Dems Fuel Convention With Waste Beer


The Democrats must have a hell of an image consultant.

Whoever it is, he or she knows what's what. The 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver will not only feature American-made GM vehicles shuttling officials and VIPs during the four-day extravaganza (including presumptive nominee Barack Obama), but among those vehicles will be 400 hybrid and flex-fuel ones that run on E85.

"But wait," you say. "Hasn't this blog been highly skeptical of E85 and ethanol in general?"

Indeed, and it has been fun watching politicians shift from ethanol-worshippers during the Iowa caucus to skeptics themselves, but in the case of the Democratic convention, they are not using corn ethanol.

Instead, the fuel is derived from waste beer, courtesy of the Molson Coors Brewing Company. The company has been brewing ethanol from beer that is either substandard or lost during packaging since 1996, generating roughly 3 million gallons of ethanol per year. Not enough to cure America's oil fix, but certainly sufficient to drive around Obama, John Kerry, Bill, Hillary and the rest of the gang.

From Beer to Ethanol to Your Car (Wheels)



This goes well with Obama's pledge to not veto your beer like John McCain will!


I, for one, will be jumping party lines just for this!

jack s

To quote the sage Homer J Simpson "Here's to alcohol - the cause of, and the solution to, all of life's problems."

Guess that includes powering cars too!

I wish there were more emphasis or focus on creating ethanol from waste. I know ethanol is not going to go away, lobbyist will make sure of that because too much money has already gone into it. But if the production was focused on waste versus mandated crops that could feed people, I would be less likely to spout on a daily basis how ethanol is a complete and total scam being forced upon us by the government.

J Arnold

It's a shame the country will miss out on electing one of the two candidates who are actually qualified and could have made a difference, Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney.

Juan Carlos

might be moot point, but is this ethanol at least give equal fuel economy? corn ethanol beyond sucks since it gives less per gallon/price and actually does more harm to the ozone.


If people wanted ethonol then they shouldve gotten into the sugar ethonol used by Brazil, not this corn garbage. Sugar ethonol returns 8 times as much energy as is used to make it, and therefore is much more cost-efficient.

Sugar prices may go up, but then again people do not NEED sugar. Corn is a MUCH more essential part of everyday diet of billions of people.


Actually, you don't NEED corn either. Just because it's in everything we eat, doesn't mean it's good. CORN SYRUP is why Americas are OBESE!

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