El Camino Likely Out As G8 Sport Truck Name


Yesterday, Cars.com attended a press event featuring the new Pontiac G8 Sport Truck. If you recall, Pontiac asked consumers to name the new model. Names came flooding in, and the company is now down to 10 finalists, and they’re going through a vetting process. According to Pontiac spokesman Brian Shipman, the name El Camino is most likely out as the name, because of internal discord about a Chevy nameplate being applied to a Pontiac vehicle. Sorry, El Camino fans.

By David Thomas | May 8, 2008 | Comments (16)



It SHOULD be called the El Camino, as opposed to the Ford Five Hundred that should NOT have been called a Taurus.

The manufacturers need to take advantage of the attraction and nostalgia associated with the old model names - in a rejuvinated form.


No, it shouldn't because this is a Pontiac and the El Camino was a Chevy. That's like making a Lincoln Mustang or Saturn Corvette.


This is the same company that puts a battery meter smack dab in the middle of the "new" G8 dashboard. Naturally all of the critics have panned it.

GM is good at losing money and not much else.


The Pontiac "Nevergoingtobeinmydriveway" may not be a catchy name, but a spade is a spade.

Just wait and see - this vehicle will be a bust for GM - can anyone say "Aztec"?


How about EL Mano or El Cargo or El Volks or
the El Mirage or El Palomino or the peoples
choice EL GM ? If all else fails how about
EL Gem. I will not BUY another PONTIAC. MY first
car was a pontiac and it was my Last one forever
The new El car looks good... GM it!


I suggest the name El Ignorant for it appears GM doesn't think they should be building fuel efficient cars. Get your head our of your tailpipe GM, wake up, build a car with decent fuel economy, and stop producing retro cars that only a handful will buy.


It's going to be named the Pontiac Wagoneer. In honor of one of the worst CEO's to ever run an auto company, Rick Wagoneer. They considered calling it the Pontiac Rebate but the term rebate is used so often in the hallways of GM that they thought it would create to much confusion.


I still think they should slap the Holden grill on it and sell it though Chevy (or GMC) the decision for a Pontiac pick up is flabergasting!

This is gonna be the SSR all over again, and it's only gonna make the G8 look like "the sedan version of that uselss pickup thingy"

Now a wagon version would have made sense as people are leaving SUV's in droves. (Especially since you can get a V6)

How is it they keep putting STUPID people in charge? (this also applies to Government)


You people are all ignorant a*sholes. I will never understand all the negative feelings expressed for GM from all you so called "americans". If toyota or honda were to build this thing people would think it's the second coming of christ or something.

>>> Al,
This is the same company that puts a battery meter smack dab in the middle of the "new" G8 dashboard. Naturally all of the critics have panned it.

GM is good at losing money and not much else. <<< Get a life buddy, if that makes up your car buy decision you must be one sad soul.


A pickup is a handy thing to have and this one will accelerate, ride and handle a whole lot better than a truck, so I think they'll have a strong niche market for this vehicle. It's always good to have more choices and that's one way to attract new buyers to your brand.


Whatever, Pontiac calls it, it will have a market. It is amazing that people denegate the car company that for years sold the most cars of any car maker. If their products are so bad than why do so many people buy them??? I have a Chevy, Pontiac, and a Olds that are great cars and 2 are over 19 years old.


Great, GM asked what people want, but don't give a you know what about it!
No wonder GM is messed up.

R -
People buy GM out of blind loyalty. Many were raised to believe that this was the only acceptable brand to buy. Also 1/3 of their sales are fleet vehicles.

Some of you so-called knowledgeable enthusiasts never cease to amaze me. This project, whatever its merits, was green lighted at least 18 months ago, when gas was about $2.50/gallon. Auto companies of any size and scale can't stop and turn on a dime.

While we can all agree that this is the wrong car/truck, at the wrong time, GM, like the rest of the major auto manufacturers, except for Honda -- who is as perfectly positioned for the new automotive reality as it was in 1976 when the first Accord was introduced -- must deal with the cards they've been dealt. Under the best of conditions, it takes 36 months for a new car program to go from first concept to the dealer's showroom. We're at least 24 months away from seeing any meaningful response to the current surge in fuel prices, and that is when a solution, such as the Ford Fiesta, was already in the works.

So many pundits, like the idiot columnist Thomas L. Friedman of the New York Times, ask "why wasn't GM and the rest of the manufacturers building fuel efficient cars?" and the answer is simple, because in our free market economy people wanted to buy, for whatever the reason, trucks and SUVs they really didn't need. Now, with gasoline at $4.50/gallon, they want fuel efficient cars. What's so hard to understand about that.

Personally, I think that the G8 pickup is a huge mistake; it's not a car that fits with the Pontiac brand portfolio. It should have been badged a Chevy (even though Chevy doesn't have a sedan version) or maybe a GMC, as that's GM's truck brand.

There will be an initial surge to buy this vehicle, but it will wane quickly, partially because it's the wrong vehicle at the wrong time, and partially because it's a Pontiac, not a Chevy with its larger dealer network and with the built-in heritage factor of the ability to rightfully use the El Camino name.

The G8 pickup has SSR written all over it and it didn't have to be that way. I agree with a previous poster that a station wagon version would have been a better choice long term but I'm sure that GM saw what happened to the Dodge Magnum and got cold feet. (If Dodge had marketed and sold it for what it was, a station wagon, it might have been more successful.)

Obviously we will see how this all plays out over the next 24 months. In the eyes of many observers Pontiac, as a brand, will be lucky to survive that long. That the G8 pickup is even coming at all, would seem to indicate that the powers at GM have confidence that the brand can be saved. I can't say that given the current market conditions, and the deteriorating situation at GM, that I share their optimism.

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