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With gas prices setting new records every other day and large SUVs becoming the lepers of the car market, GM has the pleasure of introducing to the driving public the new 2008 Hummer H2. Sure, it's more efficient than, say, lighting a barrel of gasoline on fire, but that's clearly not what consumers are looking for. Expert reviewer Mike Hanley took the H2 for a spin (hoping the whole time he wouldn’t be spotted by anyone he knew). Read his full review below.

2008 Hummer H2 Review

By Stephen Markley | July 17, 2008 | Comments (19)


John H.

Ok, I have some beef with the way the Hummer Brand is perceived. The Ford Expedition and Chevy Tahoe get the same if not worse gas mileage than my Hummer H2. I get 12-14mpgs. There are high octane sports cars that get 10mpgs and people want to give me crap about my Hummer. It is lack of knowledge or pure jealousy. Get over it!


Well John, you wouldn't understand hatred for the Hummer because you have no clue here. Lack of Pure jealousy....what's to be jealous of? Many of us actually hate any and all big SUV's, and the people that drive them. So perhaps it's you that should get over it, sell your gas guzzling heap of metal and drive something economical. Hope that's not asking too much.


hey now. i understand John. at my work i love how when people see me driving a Range Rover somewhere and we stop and talk their all like dude your loaded and such. but yet, it gets the same gas mileage, over-priced AND breaks down like theres no tomorrow.

So why does the Range Rover get the "your rich" thing while the Hummers get the "YOUR KILLING THE ENVIRONMENT!" thing? I would really like to know.


John H: I personally want to thank you. You see, I had all this money just burning holes in my pocket. Now, thanks to people like you and all the other egotistical idiots that bought these obscene gas hogs, It will cost me about 900 to 1000 bucks every time the oil truck delivers my heating oil. That's to heat my 1400 sq. ft. split.

You are correct, the revulsion should not be reserved for JUST Hummer owners. ALL buyers of ALL the gargantuan has hogs should be viewed with equal disdain.


The reason you're paying more for heating oil is

1. The speculators driving the price up.
2. OPEC reducing production
3. The weak American dollar.
4. Increased demand in developing countries, China, and India for example.

We could all be driving Toyota Corollas and we'd still be paying $4 a gallon.

Troy S.

I see nothing wrong with a Hummer if you actually "need" one. What percentage of people only buy what they truly need in a vehicle?


Hey John, the "gas hog" sentiment goes for all large SUVs, not just the Hummer. Although the Hummer does carry an extra stigma because they are usually operated by, well, look in the mirror.

And Peppy, nobody thinks your loaded because you own a Rover, they think your loaded because you can afford the repair bills of the least reliable vehicle on the US Automotive market. Besides, you can buy a one year old Range Rover for the same price as a loaded Corolla. Range Rovers aren't "all that".


and what does a Hummer H2 offer than other fat SUVs cannot offer? and what can an SUV offer that a minivan cannot offer?

It's okay to admit one wants something for the imagined image it may represent! just stick to your guns and admit it.

btw John H., sports cars that get 10 mpg at least boast some of the most advanced technology bits, as well as achieve amazing feats of speed and handling.



I'd say the H2 offers the same thing as your argument for sports cars that get 10 mpg...the difference is that it takes place in the dirt, not some club track. Look at for example.

BTW, no one was complaining when Hummer owners were helping out folks who were stranded by the floods this spring in the midwest.


John, I have to agree with you. The Stigma about the H2 really brings out the bad side it people. They hate them because they can't afford them. KJ sounds like a hick who has nothing better to do than downgrade other people and their vehicles. He is probably driving a Kia Spectra. hahaha


No, we dont hate them because we can't afford them. I could easily afford one. We hate them because their owners think they own the world and lack respect for anyone and anything outside of themselves.

That's why we hate them. :)

And the only thing I ever put a note saying "you're destroying the world" was on an Excursion even when gas was $2.20/gal in California even though anything over 4,000 pounds deserves that note.


Did OPEC really reduced production?


Yup, that's why they were over there negotiating with OPEC to increase production last month.

They own the taps they control the flow of crude. Which means they control how much revenue they can make.



i've hung out with people who live and breathe mudding/ rolling around in the dirt. they all have real trucks. rally cars have the technology of running in dirt as well. other than quickly destroying natural beauty with its big footprint, Hummers (and most other large SUV's) in the average person's hands still represents mostly the "bling" factor (does the "H" actually stand for "hung like a hamster?")

so, again, don't be ashamed to want something for the image that you perceive it to possess; just need to be man enough to take it all, both the positive AND the negative perception/ biases people have.



You sure they did reduced production while not we are asking for more?


I think all you folks are screwed up!

What we should do is all convert back to Horse & Buggy. This way we can satisfy the Hummer Haters as well as make the green lovers feel like they are contributing to saving the planet. Although, I do think that previous Hummer owners should be riding Stallions and the Hummer haters should be riding Jackass's.

Who's in? Lets convert back to Horse and Buggy!

Oh, and just think, there will be no more speeding tickets and no more points on your Drivers License. For those who absolutately love to regulate and be control freaks, we can put points on your Drivers License if your Horse/Jackass poops on the road. Sound good?!?!?

Ah what a interesting read.

I don't think it is an environmental issue at all rather a "mine's bigger than yours" contest.

What are you all compensating for?


I have read all the previous comment's BUT what about the people that need these larger veh's... I pull trailer's, I work on a farm, I drive in the snow storm's & need 4x4, I haul kid's to all there sports and 80% of my travels are on grid roads......Do you think the little eco car's will work for me?????


Well firstly, an H2 really isn't that big inside, so your kids will thank you for buying something more space efficient and fuel efficient. Interior space int he rear of an H2 does not match that of it's exterior dimensions.

Secondly, you are not a typical H2 buyer. People are rallying against this vehicle because 90% ar ebought by people living in big cities like here in Chicago where you do not need that kind of off-road ability etc. It's just an exercise in conspicuous consumption.

Talking of which, has anyone else seen that awful new ad for the Cadillac DTS? It's preaching the kind of arrogance and 90s thinking i thought had largely died out in this country recently...

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