Honda Owners Force Free Transmission Fix


Ah, the power of peaceful protest.

Honda and Acura owners recently saw their hard work pay off when Honda issued a technical service bulletin for the vehicle. The issue? Owners of certain vehicles claimed the car had a transmission problem involving the third gear randomly popping into neutral and grinding incessantly.

Previously, Honda claimed to know nothing of the problem and refused to issue a recall. A TSB is short of a recall, but owners can still get the problem fixed free of charge by bringing their vehicle into a dealership. You can see the TSB for the Honda Civic and Accord here, and the TSB for the Acura here. For a full list of models affected, go to the jump.

  • 2003-07 Honda Accord V-6 with M/T
  • 2008 Accord V-6 coupe with M/T
  • 2006-08 Civic Si coupe
  • 2007-08 Civic Si sedan
  • 2003 Acura 3.2CL with M/T
  • 2002-06 Acura RSX with six-speed
  • 2004-08 Acura TL with M/T

Protesting Honda Civic SI Get Transmission TSB (The Consumerist)

By Stephen Markley | May 1, 2008 | Comments (83)
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What about us owners with Accords that seem to love eating transmissions. I'm on my 3rd...hopefully the last.


The TSB states that it only in warranty vehicles are covered but the regional office MAY choose to fix for free out of good will.

Right now it appear that the defective part will cost you if you're out of warranty, unless the local Honda office is feeling generous.


Now Honda needs to stand up and help us '01-'02 Accord owners. Failing automatic transmissions were very common for those years. My '02 transmission failed at 80K miles recently. This being my third Honda, I was NOT happy. I had never had to pay for anything except the routine stuff, up until this point.


honda sucks my 95 5.0 mustang has 160k and the tranny and engine are mint

Ford sucks. My 2000 Honda Civic has 195k, the engine and tranny are mint. I'm on my original clutch, third set of tires & brakes, 43rd oil filter, 16th set of wiper blades, 4th air filter, 2nd set of plugs, wires, oxygen sensors (my car has two), but I did just have to replace the drivers side break light bulb.


how about us 97-01 prelude owners with the sport shift that starts to go at 100k in most cases

Thomas Geyer

My 2003 Accord Automatic transmission just went bye-bye today (8/12/08). It happend all of a sudden (no computer warning) and it was in a serious siutation (on the highway at early rush hour). The gears slipped and out of nowhere I'm drifting without any gear traction. I pulled over to the side of the road, turned it off, waited 20 minutes and then started it back up only to put it in Drive and the car went in reverse! I have a relative that works for Honda, happens to also have a 2003 Accord and when I called him to let him know my woes.... I found out that his transmission died today as well! Long story short, the dealer is claiming that there is no broad issue with this and that the only answer is to pay 3K to get the transmission replaced. I bet there are many people experienceing the same issue.

Jason Meyer

call 212-566-4047. there is a class action lawsuit being worked on with the 03 accord A/T. i have one, and my tranny is making a funny noise, bringing it in tonight to see what's up.


I have a '02 Honda Accord SE bought off the lot brand new. My car was taken to dealer for ALL maintenence, scheduled and otherwise according to Honda manual.

Now only has 109k miles. Transmission issues between 1st & 2nd gear. Service tech at the dealer (same one I've had since I bought the car) said it's a common problem and I could fix it or not. Just ease into 2nd gear if I choose not to fix it. To fix would cost about $3k, but since I was a "good" customer, Honda would eat half and I walk out paying $1450.

I called local AAMCO and they say it's common,but needs to be "adjusted" not replaced. They say they can do for $69.

This problem seems very widespread. What can we do?


I have a 2006 Acura RSX Type S with manual 6 speed transmission. The car has 31,00 miles on it. I took the car into my local Sacramento Acura Dealership with intermittent problems of shifting and grinding whan going into 3rd gear. More noticable when cold. I'm glad I did this prior to the factory warranty expiring. The mechanic informed me of this transmission bulletin and my repair is covered 100% by Acura. They have even provided me with a rental car free of charge for 1 week during the repair. I believe Acura is one of the best cars you can purchase and will not hesitate in purchasing another.


I bought a 2005 Honda Accord with 23k on it 11 months ago. The AT transmission seemed to me to have trouble shifting sometimes between 30-35 mph or accelerating on the freeway.

Car is out of warranty.
Now at 62k it needs a new $3,500 transmission. I was told by the dealer that is the way a Honda shifts....I guess now that there is no transmission, they are going to tell me it is really a sprint car and I don't need a transmission.



Which AAMCO dealer did you visit? Everyone keeps telling me that I need a new trans, and I would love to save 3k.



I have a 2000 Honda Accord and @ 147000, my transmission is going bad...I thought it was suppose to go way over 250k...I used to have a chevrolet cavalier and brought that one to over 185k without ever having an issue! Hondas have way too many transmission issues, I don't understand how they can be reliable? Will not pay the extra $$$ for a Honda again.


I got an 03 Civic ex 1.7, had a third gear syncro going in it for awhile but it wasent' worth fixing so i'd take it easy when shifting into 3rd. when it finally broke i got a replacement trans. in a junk yard with less than 5k mi!!great only i've put about 10k on the new transmission then think i blew my 2nd gear syncro.... it just grinds a bit as i put it into second gear.. even at a dead stop...
any ideas?

john medina

my 99 accord V6 was very reliable, although my wife drives easy and not too far. When we gave my daughter the car with 87k miles she quickly started to notice a weird shifting. I drove the car and it didn't do it for me. She kept complaining and one day it did it for me. I took it to honda dealer and they confirmed my worst fear. I was quoted 3600 for a replacement rebuilt transmission. I was disappointed with my Honda and not too with American Honda when I found out through internet searches that these cars were notorious for transmission problems. I call AHC and they quickly assigned a customer service rep who politely told me my car was not covered by recall warranty. I told him I would never buy a Honda again because they knew these transmissions were defective and kept building them and finally agreed to replace some if they fell into a certain date and VIN number sequence. After some ugly discussions he agreed to pay for the replacement transmission and I would pay labor about 750 dollars, I agreed and it was replaced by local dealer. Shortly before Xmas of 08 my daughter said the car was acting up again. I test drove it and it seemed OK, I told her to keep an eye on it. 2 wks later it started again. I called the dealer who replaced it and he said it was under warranty and bring it in for test drive. He called me that afternoon and said the transmission is defective and would be replaced under warranty. I can't blame the Honda dealer they just repair and sell the product. I'm disappointed with AHC for their arrogance and lack of "goodwill". They know the transmissions are junk and they just keep rebuilding them and putting them back in. I probably won;t buy another accord. My 93 was very reliable and if I known this 99 would blow a tranny at 90 I would not have purchased this car.


My 03 Accord has been a great car up until the last few months. I had a problem with the A/C that only the Palm Harbor, FL dealer could find and repair and a few days ago the transmission died. They want $3400 to fix. A local, honest transmission shop want $1,600. Now I'm finding out this is a reoccurring problem. How have some of you gotten the dealer to fix this outside of warranty?


I have two Honda Accords, 98,99. About 180,000 the transmission when out 98. The 99 is going out now with 120,00. My son had a 98 Honda Civic and the transmission went out approx. 110,000. I will not buy any more Hondas. I purchase 2009 Hyundai Sonata, saved $3000.


I have a 2005 Honda Accord with 74000 and the transmission needs to be replaced. The car was bought brand new, and I wouldn't have expected to have this problem this soon. I had a 92 accord and drove with around 300k and didn't have any transmission problems. Now I'm learning that a lot of people are having the same problem. I really believe that Honda should be responsible for fixing it.


180K not bad, 120 is alittle weak. I am surprised you guys are complaining about over 100K though, everything before that I can understand. But you did pay a permium for 'superior' cars that are not so premium. The transmittion is the achielles heel of any car. The engines might last forever but not the trannys.


I've been reading on the internet complaints about Chevrolet's new six speed automatic experiencing excessive jerking when decelarating. It seams like the majority of companies have transmission issues at one time or another especially if they are newly developed. Or maybe consumers have become more finicky.


I've read some of the complaints too so I wonder if Toyota will have issues also since I remember reading that GM and Toyota developed the 6 speed trans together. Regardless trans are built much better today than they were when companies started to incorporate front wheel drivetrains.


My 2001 Honda Odyssey went on the fritz at 75K miles. Called AHM and they won't do anything beyond 7 years. My first Honda and I am very disappointed with AHM for their non support of an owner who paid top dollar, maintained the vehicle, low miles, and now debating if I should fix it at a cost of $3000. BTW total cost of ownership fow my Honda is 0.35 per mile ($26000/74000 miles) while my Dodge Caravan was only 0.20 per mile.


After replacing two transmissions on a 1999 Honda Odyssey, I am now told that I have to replace a transmission on my 2003 Odyssey at 115,000 miles. I feel like a sucker, especially after reading some of the complaints from other Honda owners. Wake up, Honda, and realize how much business you are costing your company with the shoddy product that you are selling. You used to be well recommended, but no more.


2005 Honda Civic Automatic Transmission with 62,000 miles. Drove it to kids baseball game 2 nights ago with no problem. Next day the D (Drive) light was flashing upon start up. Took it in to Honda yesterday and am awaiting word on what is wrong. Have read on internet several issues related to Honda transmissions. I am looking for advice on how to respond to Honda assuming they are going to tell me I need a new transmission.


i have a 1991 accord with 150k miles on it n a 1994 accord with 87k on it , my mother has a 2006 accord with only 44k and my uncle has a 2000 accord with 120k on it..what i don't understand is how honda who is known for reliable cars is building such trashy transmissions 91 and 94 never had any transmission problems and both my mothers and my uncles accords is in need of transmission work ..AT 44K!!!!!! i will always be a honda lover but i am not planning of buying a new honda anytime soon. honda should be liable for these faulty trannys .. and the crazy thing is they charging over 3k for transmissions thats going to end up messing up again..


I have bad news....Apparently the Honda Transmission issue is getting worse. I have a 2010 Crosstour with only 6,100miles and the transmission is going bad. It was fine on Sunday when we drove it. Tuesday the check engine light came on the "D" start flashing and it began jerking terribly in the lower gears. I called the dealership and DEMAND they send a tow truck. I am waiting to hear their excuse, but after reading the blogs on numerous different websites I will be asking for an extended warranty on the transmission.

Robert Swika

2003 Accord V6 48,000. mi
Transmission failed, Honda is thumbing their nose at me. It is time for a class action suit, I will be working on it. Call 212 566 4356 or 212 566 4047.
This problem is rampant and due to a design flaw. We can not let Honda get away with this.

Peggy Chism

I am needing a new transmission in my 2002 HOnda Accord which has 68,600 miles on it. The car has been well maintained and is driven properly. As I am finding out Accords and jsut Hondas in general are LEMONS! I will never buy another Honda and I am going to make sure everyone I know knows about my experience with my Accord and the Honda Corp of America. They do not stand behind their product. They have produced a inferior product and will not take responsibility for it when it fails prematurely! And there are a boat load of their cars that have failed way too early!! I have already gotten one person away from purchasing a Honda Pilot. They are now considering a Ford Escape or a Toyota Four Runner. See What telling one person does??!!!

My 82K miles, 2003 Accord is on the Honda Dealer Mechanic with the bad transmission. We need to make pressure together in order that they give a recall. But they are receiving a lot of a request for manage a goodwill.


Same here. Actually I have complaint to dealer during my regular 60000 major service, but unsurprisingly they said they didn't find anything. So now warranty expires at 80,500 miles, even the Smoketest guy could tell me dude, ur 3rd gear is slipping..Now dealer told me yeah u need a new tranny.
I did call Honda USA and they opened a case. So far it didn't look good. Guys, keep pushing together man. I even sent a mail to some Auto magazine. We need media to cover this like Toyota, then Honda will really learn...


folks, please also make sure you enter your issue into NHTSA database. Right now there have been 375 cases and counting. I plan to start calling the NHTSA to push them open an investigation on Honda.

Brian Craig

Everyone, I had a 1993 Honda accord manual that lasted me til 491223 miles then it died. Original Trans and Engine. Honda really made good cars back then. They took the reputation they got from back then and became arrogant and now no longer make reliable cars. They are riding on their past history of car making. Today, I have a 2001 Honda civic ex and the AT keeps slipping on 2nd gear. I bought it like everyone else here did cause we thought Hondas are reliable. NOT ANYMORE. So sad. American Honda needs to know that they have fallen in quality because of arrogance. They need to see what happen Toyota. No they need to experience what happen to Toyota with the Privus. People do you part. Let Honda know where the power really lies with - us the consumers because they don't care about your loyalty, they care about your dollars.


I have a 92 Accord and having Transmission problems (not sure if it's the transmission or the computer) In looking up problems from the 90-93 years states a lot of people have problems with the TCU or TCM.

What most people don't understand about transmissions is that they are much more complicated than other parts of the car. this is most likely why in shops they aren't rebuilt as often as they once were. you get one tiny fragment in there as you are rebuilding it and you screw the whole thing up.


I have a honda accord 99, millage 140,000. It experienced transmission slip on highway recently. After transmission fluid change, it seems ok. But I am afraid of going highway with this car. So I leased an Toyota in their July clearance. Toyota's problem before was driver errors, according to new foundings. So I will go with Toyota instead in future.

Mike Graczyk

Tranny on my 99 Accord V6 has been slipping for a while… I thought it was something else, like air intake problem or something… that’s what it felt like… like it was choking.
I complained about this for couple of years to my Mississauga Honda reps (Ontario, Canada), but the mechanics came back with... “everything is ok”.
Then, few months ago when the problem became significant I took one of those mechanics for a ride… and he confirmed it was the transmission. From my rep I found out that Honda has extended the warranty up to 260k or 10 years… I was over that few months ago, but they didn’t mentioned to me that in the past couple of years. Honda is a big scam. Never again. Now they are trying to give me a deal to fix my tranny for $4500 plus $1000 labor! How ridiculous! I’m never buying Honda again!


Our 2003 Honda Odyssey with 108K miles just blew it's trany. It started with the gear going lower for no reason, then the RPM's would go from 1.5 to 3-4 all by itself. Called my husband but thought it might be fluid or some small thing. Once on the freeway it continued then it started bucking-BADLY.
$4100 for new, or $2500 for used with 65k on it NOT thru Honda dealer.
I've always liked HOnda's but if you can't keep one for more than 7 years without a full trany replacement, never again.


I have a 2002 Honda and the transmission needs to be replaced. I bought the car brand new and purchased the 7 yr./100,000 warranty. America Honda will not assist me in fixing the tranny alough they know they its problematic. I will never buy a Honda. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

I Have a 2002 Accord. I noticed that the transmission would go into Second gear while on the highway under hard acceleration, not good, very scary. During the SRS recall the dealer said the trans was ok. A few months later I got the "P0780" code of death for the trans. Dealer confirmed and said I could drive for sometime then may need to replace. The trans was flushed again, shifts smoothly, no codes, but drops to second gear on the highway. Called Honda Customer Service, they said no recall is in order as the vehicle is too old. I said this is a safety issue...they said do what the dealer said. They said there was no reported fatalities or crashes reported. When will they recall these things...will it take a cop at the what happened to Toyota. How is this helping their sales. Yea, I could shell out 3K and pay for Honda's safety defect...or maybe go with a new vehicle

kain rider

Have a 2004 rsx type s 85,000 miles on the manual 6 speed. 5th gear grinds and 2nd is starting. will this be covered by the dealer if I have no warranty


kain rider,

Acura issued a TSB #08-018 for the manual transmission grinding and popping out of 3rd gear.

They also issued another TSB for the shift action feeling notchy through forward gears, especially 5th and 6th. TSB #02-016

Both repairs are only covered if the vehicle is under factory warranty and it is VIN specific. You will have to call your Acura dealer to see if your vehicle applies.


I bought a 2006 accord from Linsey honda in columbus, ohio when it was new. The transmission shifts rough and makes whining and clicking noise, especially when it is warm. The service department insisted to deny warranty repairs as the car is still operable.


yes have honda accord 2001 trans has been shifting bad now for over a year, ist secnd gear, if i take real slow from start does not do to bad going see how long will last, friend of mine her trans went out in her 2002 1 month ago, she bought a new chevy today no more hondas for me


06 accord V6 with 105k miles. I bought this car brand new with the 100k/10yr warranty and always had my routine maintenance done by the same dealership I bought it from. Never had any major problems and drove it smoothly. My tranny started slipping into first gear about a month ago. I would be at a stop, try to accelerate and the car would just rev. Seemed to only happen when the car was cold of hadnt been driven within 12 hours. Brought it into honda and they suggested a trans fluid flush. Next morning tried leaving for work and engine would rev but car wouldnt move. Took it back to honda and explained I was having the same issue. Of course they test drove it and stated that everything was fine and there were no issues. Things started to get worse a week later where it was consistantly slipping into first. Again, took it back to honda and let it sit over night in their lot so it would be cold when they first started it. Next morning the tech and I jumped in the car and it was slipping! Finally Honda realizes something is wrong. Said I need a new trans, go figure. I'm working with american honda and have a case manager assigned. I'm hopeful they will help me in covering the costs or atleast a portion but from what Ive been reading they're not too helpful. This is my 3rd honda, my first new one that I've bought. They just dont make them like they use to!


2005 v6 a/t 86k....problems getting from R to D, honda dealership said nothing was wrong...3 hours later they suddenly determined i needed a new transmission. seemed like a con, so i took it to a reputable mechanic, they said my trans was shot. i've called american honda and hope they'll help out; its a known issue. the nhsta website lists 29 complaints for the same exact thing.


You might want to check the internet about the 2001 and 2002, maybe 2003 Accord's there was a recall on the transmission.

Another Honda Accord 2003 V6 in the local dealer shop, get this, they estimate it will take over month to get the replacement transmission. Car has 122k miles, transmission and shifting have been suspect since day 1. Honda please step up and acknowledge and fix this issue either with a redesign or some sort of credit to all of us who have been affected by this. My next car will not be a Honda because of the way they have handled this. And no to those that say I am begging for a transmission that "shouldn't" last over 100k, hogwash.... that's disposable society thinking and what is wrong with our country. We need parts and products that last.

Ty (HateMyHONDA) Lewis

2005 Accord V6. Extended warranty expired October 2010....transmission dead in January 2011! Someone please direct me to the mass complaint listing so we can make Honda accountable. Bought it brand new and have had a major problem every year. Will never buy another Honda again. Reliability...right!

Scott C

Yeah I have a 2005 Honda Accord V6 with the auto trans. It died on me last year in July... I do have a lot of mile 195k but strictly driven on the freeway during light traffic conditions for the most part. It has always shifted hard but all of a sudden it went out. Now when I start it and put it in gear, there is a loud grinding sound. I have always down all the service on it so its crazy that it just died.

I also own a Toyota and will never buy another Honda again. My last Toyota had 210k and not a single issue with it. My new Toyota has 116k and no problems with it either... Honda's are way over rated...

David M

I have a 2000 accord A/T 4 cyl, 165,000 miles. The transmission is shot. I bought the vehicle at 109k from the original owner that had it serviced by honda every time it was due. Is there any class action suit pending???


2002 Honda Accord EX V6 here...just received code P0780 DEATH OF TRANSMISSION. ONLY 44,000 miles...this started at about 41,000 miles. I am out of warranty and Honda needs to take responsibility for mine and others cars'!!!!!!!!!!! I am ready to picket in front of the dealership!!! My vin isn't included...I am going to put up a FIGHT. Honda in Schaumburg made me pay couple of thousands for rusted bolthole subframe...I demand action...I was ripped off and Honda new about the failing of their transmissions. I am pisssseeeedddd. Everbody stand up and fight!!!!! I am NOT going to let them get away with this bull....


Been looking for a 2012 civic coup for a week. Any color but silver, gray .
Would like blue, red, white. Dealer signed my paperwork for it, took my money, now can not locate any of 3 colors I have picked. Going to a different manufacture. HONDA IS NOT THE CAR COMPANY I WANT TO DEAL WITH ANYMORE.


My 2002 Honda Accord has a transmission issue-it shifts into neutral from first and third gears sporadically. Honda at this time won't do anything. Continue to compain at and maybe if enough of the same complaints nhtsa will force Honda to recall the transmission BEFORE someone gets injured or killed.


I have a 2000 Honda Accord. I purchased from original owner who put in new transmission prior to 100K. I've had the car 3 1/2 years and now at 142K miles. For a couple of weeks it was just slipping, then one day it just died in the middle of traffic and I was able to limp off the road and have it towed home. Still trying to decide what to do. I took it to my local mechanic and was quoted just under 3K to replace with rebuilt, dealer quoted just over 3K for new. After seeing all these posts about transmission problems, it does seem like something needs to done. I love Honda's but might think twice now about my next car.


2001 V6 Accord. 44,000 MILES - YES, 44K miles and PO780 code of death. Tranny out and dealer wants $4K to replace it. This car was babied and all maintenance done. It's 10 years old, but only driven 4,000 easy miles per year (almost all road trips and highway miles). I own 4 Honda's and thought I'd be a Honda owner for life. Nope - will never even consider another Honda given how they treated me with this car. Anyone that can't warranty a transmission (especially one they know if faulty) for up to 100K doesn't get my business. Honda = worthless morons and schmucks.


i have a 1999 ex honda accord ive changed my transmission 2 times now.. And now im going onto my third one its killing me.. Is it worth fixing it or just buying another car... stressing out...


yes have a 2000 honda accord ex coupe and tranny slips 1 and second on automatic transmission is worth getting transmission rebuilt


I have an '03 Accord with 144k mi & transmission blew on I75 in the middle of TN while I was on my way to spend Christmas with my fam in OH. This is the 2nd transmission the car has had. The first one blew on I75 in OH @ 15k mi. Honda has declined help. The 212 number at the top for a class action isn't any help either.

JB from Canada

Another 2003 Honda Accord LX V6 with a dead auto tranny @ 115k miles. Happened last evening when driving back home. Haven't called Honda but after reading all the failures on various web sites, may be I should do so. BTW my local Honda dealer is asking around 2500$ for the job (rebuild transmission).


Hey everybody I have unrealistic expectations when it comes to vehicle reliability to. The map light on my 83 Mercury Topaz has had to be replaced 3 times!


2003 Honda Accord A/T, 52,000 miles, all maintenance at purchasing dealer, failed transmission. Anyone try small claims court?


I have Honda Accord 2001 v6 with 98K miles, just noticed D4 flashing took it to the transmission repair shop and they could not find any code on it. He recommended servicing transmission and wait for this problem to re-occure. I called Honda Customer service and they said that the warranty has expired even though the miles are below 100K. I did tell them that this was the last Honda I bought no more Honda for me.
Does anyone know about class action lawsuite against Honda for this problem?



wow this is ridiculous. I have a 2005 HONDA CIVIC LX COUPE that has the same exact problem. But I don't qualify for any sort of help from honda.. I've had the problem since 60,000 miles on my car. I never abused my car and always drove lightly. NEVER buying a HONDA pos again!


I too own. A 2003 Scored this is ridiculous we got to do something about the trannys

Health educator from Santa Monica CA

My mom has a 2006 Acura TL and the transmission went out recently. The dealer said that it would cost $5500 to fix, but since we were "good customers" they would charge us only $1,000. It made me wonder what was up, so I started looking at these discussion boards. We are out of warranty, and I gather from reading the various boards that $1,000 is a pretty fair deal, but it was consumer complaints that led to free repairs during the warranty period, and some dealers will actually make free repairs even out of warranty, so ASK!!!


i brought my 2000 honda new my tran went out at 105k took it to honda they told me that there was a re-call on the trans and will fix for free,ok. They gave me a 3yr/36k warranty. Now at 148k it failed again. Here in Woodbridge,VA shops are telling me 4k to repair trans. Should I sell or try the AAMCO solution somebody posted at $69.00 to adjusted it and be back on road. Love to her some answers


Honda tranny on my V6 broke also. No dealer help. I said bye bye and now have a BMW, I figure if I'm going to breakdown at least I'll be in a fast car that drives like a dream.


my 03 odyessy has a recalled trany in it. the dealer put a patch on it. a larger hose for 2nd to 3rd shifter. now at 130000 miles the trany has the same problem it was recalled for slipping in and out of gear, locking up over 50mph.and so on. computer says trany failure. trany says 2nd to 3rd failure, wrong gear ratio, tcs failure. it almost put my wife in a jersy barrier with our 4 mo old son in the car. how can a patch be called a repair? the only thing i found out it was someting to get them over the 10yr hump. so now they arnt responible. this could of killed my family. if it wasnt for my wifes fast thinking. when she put it in nuetral when the front tires locked up on her while on the freeway


2000 Honda Accord tranny failed at 75,000 miles,which is what I thought was NOTHING for a Honda,which I was evidentally wrong at assuming.GO AMERICAN!!!!That's what we get for buying outside of our homeland I guess. : (

terry nieman

the 212 numbers are off the hook , second one is wrong . now who do we really call?

Justin Scott

2005 Honda Accord EX V6 transmission failed at 50,000 miles! I don't drive it hard and have followed the maintenance schedule to a T ever since day one. It makes no sense that I need a whole new transmission at just 50K miles. Dealer said it would cost me $5,400 until I told them I was in the service and deployed for two of the years that I owned the vehicle (which is evident by the low mileage). The service adviser spoke with his district rep and said they would only charge me $1,600. I put all of my faith in Honda when purchasing this car new and have babied it ever since. I guess I was sold on the Honda reliability that you always hear about. NEVER AGAIN! I will never buy another Honda! I need to get rid of this car before the new transmission warranty is up and it fails again.

Don't buy Honda!!!!

Accords SUCK!!!!Don't waste your money.

Two Hondas never again

I have a 2004 accord. Just hit 101,000 miles was going between 35 and 40 and it quit accelerating and RPM kept climbing. I almost got rear ended. I put it in park and stopped in the middle of the road. I started it again and it took off and did it again on a hill. I put it in reverse and rolled backwards into someone's driveway. 3rd gear out need transmission. So sad, I was looking forward to get it to 200,000 miles. Guess not with a Honda.


Wow, that's a real shame! My son and daughter-in-law both own Accords, one for him and one for her, different years.

All of the ones they owned over the years, both manual and automatic transmission versions, have given them excellent service. Never any problems.

And they drive them hard! Each has at least an 80-mile commute in California traffic every day and all of them lasted to well beyond 150K on the odo before they traded them for new ones.

What happened to the cars after they traded them, I don't know.

Still, it is sad to see that Honda has built some crap cars along the way that other buyers got saddled with.

Maybe those disgruntled Honda owners should buy a GM or Ford product and see if they are any better.


03 Accord v6 112,000 miles. death code, tranny gone. dealer want's 5k to replace. Had it towed to a rep trans shop for 2.5k. american honda put me off for a week. no more honda's for me.


I have a 2002 Honda Accord SE. I bought it usedfrom a dealership in 2006 with 34K miles. In the second year I started having strange electrical problems, my car would just shut down and this happened several times on the freeway. I took it to 2 dealerships and 3 independent mechanics and no one could figure out the random loss of power. I finally found the right guy that figured out that the car alarm was shutting off the power. It was tied in to the ignition and he replaced the ignition and disconnected one of the alarms. This took over a year to finally get resolved. It's 2013 and I now have 58K miles and my transmission went out and had to have it replaced. At 58K!!! I take care of my car and have always kept up the maintenance. I have had several Honda's but don't think I will ever buy another. This company doesn't stand behind its product like it once did. My next car will be a Hyundai.


Simple solution stop throwing it from reverse into drive with out fully stopping. Its not the car its the driver

W. Mitchell

I have had three Hondas and all had transmission problems. will never buy another one since I have found out bad transmissions are a common problem with hondas


To Robin, save urself the aggravation of paying a local mechanic who is probably inexperienced with the complexity of Honda's transmission. I paid $1200.00 to a local mechanic and had shifting issues driving off the lot. Then to sue him in special small claims Court I had to have the transmission issue corrected, properly, to prove the work he supposedly says he performed efficiently was in fact the same issue that I now had to pay Honda $4500.00 to perform. So save the headache and stick to Honda when paying for repairs.

I have a V6 2002 Honda Accord EX coupe. After Honda replaced the faulty rebuild by the local mechanic with a rebuild from Honda I still had issues. Within a year it was slipping, not shifting into gear etc. However, Honda honored the warranty and replaced it AGAIN. Now a year and a half later in seeing the early warning signs again. This is unacceptable of Honda and a class action should be filed by the owners of this generation.

H. Franke

I owned a 1983 Accord (died 1997 of rust not of engine or transmission problems), I currently own a 1998 and a 2005 Accord V6.

Had two transmission problems with Honda Accord V6s.

My 1998 V6 Accord, started throwing the Lock-up Solenoid Assembly code in 2012 and the transmission was slipping badly at about 130K. I did 3 full AT fluid drain and refill as a mechanic mentioned the oil was burned (note I did the AT flush at the dealer at 70K). This fixed the problem till about 138K. I did another single drain and refill (i.e. replace 50% of fluid) and haven't had problems till recently at 150K where I notice some shifting hesitancy. Will continue to drain and refill every 10-15K until the spirit take this one home. This is easy maintenance at $30 and 30mins.

One month after my 130K incident a friend of mine had serious problems on his 2003 Honda Accord V6 with 145K on it. Heavy slipping to the point it couldn't make it up the hill at all. Took it to the Honda Dealer --> 3K quote without even looking at it. Took it to his mechanic friend --> $2.5K. I convinced him to try the 3x drain and refill first and after we did that the car was 95% better ($100). After another 5K driving we did it again and he has not had problems since (15K driven). Go figure, dealers and mechanics give you vanilla answers.

My lesson for my 2nd H-A 2005 V6. Just preemptively switch the ATF. Full flush (3x) at 85K coming up (yeah its 9 years) and 1x drain and refill every 15K. I hope it will take it for many more years.

Overall I have learned to use web and youtube to study some of the codes to do easy fixes (e.g. EGR P0401 code and no you don't need a new EGR sensor). I really don't take my car to the dealer anymore. Re-learned to do timing belts etc. as I used to do on my 1983 20 years ago. Many of the general maintenance (brakes etc.) and fixes can be done learning from online resources. Saves big bugs. I still like my Hondas and would buy one again. More concerned about all the electrical stuff they put into the cars now over the mechanical problems.

Nour 70

Honda Civic 08 ,
I had a bad and treble experience and I will never buy a honda anymore, I paid Thousands of dollars to buy my honda 2008 civic 2 doors and after less than 11 months , I start having bad noise in the transmission and it is gone while it still 55K mile on it
Thank you Honda for losing your name and being not supporting your customers , and I will never buy Honda cars again. I usually hear about Honda it is a good cars and runs for 2 or 3 thousands miles but I believe that was along time ago, I wish I bought a Kia or dodge, at least I will know that it will not be disappointed me like you and at least it will run till 100K

If you all were to maintain the transmission properly and change the tranny fluid yearly and drive respectfully and not pop reverse and then drive without braking you wouldn't have any problem 296k still going


Bought a 2006 Honda Civic Si with 60,000 miles on it. Bad decision. Drove the car for 1 year and blew a cylinder and had to get the engine replaced. A few months later 5 gear began to grind at every shift. 3rd gear routinely pops out. Honda nor my extended warranty cared to help fix the issues I am having. Never buying a Honda Civic ever again.


I called 3 different Honda dealers and they all said theres no recall on my 08 si sedan for 3rd gear they lying to not do the repairs or was the recall just in us?

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