Recall Alert: VW's New 2009 Tiguan, 2008 Passat Wagons


Volkswagen has had reliability issues in the past, which is why when a new model hits dealerships it should probably be free of defects early on, or potential buyers may look for the nearest Honda dealership. That seems to be the immediate reality surrounding VW’s new Tiguan compact SUV. Yesterday, VW issued a recall of the Engine Control Module, which could cause an engine surge when the A/C is on. The same problem applies to 2008 Passat wagons.

VW says there is no problem as long as the A/C isn’t on. Owners driving around in the middle of summer may disagree. VW is acting appropriately and is inspecting and replacing damaged units. Owners are urged to bring them into a dealer immediately. To make up for the inconvenience, VW is throwing in a complimentary car wash and fill-up of gas if owners schedule their inspection by Aug. 30.

There is also a hold on Tiguan and Passat sales until all the modules are inspected. The all-new SUV is just reaching dealers now, and you can find them in’s new-car inventory. VW says only 4,000 models are either on the lots or on the road. Shoppers should still be able to purchase a new Tiguan or Passat from a dealer that has inspected the part, just make sure to ask first.

It sounds like the company really wants to make the problem go away quickly so it won’t stain the Tiguan’s release.

Volkswagen recalling 2008 Passat and 2009 Tiguan (MotorTrend)

By David Thomas | June 12, 2008 | Comments (13)


I wish I had gotten free gas and a wash the several times I had to bring my '01 Passat in for recalls. But what's even better is no recalls to begin with.


its a shame the vw seems to always have this problem. my delaership where i get my honda services splits as vw, and i look at them often. they are very nice vechicles. Just everything i go for a basic oil change for my honda i hear a vw owner coming in with literally, and no joke, a list on problems from noises to lights going on, and on and on. Vw is underperforming miserally, and its a shame.


one last point, the past couple of years vw has actualy scored higher than HONDA in car scores according to the consumer reports annuel auto edition. Reliabilty is what kills them, like I said before, and its because in my opinion at least, because they are building them in mexico, at lot of them at least. Go figure, a german company building in mexico, we all know that countries of origin means nothing anymore

I was so close to buying a passat wagon.Is it for 4cyl or VR6?


Honda,Toyota,GM,Chrysler,Ford assemble cars in Mexico as well. Further, Honda has motorcycle a plant.

Sound Engineering practices will work anywhere as long as management can execute. The Toyota Production System as well as Honda's version are not country dependent.


this is a fairly serious problem. but what sets VW apart from the others is that they caught it before the problem became to widespread and people were hurt. VW doesnt sell THAT many Passat Wagons, so it was probably around the same number as the Tiguan.

all makes have recalls. remember the long string of recalls from Toyota last year?


My local Acura/VW dealer recently built a separate waiting room for the VW customers due to the VW customer complaints. I have my TL serviced there for basic maint like oil changes and inspection. I wouldn't own a VW if it was given to me.


I don' think most people who has so far posted have owned a VW and are only seen from experience of watching others complain. Does it not occur to you that the only people in the dealership complaining would be the the people that actually are having big issues? Its not like going to the service department of any dealership is going to give you a good insight on customer percieved reliability as a whole. I know many people who have owned VW's to 100,000 and beyond, with only scheduled maintainence and recalls.

And about them "underperforming," most issues that made reliability ratings so bad were the last generation of cars, and while not perfect, the current model lineup has shown to be no more troublesome than any other brand.

Too many people who end up with the problems in their VW's don't understand that cars don't stay new forever and that a VW isn't a luxury car. They think because it has a nice interior and is more refined that somehow they don't have to do proper maintainence, or that its going to stay minty fresh forever. Too many complaints I've seen people have are after they used cheap motor oil (or took it in to a Jiffy Lube place that botched the job) or they're complaining about buzzes and rattles that noone else can hear but them, then they're angry because the dealer can't fix it because no one else can actually hear the noise.Its not a luxury car. If you want a bubble of no noises and no rattles, shell out the extra 20 grand for your Lexus and stop complaining.

Even the 2006 Toyota Camry I drive as a company car has developed rattles and shakes everytime I drive over cracks in the road. The only good thing is that the Camry won't die on you if you neglect it,it will just limp around, but a VW needs to be taken care of.

Btw, building in Mexico doesn't have an effect on the quality. If you knew anything about what you were talking about, you would know that. This myth has been discussed before and debunked. Bottom line is, most people I know who have taken care of their VWs have never had a problem with theirs.

This story made me go research the Tiguan on Interesting, no picture and very little info.


2009 Tiguan, Europe's SUV of the year? Recallin 2008. What a thrill.


Bob has a good point. A VW will be just as reliable as any other car if you go through with maintinence like you are supposed to.

i bet that most of the people that complain about engine issues, etc. dont carry out oil changes or (for cars w/turbo's) use premium like they should.

We haven't drive one yet but go here for more info:


I have a 2009 Tiguan, I love the car. Same class as the Rav4 and CRV, and its just a much better car. I have a friend with a 2008 Rav4 and another friend with a 2007 CRV, and they both would much rather have my car. I have the SE model, with heated seats on comfort cloth. Extremely comfortable, and its quick, much faster than its peers. It seems like a reliable car I am only at 5000 miles, I think VW had problems with some cars in 2001-2003, but its gone now. Great car.

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