2008 Challenger SRT8s Officially Sold Out


Chrysler says all 6,400 copies of its Dodge Challenger that will be built and sold for the 2008 model year have been spoken for: The return of the '70s muscle car is totally sold out.

Now that the 2008s have all been snarfed up, it's time to get in line to get your hands on a 2009 model, which will arrive this fall.

If you're dying for a 2008, though, and don't mind shopping on eBay, 28 of those 6,400 sold-out 2008 SRT8 Challengers just happen to have come out of hiding and are listed for sale — 24 of them by dealers — on the site.

The base price of a rare SRT8 is $37,995, which includes a $675 destination charge but doesn't include the only three options available: all-season radial tires for $100, a power sunroof for $950 and MyGig for $890. That price also doesn't include a gas-guzzler tax of $2,100; the Hemi V-8 gets only 13/18 mpg city/highway.

So that's a total of $42,710 before tax, title and license fees.

Of the 28 cars listed on eBay, most sellers are starting in the low-$40,000 range, while some start at $50,000.

A trio of listings state the car is yours for $60,000. One takes that up to $61,995, while the top asking price is $65,000.

Dodge spokeswoman Kathy Graham said the automaker has tried to pursuade its dealers not to demand a premium over the SRT8’s list price.

The bids demanded on some cars on eBay, though, topped the full sticker price by between $20,000 and almost $25,000.

"Guess our persuasion didn't always work," Graham said.   

While only the SRT8 is being sold for the 2008 model year, a V-6-powered SE and 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 R/T will also be available this fall for the 2009 model year. Graham said that should help reduce the problem of supply and demand forcing prices higher than the sticker.

By Jim Mateja | April 23, 2008 | Comments (12)
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So there are still that many fools who buys an overweight and overpriced shortened 300/Charger coupe just to suck the world's oil dry, huh?


If you're spending a huge amount of money, why go with a retro-mobile, complete with the lousy mpg? Save up a bit longer and grab an all-electric Tesla, if and when the prices drop a bit. O to 60 in 3-point-9 silent seconds.



You are so right! The price of that gas guzzler is around the ballpark of a Lotus Elise!


The first Dodge Challengers are collectors items right out of the box!!!! The lucky few will keep them and when they get old and gray,sell it at an auction on the speed channel and get big bucks....

Life is short..... Drive Fast!!!!!!!


I don't think these cars will "suck the earth dry" because they'll probably rot away in some rich guy's garage only to come out for car shows and photo shoots (and if he's really lucky, his son's prom date. Hi Ferris!)

At an assumed 15 miles per gallon, and assuming, on average they never go over 6000 miles on the clock (because that would lower the value of "original miles") All of them combined they'd only use about 2.5 million gallons. (someone convert that into barrels)

Add to that, that Lindsay and/or Paris will probably wrap one up,and you can subtract another 300 gallons.

Hey maybe that's why celeberties are so "green"? Wreck a sports car, save an oil barrel!


Can't wait to see the "boy racer" generation age and pine for Civic Si with the two foot spoiler and fart can spoiler. Of course as old men they will be all too fat to fit in them anymore.

Be happy for Chrysler. It is the only good news they will see with their current abysmal line up.

My hands weep every time I am forced into another Sebring rental when I am TDY on business.



My classmate is driving one everyday to school. So you really think they are not sucking the world dry?


Apparently you didn't read. Or just too busy to miss the details.
A. The Challenger is priced around the price of an Elise. So no one who buys this will be buying a Civic Si.
B. The Civic Si is like half the price of this Challenger. So comparing them is like comparing a lobster with shrimp.



Apparently you missed my mocking of this generation making fun of the older generation, which this Challenger is built for. Chrysler does not care if 25 year old ricer fanboys love this car or not. It is for aging boomers with disposable income who missed out the first time it was around.

Whe gen Y gets old. They will pine for their old Civics like the boomers do for muscle cars.

I was not comparing them!



Exactly how many miles in a 300/Charger/Challenger R/T will I have to drive to equal one cross-country round trip in a private jet of a Hollywood Lear Jet Liberal with a Prius in his garage of 200 cars?


Does anyone remember the big to-do about the first P/T Cruisers and all the buffoons who were paying premium, over-sticker prices for them? Or the 'first 1,000' Pontiac Solstices? Where are those cars now and what are they worth? Even in 20 years, they will be lucky to fetch a couple of thousand dollars in pristine condition. Chrysler is desperate for vehichle sales, as are GM and Ford. If demand stays high (and people follow thru and buy their pre-orders), Chrysler will up production and make tens or hundreds of thousands of these cars. That's what Chrysler did with the PT Cruiser and what GM is quietly doing with Solstice and Sky (the same car) Talk about Fools Gold. You are much better off selling one of these bloated barges than buying one, even at sticker.


Red, why would you say "wait for the tesla to go down in price" its base price is $109,000. If the price goes down, its going to be around $90,000 to $80,000. The Challenger srt-8 has a base price at $37,995


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