Suzuki Bows Out of Detroit Auto Show


Suzuki is the second automaker to pull out of next year’s Detroit auto show in January. The company says there isn’t enough space in Cobo Hall to meet its needs. Porsche didn’t show up at last year’s show, but didn’t cite space concerns. It said Detroit wasn’t a market it needed to be in.

Even though Suzuki is a relatively small player in the automotive industry, this is still a sign that Detroit is no longer the “must-see” car show in the country. Recently New York, Los Angeles and Chicago have grown in size and importance. With the web greatly expanding media coverage, a single splash in Detroit to draw global news organizations is no longer the name of the game.

What do you think? Does it matter to you if Detroit is no longer the premier auto show on the circuit, or are you following all four of the big shows equally?

Suzuki to skip auto show (Detroit News)


Suzuki has some really neat small cars that they would have success with if sold in the U.S. Would they be missed at Detroit? No. Is Detroit the premier show? Somewhat. Over the last few years NY, Chicago and LA have been stealing it's thunder.

Ken L.

No offense to residents of Detroit, but since we are talking about International auto shows, most people would tend to associate Detroit’s with the big three (GM, Ford and Chrysler). Therein lays the problem since the US is a major market for most auto manufacturers. Just like the United States, the LA, Chicago and New York auto shows are all in major cities with a very diverse population with jobs ranging from finance to construction. The LA show can cover the West coast with vehicles that appeal to them more, Chicago’s can cover Middle America and New York’s could debut vehicles for the East Coast. I see Detroit’s show losing its significance more and more, thus becoming just another local auto show attended by their residents. Chicago’s will most likely grow as it absorbs some of Detroit’s offerings.


ive been to the detroit and the la shows. the la show is a fantasitic show, fun, well laid out, great convention center, great show, detroit only has its eroding reputation going for it, the show itself sucked...

Adam Sylvester

Cobo Hall is small for a large event such as the Auto Show. If they were to expand Cobo like they have talked about for the last 5+ years, than the Detroit Auto Show would regain the top spot as the must see auto show. People around the world relate cars to Detroit, not to just the Detroit 3.


Geez, am I the only one that doesn't miss Suzuki in the show? I only miss them for giving me the gigantic umbrella.

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