Recall Alert: 2003-04 Toyota Corolla, Matrix


Toyota is recalling 539,500 2003 and 2004 Corolla and Matrix cars equipped with power windows. The bolts in the power window system can loosen and cause the window to shatter. 

There have been 143 incidents that led to broken windows, so this is not an isolated case. Toyota says there has been one minor accident and 15 injuries directly related to the defect. A notice will go out to owners later this month. Dealers will replace both front window bolts at no charge. 

The company says owners with these loose bolts will hear an abnormal noise from either window when they’re being operated. For more information, concerned owners can call Toyota at 800-331-4331.

Toyota recalling Corolla, Matrix cars because of power windows (Chicago Tribune)

By David Thomas | April 9, 2008 | Comments (16)



Any word on whether this recall will also affect Pontiac Vibe?

We're looking into that for you. We'll hopefully have something tomorrow from GM. The NHTSA is not showing one right now though.

You can be sure there will be. The two cars use nearly all the same parts, and indeed our 2004 Vibe's passenger window snaps halfway through its track.

wing fan

when are you people going to wise up??? keep buying foreign cars and sent the usa down the tubes. Don't say it's made here...where do you think the proffits are going???? check what u.s. companys did during past wars, do you think we'll build defence material in japan...


Does it matter where the profits go? Do you think those corporate execs from Ford and GM live here, or really spend there money here? Do you think paying a ton for gas is good for the US because those companies are here in a mild way? All the execs live in Dubai or somewhere else where they spend a million buck to live on a man made island. And if you think buying cars is bad, it wasn't buying foreign cars that put us where we are at, it is everything that we buy that is manufactured elsewhere. Electronics, clothing, even food in some ways. I think the way that companies overseas are run may actually be better than the way some companies are run over here, ie short term get as much money as possible and then sell the company to a private trading firm like Cerebus who utimately just guts it. This is a tired argument and you don't even know all the ramifications.

Good job, Bloke.
some people here are too naive.
Actually, I suspect that foreign car makers, like Honda and Toyota pay more in taxes to our economy then Ford, Chrysler and GM. It is because they turn profit and they are taxed and don't have breaks. Ford is probably writing off its debt of $160 billion. While its execs flying private jets to the parties and golf outings.


Hey, does anyone know what the actual defect is? Is it a broken bolt, or did they forget to put Locktite on the screws or something?


I went to the dealership yesterday to have that fixed and now have rattles on my two front door and the weatherstrip on the top of the car are broken.
Does anyone know if that can be related to the repair?


brought mine in AFTER it shattered and they said that we couldn't prove it was bc of the bolt defect, even though it happened exactly as the recall notice said. knowing nothing about cars, i stood there like an idiot.


brought mine in AFTER it shattered and they said that we couldn't prove it was bc of the bolt defect, even though it happened exactly as the recall notice said. knowing nothing about cars, i stood there like an idiot.

Nissan the best


I have a 2003 toyota camry and have the exact same problem that the corolla of the same year has. the driver side power window will not operate properly and goes up very crooked. Has anyone with a 2003 camry have the same problem?


I brought my Corolla to Toyota several months ago to have the glass door bolts replaced. Before the replacement my windows worked fine. Now they shake, rattle, and fall down. Who do i contact to have this problem corrected? And is it still covered at Toyota expence?

Edward McKay

I think the only way Toyota will fix their problem with failed power windows is a class action law suit! What do you folks think out there?

paul gosselin

Got my 2004 Toyota power window fix on passenger side by dealer in Hull pq

But they said power window on driver side can not be fix by them what a bunch of crap not going back to that dealer again in Hull St-Joseph no way they will never see me there again

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