

Reading of the materials that Ford has provided, I think the "whitespace" vehicle Ford is referring to is the C-Max. The S-Max is a stunner, but too large to slot into the lineup. Ford needs a smaller vehicle and the C-Max fills the bill.


I didn't think it was doing well because i heard they're cutting one of the shifts on the production line. I haven't seen sales figures yet and haven't seen any on the road yet.


lp. the explorer should die. not needed. but its not that simple. the nameplate is important, so they should kill sometime else, like the flex or taurus?
small suv-escape
mid size-edge
full sixe-expedition
that leaves explorer, flex, and taurus x


They were planning to but decided not to add a third shift to the Oakville plant. I haven't seen any sales results yet but didn't expect to see any since it's only been out on the market for a short time.

The Taurus X is going away at the end of the current model's lifecycle.


ok here s what i think when ford created the ford fusion the had gotten the car of the deade its stads out from all the rest and i think 20years from now its fusion will be a classic in term s of every one getting them back


"For the Transit Connect, I can see it becoming a taxi here in NYC. Those should AND BETTER replace the aging Crown Vic's, which cannot handle gas or the harsh roads." - L.P.

Actually the enduring popularity of the Crown Vic is BECAUSE they take an insane amount of abuse (I'm there with you on millage of course).

The average NYC Taxi has OVER a 1/4 million miles on it. This is in stop & go, midtown driving with a constant rotation of drivers. Maintenence is often delayed as long as possible to maximize income. So yeah you're average NYC Crown Vic looks like trash, but consider for a moment what a more "normal" car would look like under a similar routine.

We'll find out soon enough though, because NYC has finally lifted the obscure TLC regs that prevented 90% of the vehicle market from being converted to taxis.

Last trip to NY, I saw a Camry Taxi.
Let the games begin.


Is it just me or does the Explorer concept look like the newly redesigned Honda Pilot??

Will their be a 2010 Hybrid MKX and how can I get more information on the future of the MKX?


The Fusion Hybrid is taking so long because of supplier issues. And even when it does finally come out, there will be very limited quantities, i.e the Escape Hybrid. There will be a bit of a mark-up on the Fusion Hybrid as it will be a bit rare when it first drops. Ford is doing some incredible things finally, if you don't believe me take a trip to your local dealership and take a look. When this new lineup hits showroom floors, they will have a VERY solid lineup.

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