Recall Alert: 2009 Dodge Journey


This is not good news for Chrysler and its Dodge brand. Its most successful recent launch, the Dodge Journey crossover is being recalled due to a faulty wire harness that can lead to electrical malfunctions.

Chrysler is recalling 6,692 of the V-6 equipped 2009 Journey crossovers. The harness can rub against the transaxle mount, possibly leading to numerous electrical problems. The company says there have been no injuries or accidents reported related to the recall. If you own a four-cylinder version of the Journey, it is not part of the recall.

Owners will be notified as early as this month. Inspections and repairs will be conducted at no cost.

Chrysler recalls 6,692 Dodge Journeys

By David Thomas | June 17, 2008 | Comments (114)
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Can you say quality... This is the exact reason why Chrysler is in deep s**t. First, they build all gas guzzlers. Second, they finally have a hit and now recall.

After owning a journey for a couple of months I see why there is a recall. Before you buy think seriously. It's not all what its cracked up to be.


I bought a new Journey in June so far I have had a strut changed on the right side and the seats are terrible, no durability what so ever. Water leave stains on the seat have had them steam clean the seats and they are the same. Does anyone else have the same problems. Time we stand up!!!!


If recalls are a measure of quality then nobody makes a good car.


i had my journey since mar 2008. and i have taken it in to the dealership about 20 times already. first it was knocking but they say all journeys knock. than the wiring also my windshield makes a vibrating noise. they said the fix it but it's still they same way. the i could not make a left turn because it would get struck so then i left the my car at the dealership they fixed it but then it happen to the right side. now i was driving on the highway going about 45 mph and it didn't want to go any faster and my rpm was at 7000 already. i hate this damm truck already.

Cecelia Campbell

My daughter bought a 2009 Journey, what a piece of junk. Nothing but problems and the dealer Larry Miller wants nothing to do with them. Says it's normal wear and tear, oh let's see to replace your brakes every 5000 miles and your steering goes groan when you turn so the dealership said (just don"t turn sharp).


I bought a Journey in October of 2008. What a piece of crap!!! I have had to have both iner and outer tye rods replaced 3 times already. Also 3rd time replacing breaks and rotors!! Also had wiring problem for passenger window that the service fixed!! They fixed the window and then did not tighten down the door handle and had to take it back in for that, and they screwed it up again!!! My sales guy was awesome but service sucks at Ziegler!!!
I regret buying this car!!!


I have to agree with most of you, it is a piece of crap..all I have had is problems since I purchased my 2009 Journey, I've had the car replaced brakes twice and I'm about to do it again..had problems with the steering wheel too...besides elecrical.. we should call BBB and let them know...


Oh my me and my husband bought our 2009 Journey in April 2009 and we have been to the dealership more times then we can remember and we thought we were crazy cause all the problems we have had they say it's normal or that they can't find nothing wrong with it!! But now we know were not crazy cause you all are having almost every single problem we have had.


I mean i understand there a peice of crap, but really, its not even 7000 cars affected...toyotas was how many


Yeah, Toyota has millions... but they do something about it even with one.... I think that brakes on the car are extremely important and Dodge should consider the fact that rotors and brakes do not go out every 4000 to 5000 miles... That is pure inferior quality material and craftsmanship.... This is how a company gets a bad rap especially when there is a fatality involved...


I just bought a used Journey SE 2009, and I have a major issue with the seats staining. Yes water stains the seats and leaves a ring stain. I have tried it all to clean it and it just makes it worse. Has anyone had any success with anything to clean the water rings off of the seats?


Well it is good to see that I can take in something when I go back to the dealership yet again for my 09 journey pos! I live in rural norther Alberta, we have 4 young girls and I drive aprox 4700kms/ month for work, the kids and basic errands. So far the problems that I have had with our car are:
-when washed or wet roads abs light comes on
-19" rims cannot handle slush, snow, ice or mud go off balance and vibrate so severly if left that car shuts down and anti skid kicks in was needing to get out and scrape out rims with pot scrubber ( lots of fun when -20 or colder on side of hwy) fixed issue by putting spacers on to correct offset and using 17" jeep rims
-had 3 batterys freeze due to placement of them in the wheel well, one was chisled out after an hr at a dealership that I was towed to as the mechanics laughed about dodge selling California cars in nothern Canada...
-blew two tires at less than 10000k on sidewall defects that I was told was drivers abuse 317$ and 4-6 week wait per tire
-at 80,000kms rear break calipers seized blowing my back tire as I was driving down the hwy had to change tire and manuly un jam caliper w tire iron and use gears only no breaks to drive 2 hrs home.... Another 4 week wait on breaks and calipers 
-all 4 breaks were changed in dec apon arrival
now one rear caliper seized up again and both back breaks need to be changed as of today July 4. 
-seats were scotch guarded and still stain w anything from water to juice and more... 
-drivers door lock now manual locking/unlocking only keyless entry does not work 
-passenger window hesitates and jams sporaticly
-power drain somewhere that dealership cannot find... If left not run for 2+ days bat is dead. 
Was really hoping for a reliable family wagon when I bought this to replace my 6.2 deisel suburban that I owned and so far absolutly DETEST the journey! I do not recomended it to anyone as a full time car! Dealership repeatedly tell me it's just wear issues and drivers error or from driving on gravel or bumpy rds.... Welcome to northern Canada! All of our rds are all if the above... Would love to find something that I can trade this pos in on soon! Glad to hear I'm not crazy but sorry that so many if us got so hopefull over this vehicle and got shafted in the process! 


dont buy a 2009 journey dodge major problems with the brakes, locking of doors, and starting issue i only bought this in aug 2009 brand is not helping the matter to fix it they only argue with you on this .check for 2009 recalls.

chris sayegh

in december of 2009 i bought a 2010 dodge journey. its been nothing but problems. if i go over 60 mph it shakes. my brakes go all the way to the floor and even when i slam on them the car does not stop. it f**ken rediculous. my dealer is telling me everything is normal. but im scared to drive the vehicle


I have a 2009 Dodge Journey and had to replace the brakes after just 15,000 miles, Who does that??? IT is unreal, I refused to pay the money at the dealership and they tried to put them back on, as I went across the street to get a better deal, I left my brakes in the dealers parking lot and HAD to go back in. They gave me a better price, but now at 20,000 miles, I NEED ALL NEW TIRES! I'm currently scared to drive this car! But, I love the size, love the options and love love the stereo, my kids love it too. so, hopefully, the brakes dont go out again, after I spend a ton to get new tires.

Saint Marcos

Bought 2009 SXT Journey in April of last year -- Never an issue with it until just now when the Sirius radio went out -- I just had to renew the subscription. :)

But seriously, 17k miles, with not a single issue, never had a single issue & haven't been to the dealership since the purchase. Never a seat stain that didn't clean up easy, so I don't get people here's issue w/that(and we have 3 kids). The only con is that the 3rd row is JUST for kids -- Don't plan on driving 6 adults around in this thing.

Big Wig

The overall problem with the Journey can be easily solved. Don't ever buy this junk again. I had a Pacifica prior to this and it was, actually, still is, a great car. Journey is French for "junk".

Marianne Silva

I am in awe at the comments. I have a 2009 Dodge Journey & there is always a problem....I have gone through tires, just had brakes & rotors that came with car are worn dashboard looks like the Las Vegas least 2-3 lights are always lighting up for something!!! The passenger door lets rain water in..the sun visors broke along with the sunglass holder lid. It makes a horrible noise if you turn wheel all the way (I was told this is normal, yet none of all my cars ever did this). The wiring in the ignition has broken already & prevented the car from there is a RECALL!!!! Are you kidding me?? Time for a long letter to the BBB!!!! I am fed up!!

Nevada Tharpe

I bought a used 2009 Journey in 2010 i got a good price on it so I thought I have had a few similar problems like ever one else, like the passenger window not working, the stains on the seats, the passenger window not working, the passenger rear body panel coming loose, the vibration while braking, the noise in the dash, the lack of power for the gas mileage, and the list goes on and on, I wish i would stuck to my roots and bought a GM like i was raised up on any one have any fixes to any of these probles please send me an email @ I'm pissed

DeAnn F

I am so glad to know that I am not crazy in reference to my 2009 Dodge Journey. Purchased the car in Feb 2009, at 32,000 miles took to dealership for steering wheel making noise when turning to the left, they couldn't check it becuase the breaks were to dangerous they say. So I take it somewhere else and sure enough I need new pads and roters at 32,000 miles. At 40,000 miles finally figured out that the noise in steering was bearings going out. Of course not covered under warranty. At 55,000 miles breaks are out again have to replace pads and roters again. Dealership says normal wear and tear but the problem all along was has been parking brake sticking so is causing the brakes to wear fast. Took to brake shop they said it was not the parking brake that it was the calibers, so they adjusted them. Still not covered under warranty by dealership. At 57,000 miles car starts smelling bad so I try to figure out why my car smells like a swamp and it has standing water in the rear floor compartment. Start checking and the whole carpet is saturated with water. Take to dealership and they find that the groument in the firewall is malfunctioned, so to get new carpet and groument put in it is almost $1500, to replace, of course not covered by warranty. This is insane. Spoke to everyone at dealership just normal wear and tear. Sick of hearing normal wear and tear.


I am glad I am not the only one with problems. This is the first NEW car I purchased and I'm full of regret. Since purchasing my 09 journey in august 09 my car has had various " actuators " go out. The rear passenger door stopped locking and makes an aweful rattling noise I took it in to get it replaced and when I drove off the lot it was still broken. The worst part is that the car is shutting off while I am driving it. It first happened about 6 months ago around the same time I was having the issue with the door lock. They told me it was " probably " the door lock causing the car to stall. I thought that was riddiculus so now its been a few months and the car is shutting off frequently again. I took it in AGAIN and now they're telling me I need to have the throttle body cleaned and my air cleaner replaced before they can look further into the issue. Excuse me? It was shutting off the same way 5 months ago when you told me you didn't know what was wrong to drive it see if it keeps happening and then come back now you still dont know whats wrong but want to run me through the wringer for repairs that I DIDNT need 5 months ago when I had the SAME issue? I called customer relations and they had better do something because with my car shutting off on the fwy, and losing all electrical I don't have brake lights this is an accident waiting to happen, I'm supposed to feel safe driving my family around?


All I can say is WOW. I have almost gone into bankruptcy because of this car. Stupid me I took the 7 yr payment plan and still have 19000 owing. It's an 09 by the way and do you know how much it's worth? $8900. Pass. power window doesn't work. Both visor flaps for mirror have broke. Brakes rear and front x 2. Stains. Car not starting, wait a half hour and then starts. Wheel noise on turn. Both inner/outer tie rods done. Rubber seals on bottom of rear doors have fallen off. This car is an absolute lemon. I've had to put in an consumer proposal which is similar to bankruptcy because I refuse to pay 19000 more and repairs that shouldn't be there. I have always loved dodge and never had problems. My dad and I both worked for Chrysler so loyalty was a factor. But after this I absolutely hate chrysler and wish they would have gone under.

Will Manderscheid

I bought my 2009 Journey last year. I have the SXT. Honestly the only real problem i have had was water getting into the rear doors. I am very happy with the vehicle overall. I did have to change my pads and rotors but i just went with aftermarket and it solved the problem. My seats sometime will stain if wet but i just steam them. I have never had any of the other problems associated with the vehicle (yet) so i am sorry for the owners experiencing these issues.


I bought a 2009 Dodge Journey and it drives really great. But when the first snow came, I figured out it won't go anywhere. So we went to get snow tires, preferabley studded, and we learned they didn't exist. I live in WV and I live on a beautiful mountainside. I'm glad its beautiful because I'm stuck on this friggin hill with the Dodge Journey that should only be drove on the east coast. There r absolutely no snow tires for this shitty suv. I'm gona end up losing my job because we are getting a lot of snow and ice. Does anybody have a clue what I can do about getting different tires?


I have an 09 Journey got it 12-08. I have only had 1 problem with it and it some module that had to be replaced. I love this vehicle I went from a Nitro to the Journey the Nitro was a POS. I can't believe all the problems I have read. We have taken it on 3 long road trips 1 this past summer 3000 miles in 10 days not any problems with it. I think it is one of the better vehicles I have driven.
I have the SXT AWD


So far, my only problem is the brakes and rotors. Yup, they're definitley not hefty enough to handle the weight of this car. It's heavy! Over 5200 lbs. I'm replacing my brakes with something more heavy duty. Should do the trick. I hope... Other than that, I love my Journey.


I own a 2009 Dodge Journey. At 73000 miles, the caliber went out and the brakes locked down while I was driving on the interstate. Needless to say, God saved me and my 2 yr. old. The brakes crystalized and they tell me it's not covered under my warranty. Did I mention the brakes were brand new.. DO NOT BUY!!

Jim Lansberry

I have a 2009 Journey too. It stinks. First the ignition screwed up and now the power windows don't work. and I too have trouble with the seats staining. To cindi. Goodyear makes a nice winter tire for the journey. " Winterforce" excelant tire for a little over a hundred bucks

Brad Flint

I purchased a Journey last year and have had only very small issues with the car. I am experiencing a small rubbing sound when I make a left hand turn that is slightly sharper than most turns. The staining on the seats, very minimal, but very hard to clean. This is due to liquids other than water, however. I haven't experienced any braking issues and I've got about 28,000 miles on the car. When the Snow/Ice fell across North Texas around the superbowl era, I did not experience very much sliding at normal speeds. The car is a great car, just needs typical TLC and preventive maintenance and the car will last you. Most brake issues are caused by slamming on them and improper use. I was able to maintain 250,000 miles on my last car - with original engine and trans - only replacing small parts because of taking care of the vehicle.

Erica J

OMG!!!! Good to know that I'm not the only one...Bought a 2009 brand new and could not believe I needed brakes after 18K miles. I was in total awe. Here's the thing 2009 was the FIRST model of the vehicle and had I done my research first I would have never purchased it. Seats are HORRIBLE....yes, even water stains them and my dealer "said" they put protectant on the seats. Also, after changing my oil every 3k miles for the first year I read the manual to find out it calls for an oil change every 6k miles. Now, I don't change it until the "change oil" light comes on. You would think the dealer would know the maintenance requirements, but when I showed them the owners manual, they were surprised. I like the extra room it provides but I am overall dissatisfied with the vehicle.

Errol Kerrone

Have just been reading all the alarming comments, bought a 2009 2.4 Journey in December as we liked the roomines of the car. No faults as yet, however, we have had issues with water stains on the seats, my wife drives this to work daily and I feel concerned over a lot of the comments. I filled the windscreen wash bottle this morning (first time), looking around the engine bay I noticed what looks like the ECU stuck at the back of the engine with very little protection from our wet english weather conditions, car has only covered 6k, my wife has mentioned squeaky brakes, I put this down to possibly grit, but will check this out first chance I get.
I now believe that Chrysler are pulling out of the UK market, obviously something has not worked over here, have we bought a lemon and are we going to be inundated with future problems, I certainly hope not. Now I have found this site I will keep this monitored and updated with any problems and issues.


Ok I think it is time we stand up to these dealers, or I should say liars. If the government can bail out these car dealerships they should be able to help the people that elect them in. Oh and by the way we are the government because without our tax money they wouldn't of been able to bail these SOOB I am very disappointed in the way these car dealers can screw people over, time we fight back hard. Send me your email addresses and your name's if you are interested in fighting this issue. BBB good place to start and my sister who also owns a 2009 Journey is a paralegal, and willing to start the fight with me.Piece of Junk all around!!!!!!!!!!!


I was unaware when purchasing the 09 Journey that the dealer probably was already aware of its issues! Cannot believe I ended up with all of these very similar issues as many of the posted comments I have read through!!!! I am a single mom, disabled and feel totally taken advantage of!! Now I have to take it in for the recall plus other issues they just say are "normal"!!


We have a 2009, and up to a couple of months ago we had no problems whatsoever.

But that changed when it just stopped with a locked up final drive unit (AWD car), stranding my wife and 88 year old mother in the middle of nowhere. After weeks of waiting on the repair, the dealer returned it with a new drive unit installed, but with a loose subframe. A second trip and now that's fixed. For now.

Haven't seen any of the other problems mentioned here except the sunglass holder / mirror opens up by itself, which is worked-around by stuffing a penny in the corner.

Mileage has been pretty sucky, though... 15 or so mpg, sometimes less. Hard to believe in this day and age of high tech that's all they can muster.

All in all, without (thankfully) experiencing many of the basic problems being reported above, I'd have to say I like the car. Mechanically it no longer inspires confidence, though.


I'm surprised no one mentioned having to replace a tire and being told THERE ARE NONE!!! Why the PHUK did these dumb @$$es sell a car with thin @$$ tires that were NOT made in abundance in a dumb @$$ size, 19's??? AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!! I know I'm not the only one that has experienced this... and if I am, call the dealership now and tell em you need a tire and then post their response. I rode on a friggin donut TWICE for 2 months at a time because no darn 19's could be found ANYWHERE...even from the damn manufacturer. How about now I need all FOUR of the damn things replaced... SMFH!!! My options? Getting another sized rim... at another cost to ME!!! Not to mention the price,.. $250 per tire? ARE THEY SERIOUS?!?!?! On top of that, I have the same problems that you all posted above,.. the brakes constantly need to be replaced, and how about the damn car seized up on the highway before. ***SIGH***


Wow. I am shocked that the only people posting are the ones with problems. I LOVE MY JOURNEY. so far since buying it in 2009 I have finally this year and 34k miles later had to replace tires and brakes, nothing else except the wiring harness recall which we are currently waiting on the part for as apparently my car uses a different part than what the local dealer had in stock. I will be buying my next vehicle from Didge as so far they are a great name in my book.


window problems are broken wires in driver side door jam or/tan or/gray


tires for this car r absolutly horrible to try and find even used ones. i had the belts break in one tire thought no prob. since the car is AWD i will have to buy 2! bad but not too bad, until i find u can't get a DAMN tire anywhere and to go up to a 235/55 R19 well i just dont have that kind of $ just because the tire size i need isn't being made to the demand , it BS!!!! i have 3 littles ones live in PA and i need to worry about heating my house not buying 4 new tires because there is no 225/55 R19 ! Dodge needs to correct this or give some kind of offer for different rims that fit a more accessible tire!!! i haul my kids in this car everyday, this is now a safety concern for me!!

Jordan L

The comments on hear are unreal. I work at a Dodge dealer in central Alberta. How the hell do you burn through brakes that fast? Drive with one foot one the gas and one on the brake? I've yet to see any with such poor brake life. As far as complaining about tire cost well guess what. Dodge makes Journeys with little inexpensive 17s. Don't buy 19s and complain about price. The window issues are simple to diagnose, usually broken wires in the door. That noise you here when you turn the steering wheel is because of low power steering fluid. It will be leaking from either the return line or the cooler line. Maybe its not so much the vehicle (which admittedly is not Dodges best effort) but the idiots working on them. If any of you are near Ponoka Alberta with your Journey drop it off at the dealer. We will fix it properly the first time.

lindsay klein

I have an 09 journey. We bought this time instead of leasing. This is supposed to be my car until the wheels fall off. I didnt realize that is was a piece of crap and it will probably take a crap before its even paid off. I have had to replace 2 tires at 15k miles because the alignment was off so much the wheels were falling off the axels. Then a few months later I needed all new tires and roters. Now I just find out my front tires are completely bald at 25k miles. Its absolutly crazy. I will never buy a piece of crap like this again. I should have done my homework.


I have an 09 FRW R/T. I have had electrical issues such as driver side window not working, computer radio/nav not turning on or when turning off the car, some fan is running in the background. Both time I pulled the fuses out, checked them, put them back in and it seemed to fixed the problem. Junk wiring! I have not experienced any of the other brake problems or leaks at 23k. I found that the rear flash light drains the battery though. Had the battery replaced after 10 months of owning. The engine hesitation (like all chrysler v6 continues). Had Jeeps that did the same.I have avoided taking the car to the dealership because I dont trust them. Will still continue to buy USA though.


Bought my Journey in July 2008. I love the way this car drives but we have had to change the pads and rotors at 25,000 miles, the visors on my mirrors broke off so easy.Just recently had to replace the coolant resevoir for cracking, warranty didnt even cover that. Right now I need to replace my 2 back tires and finding tires is a pain in the a... There are some issues I havent had a problem with as some of you have had but I live in southern Ca where the temp. isnt as cold. We do need dodge to take some responsibility for these problems.


Jordan L : is it possible you have never owned a Journey... and the dealers dont fix it correctly the 1st time.. I only take mine to the dealer and needless to say it ALWAYS has to go back once or twice to re-correct the issue. The 09 Journeys suck. I love the style and room in it, however going thru brakes every 10k miles and having the car going to the right for 2 years and the dealer says there is nothing wrong just buy new tires.. um yea okay so I did.. guess what.. it still goes to the right.. those dummies at the dealer are a crock of crap. Ive seen several lawsuits against dodge for the 09 journeys.. and if i had all the money i have already put into my car still in my pocket i would file a lawsuit against them too. However I need my car to be a good citizen and go to work and take care of my family. Stains.. horrible.. and its just water.. I dont let my lil one drink anything but water in the car... Passanger side window is dreadfully slow compared to the other 3 windows. I will never buy a new dodge again. At 30k Im on brake pad and rotor replacement #3. 2nd set of tires, my back seats do not slide forwards and never has... dealer said well.. good thing you dont have the 3rd row!! ha ha ha .. I didnt think it was very funny.


I wrote back in Jan -11 that I have not had ant problems BUT starting in Feb -11 I have had all kinds. new engine in Feb . 2 weeks later oil leak. 3 weeks later trans leak all this with only 23000 miles. It is a 09 awe sxt. Now front and back brakes need replacing the back ones look like they have been on for 20 years what gives. I am not hard on my vehicle no small kids in it just me and my husband. We always buy dodges and this one for the past 3 months has been horrible I am so ready for a new vehicle


I bought the 2009 journey I hate this car already. I've replaced my brakes 3 times and car does not want to start either I have to bang on the cam cover to start this lemon. And at 37000 miles I think my front tires are bad. I cant drive over 60 mph , because the drive feels rough. Also my speakers have blown out twice and its supposed to be an infinity sound system. I'm sorry about the rest of you'll guys problems with you'll journeys also should have brought a Nissan better well good luck and god bless u all of lemon owners no I mean journeys.

Please go to the following link to report your problems with the Journey. There are three agencies that look at this...they do not pay attention to message of the places to report issues is the NHTSB(National Highway Transportaion Safety Board) right now they only have @ 7 posts compared to the 100+ on all of the message boards.


Wow! The problems we are having seem to be widespread. We have a 2009 R/T with 49K. We have repalced front rotors at 26K along with all 4 pads(our other car we own is getting brakes tommorrow at 105K-pads only). After 3 sets of the worst tire I have ever had on a vehicle,and tires out for 2-3 weeks , I just went ahead and put 235 55 19 on after seeing that in a post somewhere about a month ago.Another big problem is rear passenger door lock looked at 3 times replaced once at 2nd dealer not working again a week later. Took to a 3rd dealer when bring in for the recall on the wiring harness replaced to be told door lock bad out of warranty $239. AFter 3 days of waiting to p/up truck door locks still not working. They state the last dealer must have created a short. Nice! It was a short all along. Still not fixed must bring back this week.Power window passenger side does randomly studder going back up.So electrical issues like everyone else. We did have a problem after a rain storm where water entered when closed up. Still do not know where it came from.Otherwise vehicle has done its job hauling around the family on long trips well.Dvd for the kids still works-Thank God!

bob wright /member

i have a dodge journey it is the worst when it rained hard for a couple of days my check eng lite came on after 2 days it went out the tires suck now my rear drivers window gos down but not up the steering makes noise had to replace the valves on the tires my fist new car and it sucks im trading it in and buying a chevy or a ford this car is a piece of s--t


I hate this car!!!!for the past few weeks my car won't start when turned off. The car is only 2 years old......


I have had my 2009 journey for 2 years now. I have had to replace the tires twice as well as brakes and rotors twice, not cheap at all! Lucky with the second set of the brakes and rotors the dealer was have a special for them to be replace with a $100 copay, but the special only lasted up to 36,000 miles. Just caught that break! Now i am continuing to have electrical problems. I have taken it to the dealer and supposedly they fix the problem. Now not even 3 months later it is doing the same thing. The only problem is that my warranty has now expired due to going over 36,000 miles. I am hoping that it is a similar issue to the one I had three months a go and hopefully it will be fixed for free. It is scary when you are driving and your car just cuts off or you can't go over 40mph on the expressway, talk about life threatening issues! Going through this makes me never want to buy a new car again...


i have replaced at my own expence power window sensors both sides and now the passenger side is messed up again was there a recall for this problem ?


I have had NOTHING but problems with my 09 Journey, its being worked on again at the moment. Caliber replaced both! Breaks replaced, have went through 3 sets of tires, Vibration all over, pieces falling apart, and to top it off the recall that they did for the electrical has made it worse!!! Now it shuts off at a low idle and the transmisions are pieces of CRAP!!! ERG sensor is going off and the check engine is saying low coolant... too many sensors the are defective! I had trusted Chrysler, and now they won't even sell certain parts - oh and the SXT you HAVE to have it taken to the dealership to even have the tranny fluid checked because there is NO DIPSTICK!!! More money to go to mechanics... I am so ready to get rid of it!


I bought my Dodge Journey May 2010. I have put new brakes on it 3 times. New tires too. Now the passenger side window will not go down. Seats look horrible and when cleaned the stains come right back through. I now owe more on the car than it is worth because the value has dropped so fast. It is a piece of junk. I need to get rid of it, but don't know how because of the value vs. money owed situation.

Rui - Portugal

I bought a new dodge journey on March 2010 (R/T Europe export model). Since I bought it problems start to happen. After a week a engine oil leak was the first major problem.
After 21 000 Km (lsix months of use) brake pads are damaged. The dealership told that brake pads only had a 20 000 warranty , incredible and unacceptable , but it's true.
Then came the engine problems. Since I bought it I had about 10 engine stops while I was driving. It happened at city roads, secondary roads and highways, at low and high speed. There was no pattern for this problem. The vehicle suddenly stops while in motion.
The most scary situation happened to me while I was driving on a highway at 140 km/H. The vehicle just stops, brakes and steering just run out. I was very lucky that day.
Since I notice this problem I start to report to the dodge official agent at Lisbon Portugal. The answer was always the same "we found no problem!". That isn't acceptable because every time I use the veihcle I m in risk of accident.
In September last, I was surprised with the end of dodge comercialisation at Europe. Finally a couple of days ago other ago another dealership told me that it seems that might be a problem with the engine starter , but they have no replacement spare part for now. They have to order.
What is incredible is the the dealership should be aware for this engine shut off problem, they must have some information from dodge head office.
Now I ve discover that ther is a dodge recall for the problem since jan 2010. The question is WHY? Why dodge doesn't lunch a recall for export vehicles, Why does the official dealerships doesn't recall
Those vehicles . I don t understand why DODGE doesn't this faults and might avoid some accidents? I think this kind of problems should be noticed by the papers.
Finally, when I read all this comments I was certain that I wasn't crazy and all the problems that are shown here I have already experienced:
Damage brake pads with low mileage,
Engine shut off while driving,
Engine oil leak after 1week use,
Difficult to find tires on the market

I think that is time for Chrysler / Dodge / Fiat assume all this weekness and faults, mass recall this veihcles for a free of charge repair.





I purchased my 2010 Journey a year ago. I have over 29000 miles. My only complaint has been locating snow tires.

terry b

This is our first journey
and we love the vehicle it fits our family,but now we are starting to have problems with i was driving to daycare to pick up my daughter and granddaughter and it really freaked me out,IT started a really miss and jerking and then the check engine light came on and i had to park on the side of the road.


Well i bought my 2009 Dodge Journey last sept, and just a day ago my wife was driving with my 7 week old baby, her back left tire blow out. i really thought our car wouldn't have any problems, but i was wrong, and i'm regretting on buying this vehicle.


The only problem i have is its a gas pig the 3.5 R/T WHAT CAN I DO ???????????


Has anyone had a problem with the spare tire that was provided with the 2009 journey. We had the spare tire on and we went a block and lost total control of breaks,steering everything and almost got in an accident. Has anyone else had this problem. Please let us know asap.

Sergio Barros

Glad I am not the only one either. I have a POS 2009 base model provided to me by the company and every time I complaint with a problem, my boss brushes me off and thinks I am the cause of the problem. Perhaps I should show him this page.

I've had the starting issue several times. Been repaired but still occurs, passenger side window will work whenever it feels like it, wheel makes a growl when turning, seats look absolutely discusting with stains that look so embarassing when other people sit in them and just today, the transmission started to shift strangely from 1st to 2nd gear with loss of power between. This POS has 140,000kms and I keep on telling the manager that it's time to get rid of it and replace it but he keeps ignoring me. Tells me to keep going back to the dealer that does nothing but say there is nothing wrong with it. I've had it and will drive the f@cking POS until it blows. Was thinking of getting a 2012 Journey for my next car but now i said F@CK IT!!!!


My daughter has a 2009 Dodge Journey with water getting into the back doors? Just wondering how many others have had this issue?? The dealer seems to think this is not a warranty repair but I have never had any of my other cars ever leak like this and this one is only 2 years old!!


Dodge Journey uk full spec
no problems what so ever
drives good noisy engine

40+ to the gallon
one recall to sort out key falling out (it was ok with me)
tyres brakes fine ,hard to find cheap replacements
looking now 18000 miles on the clock


HATE this car. Worse vehicle I've ever owned. Brakes have been replaced, sun visor falling out of ceiling, passenger side window won't roll down. The 4-cyl. is terrible and won't get up and go. Not great on gas. It's horrible and I will NEVER buy another Chrysler/Dodge.


My wife and I have the same problems with a 2009 Journey, can we file a class action suit against dodge.


had my dodge journey since 2009
has been into the garages at least 20 times towed at least 12 times
is anyone in the uk trying to copy the us court action with regard the unsafe conditions our cars are in
a family car that will certainly put your kids in danger
not what they advertised

Jennifer H

I have a 2010 Dodge Journey I have had it in the shop about 14 times since I bought it November of 09. Started of with 3 trips for the crank shaft sensors.. Then I brought it in 3 times for concerns with the front end and it pulling to the right and shaking.Then I brought it in twice because the compression in the car would drop while i was driving it and the check engine light would flash but not stay on and would lose speed and have to pull over kill the engine and restart it till it wouldnt do that again and the check engine light finally came on and stayed on.Took it in and they kept it for a week.. Found out that there was 3 pistons that were severely pitted. They ended up having to rework the top half of the engine. After that I had it back in because I had a oil leak from where they say the gasket rolled when they were putting the car back together from the previous work. Since then is where all the major problems started. Started the car up one morning heard a tapping sound shut off checked the oil and NOTHING was showing on the stick. Brought it in and they saic it was a PCV valve and replaced it done a oil change and sent it off. At that time had them check the pulling and shaking again this time they said that the brakes and rotors needed replacing and turning and cost me for that because it was just out of its 36000 mile warranty.. Then 6000 miles later I was over on my oil change checked my oil one morning and NO OIL AGAIN! Took it in the ran compression test and stuff and said nothing was wrong with it i just went over on my milage for a oil change and that cause the oil to disappear. I maybe a female but im not stupid..

Tim Hoan

My dodge Journy 2009 rotor problems brake water stains i have replaced tranny and numerous tires,the last time the factory jack folded in half on me while jacking up the car


This is a new one, a valve stem broke off as I was loosening the cap to put air in it at 34k. Cost $60.


2009 Journey too! Mine kept stalling out. Had to open the gas cap and replace. Went on like this for a while until they finally figured out the problem from other Journrys. I want out!


33,000 miles and steering rack shot (inner tie rod) we bought a 2009 and only put 4000 miles on it so far

Sandy S.

My 2009 Dodge Journey R/T has been a great vehicle! Minor issues, normal wear & tear only been in the shop 3 times. 64,000+ miles & still going strong :) Love my Journey & will buy another!


I have a 2009 Journey and I am not impressed ! The seats stain up with just water, the passenger window barely goes up, the valve stems cracked off washing the wheels, the springs on the door hinges fell out, the starter had to be replaced once and is now acting up again and I am on my 3rd set of brakes with only 78,000 kms on it. Both back brake calipers are seizing up as well ! Smoke coming out of both back wheels again today....wonderful for gas mileage ! Last Dodge product I'll ever buy !!!!


just bought a 2009 journey three days ago and the check oil lights is on and the side panel in the passenger seat came off.


I have had several of the same problems everyone else has had. My car has roughly 61,000 miles on it and now needs the motor mount replaced. I'm definitely trading it in after it's repaired.


I have replaced front pads and rotors at 38000km then back brakes and rotors at 43000km then the back calipers seized and had to replace them. Just today we had a brake fire on the hiway 50000km as I had put on the emergency brake and repleased it when we were ready to leave but it made the front caliper seize and now had to replace newer (front bads and rotors) and new calipers that were put on at 38000km.Very angery at dodge for making an unsafe vehicle for my family of four to drive in.


Where. Do u start????
1. Valve stem in tire broke 34k miles-good thing there was a gas station open nearby on a Sunday
2 . Have 39k miles and just changed rotors and brakes for 2nd time- at least dodge stepped up finally and reimbursed for this severely defected part
3. passenger side visor broke
4. Sunglasses holder broke twice- very cheap- we seriously don't abuse it- and dealer won't replace again
5. DVD player broke after 1000 miles malfunction
6. Rear passenger door /rubber trims fell off
7. Driver side lock won't work with remote - was already brought in for recall for this but I don't think they fixed it
8. Sometimes radio won't turm on so u have to turn car off and wait a few minutes and turn back on
9. At stop sign car would just shut off and not start? Wtf???
10. Brake light just started coming on when started intermittent
11. I swear I can hear engine belt squeak - does anyone else hear this?
12. The pistons seem to be high on the engine and I swear that there is a light knocking-makes me wonder- I have the v-6
13. Wind shield washer nozzle on hood on passenger side needed replaced
14. I'm at 40k miles and will need new tires soon for the second time -- tires are 19s so they are $230 a piece and only made by one manufacturer???? What the hell?? I will say that if this was the worst thing about the car then I would buy another one but will I buy another journey- f-no!!!

There is a real serious problem when u keep hearing the same thing from other owners - this will be the last Chrysler / dodge that I will ever buy- and if I win one then I'm selling it for cash-

to all the folks out there badmouthing car owners for complaining - f you - u r ignorant and don't understand how the dealers act when people come in with car problems - look at the dealers books and u will see how they make money


I bought a 2009 Dodge Journey SXT AWD. I have had no problems at all. I don't know why everyone is putting the journey down. If you had the same problems with your hondas, toyotas, nissans, or other american industry killing foreign monsters, no one would say anything bad. My Journey is the greatest car I've ever owned.


Hello Guys I am sorry to say I just bought a 2009 Journey sxt because I have had nothing but steering issues with it sence I bought it and I only bought it on 6-1-2012 I had a 01 Mitsubishi Galant that I use as a trade in for this because I always wanted a SUV but needed room to place my sons wheelchir in so this was the perfix truck for me I got my SUV and the room that I needed. but ever sence I bought it the steering wheel just shakes like I never seen before almost like the front end is going to fall apart. I have had it back to the shop for this issue 3 times now they just say
(we can't see anything wrong with it )so the next time it did it I took film of it shaking and showed them the film and i got
(sence we can't find anything wrong and it is shaking like this we will have to send you to a Dodge shop to see what they can find. we are done with this issue you will have to take it up with them from here on out.) o-yeah I bought this journey from shults ford in wexford (Pittsburgh) has anybody else had there steering wheel shake like this. please help me to find out how to fix it. thanks.

Sheryl W.

I bought my 2009 Dodge Journey on 6-26-12 and was super excited...until I found this site. Now, I'm super scared. I take very long trips every other weekend & it sounds like I'm riding in a "death trap." I had noticed little things, that I really didnt pay much attention to, until I read the other comments. Now, I see that the loud popping noise when I turn hard to the left, or the "missing & jerking" while driving down the interstate are just the start of a long, dangerous, EXPENSIVE road I have to travel. I wonder how many fatalities will have to happen before SOMEONE has to step up & take responsibility. Breaks goin out, tires blowing, faulty wiring...not exactly "minor" problems. I have a new grandson...he'll be 2 months old tomorrow...who I WILL NOT be transporting in this "death trap" as I call it, & I hope I'm still around to see him grow up after a few more trips in the "Journey." Just sayin...


Bought my Journey 6-2012 Had cranking problems from beginning was tapping gear stick before getting out,wiring harness replaced-recall,timing beltand stablizer,waterpump making noise replaced,radio replaced,now stalling out need help finding out what is causing it ...Has stalled out with both my teenage daughters driving ..So now I drive it ,but afraid it's going to happen to me at the wrong time..Need help anyone been able to solve this problem can't trade out of it right now over all love the ride when it runs....


I bought car July 2009, already replaced motor, brakes numerous times, engine light stays on, couldn't pass smog, I'm going to have the same problem this year. Nothing but a fuckn headache. Car overheated. Now I've gt knocking sound in ash board . Stay away.


Same problems mentioned..I have my 09 Journey since 4/09 my front brakes went af ter 3k miles..Front rotors were wiped out. .I've since replaced the rotors 3more Times. .Front door plastic sill pops off, eyeglass holder broke, seats stain if you look at them sideways..front end shimmy, intermitant starting issues. .Back seats have issues sliding and locking mechanism will freeze up. .I'm not happy. .


I also have a 2009 Journey, live in New Mexico..just barely bought 10-2012 have already had it in service 4 times, battery replaced twice the issue of it not starting multipile times..took video of it and still have them telling me they dont know whats wrong with it until it does it for them in person!! really?!! had the enjine mount replaced, my dash also makes that sound when going over sad to say i hate this vechicle and so do my kids.. has anybody gotten help from these posts??


I've had the 2009 journey since June 2008. I opted to buy the lifetime bumper to bumper warranty for $1900 with a $100 deductible for covered items and free rental car . so I've used it 2 times. Had to replace the radiator after 1 year( a service place quoted me $600- I only paid $100 and got the free rent-a-car). Then a specialty radiator hose went out this past January . (Also only cost me $100) . Now today it stalled on my wife doing 5 mph on the freeway. She was able to start it right away . Has anyone had this problem?


Multiple issues. Had the intermittent star-up issue going for three months, until I had the ground terminal on the engine-to-chassis replaced and fixed the issue. No more problems and going ok for the last three months. Just had overheating issues, having hose and radiator replace as we speak. so md ad dodge, never going back to them again.

LYNN @worst SUV ever

I just brought my 2009 dodge journey from gates in south bend ind in June 2013 and i will never buy another this should not be on the road I have had it serviced 4 times at my cost very mad can not wait to get Reid of it ......

Jason Anderson

Im not the kinda guy who post negative rants about much of anything but I have owned my 2009 dodge journey for two years now and I too had to get the brakes and rotors replaced twice and a new starter. The new starter never fixed the issue. People please do not purchase this vehicle


Yes I have had my car since june of 2010. It is an 09, sxt, awd. I didnt have any problems until recently. I replaced the brakes once right away when I first got it but have had no problems since. I just reached 94,000 miles and I have taken my car on several long trips with my family of 6 and I have always felt safe. Last month I had to replace the radiator. And then all of a sudden this month my back driver window stopped working and needs a 300 dollar new motor. Then my driver lock stopped working, and then all my wondows and locks stopped working. I am going to take it into the dealership for the recall on the wiring harness but am being told this wont fix the problem of my windows and locks. I am not a huge fan of the car at this point but I other than all of the electrical I have never felt unsafe. And I too have difficulties with the tires. I will never buy this car again.


We bought our 2009 Journey SXT in January of 09. Replaced rotors twice, brakes three times. Had the "shaking wheel" issue when braking. Had to replace front struts. Passenger window wouldn't go down a couple years ago. Rear passenger door won't unlock now. Engine has been running rough - Took it in yesterday and mechanic said 3 of 6 cylinders were bad. Replaced all, in case the other three went. There is a vibrating noise in engine still - will be taking back to dealer AGAIN, in the hopes that it's covered under Powertrain warranty (wishful thinking). I've replaced the tires as well. Car has 65K on it. I've had two major non-warranty repairs a year for the last three years. I'm beyond angry, disgusted, and disappointed. I wanted to drive this car for 10 years, while trying to send my kids to college. I'm going to be forced to buy or lease a new car and have a new payment I can't afford.

is anyone having issues with there 2009 journey not starting intermittently. We have replace battery but still doing it. Apparently there power control module needs to be replaced


Sounds like a bad car, here are my complaints. Seats staining, view blocked from door post size and position, replacing brake pads far far too often. Other than that, this is the very best car I've ever driven and I love. Bought seat covers, use care when driving and buy lots of brake pads. I will buy another one.


I have a 2012 journey and the rims are all pitted and really marked up badly , I am almost ashamed to say that this journey is mine and wondering if anyone else has had this problem, it is the top of the line


I've had multiple issues with my 2009 Journey SXT AWD 3.5l 6 cyl. 4 weeks after I bought the car (new) the entire onboard computer module needed replaced as everything stopped working...literally. Couldn't even close my windows. The brakes/rotors make me sick because every time I get my car inspected I have to get new brakes AND ROTORS!! Needed new calipers ... yes .. calipers!!! Good luck finding calipers as ONLY the dealer carries them and they are NEVER in stock!

But...the worst is my TPMS tire valves and sensors. I've had 5 of them corrode so badly they just cracked in half while putting air in my tires and I just had another one pop off TODAY. When that happens the tire is flat in a matter of seconds!! The dealer says this is normal wear and tear and not covered under any warranty. Why? If this happens while driving the car someone will eventually wreck their car or worse! This should really be a recall issue. Check the Dodge Online Forums and you'll see you are not alone in this issue!! Please be careful with this one! I pray no one dies on the road before this issue is recalled!

Never buy this car. I'm having my first child in a few months and will not be putting them in this car.


I have a 2010 Journey, I love it but can't stand the bad traction in the snow.

Tia Robinson

I purchased a 2009 Dodge Journey and let me tell you it is a true piece of junk. I have had every problem you can think of, i spilled water on the seats and I have a stain that won't come out. My AWD went out, my air conditioning condenser went out my motor mounts broke, and not for some odd reason and all of a sudden as I was driving my car won't go past 30 an hour. I have reported all these problem to the dealership and of course they have nothing to say. I files a claim with the BBB and I also filed one with the State of Michigan office of Secretary of State. Not to mention I have had breaks and rotors replaced like they are gas, and when it is really cold outside my driver side window seems to get stuck and my dome light keeps blowing a fuse after having replaced it about 7 times already. This car is a true crapper and Dodge/Chrysler should be held accountable for robbing us blind.As I read these complaints it sickens me that I want to continue to buy American but I am tired of getting screwed and paying for it!

Paul Whittaker

I bought an 09 journey new in Aug 08. 2.4l Se plus. I have had countless problems including all of those mentioned. I am currently at 145,000 km. My most recent complaint is a cracked exhaust manifold and I also had the resonator replaced. I have driven several vehicles past 200000 kms without touching the exhaust system. From wind noise on the highway to stained seats to tie rod ends to starter harnesses to batteries to premature tire wear to brakes and calipers and my personal favorite, corroded tire pressure monitors that cause the valve stem to eject, that one happened twice before I pulled them all out after losing a tire on the highway. I've have contacted Chrysler several times and other than the first brake job at 38000kms and the warranty work, I am totally dissatisfied. I am currently out of pocket approximately $3,400 on repairs outside of routine maintenance. I perform required and preventative maintenance but I buy new cars so I don't have to deal with these issues.


i wish i would have done some homework be for this purchase i feel so stupid with this one besides the brakes, valve stems,electrical issues the money pit for me is the rear end for some reason all three sets of bushings go bad together or it is that one set goes bad with no indication until the rear end is bouncing all over the place from hitting a frigging stone in the road 680.00 twice now thanks dodge


I have an 09 FWD SXT just hit 70,000 miles... I love it, has just enough room for everything and drives very smooth. I love all the storage areas under your feet and in the seats. The seats do get dirty easily. For the winter I have 2 studded tires on the front and 2 all seasons on the back and it goes through anything! live in Erie Pa and we have the worst winters and I haven't had a problem. I have had water in the back doors before but it never got into the car, and there's a plug at the bottom of the door you can pull out if water gets in there.. Other than that for the price of the vehicle it has been a great SUV and gets great gas mileage.

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