Ford Flex Fridge: Have Sushi, Will Travel


Ford did it. It's done. The in-car refrigerator has arrived in the 2009 Flex, and with it a new world in which you will not get sick from the sushi you bought the day before and forgot about.

As a $760 option, Ford isn’t simply giving you a plastic compartment cooled by the air conditioner, which can drop the temperature of a beverage perhaps 20 degrees. No, this is an honest-to-goodness refrigerator that uses a compressor to create chilled liquid that can lower the temperature of a beverage 41 degrees in two and a half hours. It also has a freezer option that can chill to 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

The compartment is small — capable of holding seven 12-ounce cans, four half-liter bottles or two orders of vegetable maki — but the utility is also evident. For drivers who live in hot climates, it might save a gallon of ice cream on the way back from the store or allow drivers to run other errands while keeping raw meat at a safe temperature.

What do we want next? The in-car microwave.

By Stephen Markley | May 22, 2008 | Comments (16)
Tags: Car Gadgets, Ford


Does this really matter? If the Flex does not get over 30mpg then it's not going to do well. Dinasaurs are extinct.

R Marion

What about just carrying a cooler in the car?

No figures have been released on the mpg for the flex. Saw on one site that it's projected at 16-18 mpg and another site listed as 22 highway. All the little gadgets and gizmos are not going to make a difference if people can't afford the gas for it.

if that's the mileage it will compete with the GM crossovers and current minivans. This isn't a small vehicle.


How about getting a RV?

At least you can sleep in the RV - one option after you loose your home because of gas prices.

The GM crossovers only sold 13,000 in April. That's not great considering it was 3 vehicles. I look for May to be lower. Toyota sold 10,000 Highlanders and 11,000 Siennas in April and their sales were down from a year ago. This segment will continue to see decreased sales even if they get 22-24 mpg.


That'll go over like the Edsel...


For about $70 anyone can buy a car refrigerator. Among many models available: Koolatron Compact Kooler, Black & Decker 12 Volt Travel Cooler & Warmer (9 Liters).
Probably Ford should have done a little bit of research before considering a $760 "option".
To me, this is not an option, it's a rip off.

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