My New Office: 2008 Lexus LX 570


I discovered a great new use yesterday for the redesigned 2008 Lexus LX 570. I’ve been testing it this week and drove it up to Elkhart Lake, Wis., for a rally event. On day two of the event, rain descended on the Road America track and I retreated into the security of the LX 570 to get some actual work done.


There’s a standard 110-volt plug in the rear cargo area, and I ran my power cord from it to the rear seat, where I sat comfortably with laptop on my lap and feet flat on the floor in a nice leather seat. Up in the front passenger seat, fellow editor Mike Hanley had his laptop fired up and was also quite comfortable.

Granted, we had the car running because we couldn’t leave the windows open in the rain, and we were using nearby Wi-Fi, but anyone with a wireless internet card for their laptop would be well-served to work in similar digs. It sure beats the dull, gray confines of my daily workstation.


By David Thomas | May 8, 2008 | Comments (8)
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Where's the picture of your wife in your cube, Mr. Thomas?


The floor looks really high in the back there. Weren't your knees up around your ears? It doesn't even look like there is room to slide your feet under the front seat...

It was actually very roomy. Maybe the photo is deceptive. The front passenger seat is also all the way back as I was behind the driver's seat and Mike was in that seat.

I'm in so much trouble when I get home aren't I?

Gary R

Perhaps Lexus will see this as a challenge and create a seatback computer workstation for use in the rear seat. It seems such a shame to have to let a big V-8 like that sit at idle just to keep the windows from fogging up, though. What a waste!

I didn't want us to suffocate either. I don't think we were in it for more than an hour. Like I said I wish it had been nice outside and you could crack a window instead of having the engine on.


This is an awesome vehicle i would definitely buy one if i had the money. The Land Cruiser has always been one of my ultimate dream cars, this LX is no exception. I have always liked the interior space and versatility of these trucks. Although i would have liked to see a turbo I6 under the hood, this engine is still pretty good, at least on paper.
To respond to Gary: you would need to keep he car running for just about any vehicle unless you had the Honda Element or the old Nissan Xterra which are able to withstand a drenching.


Gary R

Hey Dave,

I think this is where the solar powered ventilation would be an awesome feature ... it doesn't have to be bright and sunny to produce enough power to turn a fan.

Another idea for Lexus, perhaps? They are very luxurious vehicles but Lexus definitely haven't thought of everything have they?

That is one sweet office you got there, David! It's perfect for those times when you just want to get away from it all and indulge yourself in the peaceful confines of your car. Don't forget your wife's picture this time! LOL

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