Diesel Ford Fiesta Gets 63 MPG


When the all-new Ford Fiesta comes to the United States in 2010, it most likely won’t come with a diesel engine at all. That’s too bad, because today Ford announced the UK version of the Fiesta with a 1.6-liter turbodiesel engine that will get a combined 63 mpg (converted from 76.3 imperial mpg) in both two- and four-door hatchback versions.

Ford is calling the diesel Fiesta the cleanest car in England, producing just 98 grams of CO2 per kilometer driven. One figure we’ve seen says the average in Europe is 160 grams of CO2 per kilometer driven, with a voluntary industry standard of 140 grams per kilometer set for 2008, which doesn’t seem to have been met. Obviously, the bigger the vehicle the more emissions it will have.

We wrote about the possible gasoline engine intended for the U.S. Fiesta getting 38.9 mpg. Today’s figures make that number seem paltry in comparison.

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By David Thomas | July 22, 2008 | Comments (34)
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Great mileage but those are some NASTY plastic wheel trims ruining the look of that poor Fiesta!


I guess my question is this: Why wouldn't they bring this car to the US? It's a new, high-quality small car that gets great mileage. This sounds like just what Ford (and GM, for that matter) need! So why keep the good small cars out of the US, as they have for many years??


Agreed, those plastic rims are atrocious!

I wonder if not getting this in the U.S has anything to do with Ford's plan to make the Mercury brand into a small car/economy brand. Just read where they're plan is to produce 6 new small car/ high mpg vehicles and make them under the Merc name using current Ero models. I could see this as being one of them.

This will be a ford. We've covered it extensively. Ford will announce plans on Thursday as to future products for other brands. I wouldn't speculate too much on Mercury until then.

to clarify, the non-deisel will be a U.S. Ford.

I could see them making U.S. versions of the Ka or the C-Max and possibly hybrid versions of the fiesta and focus and giving them the mercury nameplate.

They could also decide to kill it entirely now that the Lincoln/Mercury dealers are all consolidated...we'll have to wait and see.

Rumor is that Mercury will be the "saturn" brand for Ford. Know more on Thursday.

Yeah, that rumor has been so far removed from the actual story that broke the news of ford bringing euro models to the U.S. it's not even funny. Hence, why we wait for facts ;)


Great MPG. Probably real slow, and that's why they won't bring it here. What a shame.


Are you surprised Ford is not bringing the diesel Fiesta to the US? Not me! Whatever makes business sense will be available in other countries only. Meanwhile back in the USA, Ford, GM, and Chrysler are trying to dictate to us that we need gas guzzlers. That's why they are in trouble.


Sorry I misunderstood. I didn't relize it was going to be a diesel. It would actually be a great car to have here in the states. I said it would be slow but I think I was wrong. Maybe i'm slow or just stupid.


If you're going to use my name, at least learn to spell.

Hey Red, you should take your own advice. There are four spelling / grammar errors in your post. So there.

Diesel is dead in the UK. Twelve months ago petrol cost 80p (40 cents) a gallon. Diesel was cheaper. July 2008 petrol costs £5.22 ($10.45) a gallon - diesel costs £5.90 ($11.90) a gallon. People are getting rid of siesel vehicles not buying them. Bad timing Ford


Erm, Capeplates, I don't think you could have been more wrong, both in terms of historical gas prices in the UK and also the popularity of Diesel. There is a reason that most new car launches in the UK have more diesel options than gas, and there is also no deception in the fact that well over 50% of new vehicle sales there are Diesel vehicles.

Weirdly, i don't think the difference in price between gas and diesel is as big there as it is here, in terms of percentage.


agreed. as an american living in london, i observe that most people who can afford the moderately higher up-front cost of a diesel do so. i am told by the 'locals' that they last longer and get much better milage, which makes paying more for them a little easier to justify.
and for the record, petrol was never 80p a gallon here, it was around 85p a LITER (4.54 liters in a gallon, and roughly 2 to 1 currency exchange equals closer to 7 dollars per gallon).


yeah, the diesel argument is actually easier to win in england than it is in the states. there it only cost 10% more than gas, but the owners will typically see 40ish% better fuel economy.

Mark Pilbeam

If you like me want to express your discontent with the CEO of Ford Motor Mr. Allan Mulally, you can email him at amulally@ford.com

Dear Mr. Mulally:

I recently found out about Ford’s announcement of the “new” Ford Fiesta Diesel and the fact that Ford is not going to be offering this product in the US.


My comments to you Mr. Mulally is you have got to be kidding that you are not offering this product in the US.

You are struggling to make Ford Motor Company into a profitable business as it once was.

You company is getting kicked around by the Japanese automakers.

The oil companies have killed your profitable SUV and Truck sales here in the US, which is mainly why Ford is in the shape that it’s in. This business is not coming back as long as fuel is near $.4.00 per gallon. Unless you can get the mileage in the high 20’s to 30 mpg we aren’t buying these vehicles again.

Other than the Focus, which is getting half of the mileage as this new car can you have nothing to offer us Americans that can cut our fuel bills.

Now you have a chance to offer the American public something that in my mind would be as huge as when Ford introduced the model T and for some unknown reason you don’t want to offer it in the US?

For a CEO that doesn’t want to take and introduce this to the US. Your company must be looking out for the oil companies if you don’t introduce this product. These are the same people that from what I can see can care less if Ford lives or dies. They haven’t looked out for your company as they been the major reason that we aren’t buying your profitable products any longer. Why protect them by not introducing this product, they are not looking out for you?

I am going to tell you one thing, we American’s will be very upset with The Ford Motor Company if you don’t introduce this car to the US. You have a chance to be #1 in the US and if you don’t take this opportunity, when I need a new car it will be Japanese and not Ford. I am loyal to the US car makers, but if you are not going to look out for us then my loyalty will stop and I and many other Americans will be changing our views and we won’t care if The Ford Motor Company is in business or not.

RETHINK YOUR DECISION. It may be the best or worst decision that you make as a CEO of The Ford Motor Company.

I and many Americans are waiting to see what you plan to do. I can assure you that we will tell all of our friends and family via email of your decision. When we look for a new car we can either look out for your company or decide that our loyalty is gone as your company obviously can care less about us. We need this product in the US, which is a much larger market than Europe is. I urge you to reconsider this decision.

Thank You,

Your name


Diesel faces several hurdles in the US. Purchase price of vehicles so equipped is higher, routine maintenance costs are higher (more oil, more expensive filters, more frequent oil and fuel filter changes, cold weather fuel additives, etc), fuel cost is higher, fuel is less readily available, fuel is messier. Add public perception of noise, odor, and poor acceleration, coupled with US emission standards few Euro-diesels can currently meet, and you have a vehicle that sounds great on paper that few people will actually buy. Keep in mind that "your mileage may vary" when you read that 63 mpg rating - it's the steady-state European test rating. US EPA test results are typically 30% lower (or more) IF the vehicle can even pass the US emissions test. If it were offered here I'd definitely give it a look, but I'm one of the few in the US buying demographic who prefers a subcompact car with little equipment. As far as the automakers forcing products upon us that we don't want (i.e. "we really want the small stuff but they don't offer it"), check out the hit you take on resale value if you have a manual trans or don't have A/C. They offer what sells to the masses, and the rest of us are kidding ourselves if we think a representative of the average buyer.


I think Honda has the worst record of getting rid of their high mpg cars here in the states although the civic can get 43 mpg if you know what to do to it. Honda stopped making the highest mpg cars made
" insite" the HX and the VX.

Ok yeah 63 mpg combined for diesel thats about the same as the Euro Version BUT! the Gas is only going 2 get 38 mpg when the Euro version gets 55 MPG that IS CRAZY! WERE DID THE 17 MPG GO!? Can you say Oil companys paying off this crap WHAT IS GOING ON FORD!? You have the chance to make a power move and sweep the auto industry but NOOOOO.... The New Fiesta Is a sweet little car and this car COULD be a huge part in turning this Economy Around! Please Ford Dont let politics Destroy This Great CAR PLEASE DONT!

Go to the Url Above To see the Euro Stats PLEASE SPREAD THE WORK B.S. IS GOING TO KILL THIS CAR!

Phil Paunxitauney

The action of Ford doesn't surprise me in light of their desire to sell the biggest gas guzzlers in the world and also the ones which generate the largest profit! I am sure that,in light of the ever increasing fuel prices,small,economical will sell. I recemtly drove a rented Honda Accord 5000 miles and averaged over 32mpg.on the hwy. We used to have a Plymouth Horizon which I drove over 300k miles and it got in the upper 30s mpg. but they said that there was no demand for it.The truth is that there is over 50% profit on suv's and trucks. We are sold what the companies and Madison Ave.want us to buy.As to cold weather operation of diesels,I operated and drove many diesels in Michigan and with todays technology,diesels are as easy to start as gas. When gas gets to $20/gal.maybe then people will wake up!

Bob Davis

Ford shoots itself in the foot again and where do there come off thinking that they now understand the AMERICAN MARKET not providing the diesel engine in the Fiesta? Think again!

Phillip Brand



Ford cant sell a deisel car in america, or any company unless the our government approves of it. The environmentalist have made it hard for any company to just make anything. It has to past ozone test, that is why OMC corp. Johnson/Evenrode had to close/sell, they didnt have the money pay for government regulations and tests to keep their company. Ford just cant bring it here unless it past the environmentalist ozone award.


As far as I know, most of the diesel gas that comes to the US is imported, so it is not going to be a great business for our economy.


How stupid people are to think ford didnt want to bring the deisel car over here, I cant believe there is no common sense anymore. Dont you people here of the enviromentlist? The people that dont wont you to have a big car or freedoms to use gas, They ride on big ships and planes, but make us drive small cars to conserve. use some common sense


Many good comments posted. let me put a plug in for our 2010 Honda Civic hybrid. we regularly get 47 mpg in CO-where elevation hurts mileage. Wasn't cheap ($25K price range), probably at today's fuel cost the payback would take more than a decade, but if prices spike to $4. look for keener interest in small cars. think Europeans are willing to tolerate more spartan, fuel efficient small cars. Not fun to drive on our interstates with the average car double the size. in Europe the average size is small. some big trucks going down the road, but not like every vehicle is bigger than you.

I have a ford diesel i run it on waste oil it rocks


Why the @#$%! won't ONE of these car companies bring an economy diesel to the US? It seems obvious that even if diesels were as noisy as they were in the 70's/80's - which they aren't - budget-minded drivers would still buy them. By Grabthar's hammer, sooner or later a car company is going to break free from whatever group-think is responsible for this and they will be a winner.


Screw american brand cars with diesel. I am buying a VW. Politics and whatever is the reason. I will not wait

Pat McCarthy

I have a 09 VW jetta Diesel. I do oil and filter changes every 10,000 miles. I now have 35,000 miles on the car with no other charges except for wind shell wipers. It starts quicker than my gas VW passat and we get an avg. of 42 MPG on the Highway. It also runs with any traffic we run into(as in at any speed) I would buy another in a heart beat if I could afford it. I"ve written letters to FMCo. about their Diesel ford and I'm told it ain't going to happen. well, till it does, I ain't buying another ford. I don't do GM or Crisler so what's left? you build what you want too, but, I'll buy what I want too and as bad as it sounds, it ain't American. So who needs to get their head out of their A**. besides politicians, American car manufacturers, that's who!!

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