2009 Dodge Challenger Starting Under $22,000


Dodge’s entry-level version of its new Challenger muscle car — the SE — will start at $21,320 (not including the $675 destination charge) when it goes on sale this fall. The 2008 version, which only came in the high-powered SRT8 trim level, is pretty much sold out, and it hasn’t even reached most dealerships yet. For 2009, there are three trim levels, all priced below.

2009 Dodge Challenger SE: $21,320
With a 250-hp V-6, this is the model that will get you looks without high dealer markups or dismal fuel economy. It’s rated at 18/25 mpg city/highway. The 2008 Ford Mustang has a 210-hp V-6 and gets 17/26 mpg, but it starts at $19,650. We’ll see if the SE will steal some of the Mustang’s thunder in the base trim. Chrysler expects to sell a majority of Challengers in the SE trim. 

2009 Dodge Challenger R/T: $29,320

Move up to the Hemi version of the Challenger, with its 370 hp and 398 pounds-feet of torque, and you’ll pay for it, both in the sticker price and at the pump. Chrysler hasn’t unveiled fuel economy figures yet, but we’d expect them to be close to those for the Hemis in 2008 R/T Chargers — 18/23 mpg — despite the 20 extra hp. The big news, of course, is that this is the first time buyers can get the new version of the Hemi teamed with a manual transmission, here a six-speed. This looks to take the crown as the most power you can get for under $30,000.

2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8: $39,320

If you have patience and don’t want to put up with high dealer markups, put in an order for a 2009 Challenger SRT8. Sure, you might not be the first guy in your city to have one, but you’ll save some cash and have the option of getting a manual transmission, which isn’t offered on the 2008s. The manual even comes with a pistol-grip shifter. It has the 6.1-liter version of the Hemi with 425 hp, and we are all big fans of the 2008’s performance capabilities. You can also get the SRT8 in two more colors. Besides the orange, black and silver choices for 2008, you’ll get to pick from red and blue, too. You’ll be able to flaunt your lack of concern for sky-high gas prices in style.

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By David Thomas | June 9, 2008 | Comments (12)
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Hey, why not offer the 2.7-liter from the decontented base-model Charger, as well? I had one as a rental car and it was awful. Cheap, cheap interior, too.

That said, I love that shade of blue.


to bad the interior is going to be garbage, just like the rest of Chrystler's vehicles.

Mercedes was very smart to get out of that partnership...

Adam Sylvester

250 HP is fair amount of power, but this is alot of car to push around. I think they need a larger V-6 to keep up with the Mustangs


They have to keep the price down or else it won't sell. Then the SRT8 is overpriced to cover the cost of the lower priced models.


A 4 speed automatic?
Are they kidding? It isn't cool to still be in 2nd gear at 85mph.

It should have a 6 speed automatic.


Adam, I don't understand why you think it why you think it needs more power to keep up with the Mustang. It has an extra 40 hp which I think is enough to make up for the weight difference. Besides, I think the 3.5L is the most powerful V6 that they have at the moment (but that will change soon). The only other option is the unrefined and underpowered 2.7L


By the way, when Toyota is going to launch again a DECENT sport car like the old Supras or even the rusty Celica.? They were good in their time.

Nice looks, do they have a manual one in the cheap version? I like the Manual Mustangs.


Toyota has the tC to replace the Celica.

Per Olaf

I don't think the TC can compare to the Celica. The Celica was an sport car, but the Scion is a toy car.

Beautiful Dodge.


Its too bad they don't put a Hemi in the SE also. I understood that was a cheap engine to build. That would be something! If a car is fast but costs 30k so what?


They should offer the Hemi as an option on the SE...but keep it as a "special order" type car, like the Mustang LX of the early 90s.

They could easily make such a car for under 25K.

I'd buy a cloth Hemi SE with no badging, a base stereo, no sunroof, and manual A/C if they offered it at a low price point.


Better yet, how about a Charger SE with a Hemi and single exhaust. That would be a real "sleeper" car.

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