Study: Teens Like Texting, Loud Music While Driving


A study released today by Erie Insurance says most teens think they’re good drivers, even though a majority admitted to texting while driving.

The survey asked 2,127 licensed drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 about their driving behaviors. The most interesting results were:

  • Cell phone use among teens while driving is 76%
  • 57% admit to texting “sometimes” or to often reading or sending text messages while driving
  • 93% of teens play loud music when they drive
  • 48% admit they're easily distracted when friends are passengers
  • 91% think they're good drivers
  • 34% say their friends are good drivers
  • 97% have witnessed other teens take risks while driving

Now, back in my day there was certainly some loud music being played and friends on board, so I won’t chastise today’s fun-loving teens for that. The 57% admitting to texting in some fashion, though, is alarming, as is the 76% on the cell phone. I see far too many adult drivers performing poorly on the road with cell attached firmly to ear. What do you think? Alarming trend or no big deal?

By David Thomas | April 30, 2008 | Comments (8)
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91% "think" they're good drivers

The keyword is "think".

I would imagine that most adults consider themselves good drivers as well.


I found the best solution to young drivers and their loud mufflers is the expanding spray foam you find at Home Depot. With it's long nozzle tube it sprays nice and deep into the offending muffler. I've "heard" that two cars in my neighborhood were "fixed" this way.

Jack S

What shocking findings. You mean teens like to speed and often are on the phone/texting while they are cruising, and they still think they are good drivers?

How eye opening! The next thing Erie Insurance is going to tell us is that teenage boys think lustful thoughts all the time, and that teenage girls are self conscious of their bodies. Hehe.

Seriously, just how much money did they throw down the toilet to come up with these earth shattering conclusions?

In many states in the US a driver isn't allowed to have any alcoholic beverages in the car; these findings show that it's time to introduce similar laws for cellphones.
Draconian, yes but the lives it would save would make it worthwhile.
People must get it through their heads that driving involves life and death and a cellphone shouldn't be a priority.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.


wow .. there was study done for something so obvious ?

if adults think they are good drivers, because they've gone through a lot compared to is not meant to question their capabilities, but we believe, experience is still the best teacher...

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