Best Cash-Back Finds: 4.25.08

Journeyfind launched its new, comprehensive rebate and incentives page earlier this month, but just having the raw figures isn’t always enough. Often there are some real gems getting a significant amount of money off that aren’t heavily advertised or thought about. This time out we’ve found some interesting deals on a pair of luxury nameplates, a brand-new model and a fuel-sipping compact. 

2009 Dodge Journey
MSRP: $19,360
Cash back: $1,000
Percent off MSRP: 5.2%    
Expires: 4/30
5-Year Ownership Costs

The new Dodge Journey was just released, and Dodge is hoping that by offering a small incentive, $1,000, folks will be more inclined to give it a shot. That’s because the Journey competes with the popular Ford Edge and Hyundai Santa Fe when equipped with two rows of seats, or the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander when equipped with the optional third row. Still, the Journey’s starting MSRP is significantly less than the competition, even before the $1,000 cash back.


2008 BMW M Coupe/Roadster
MSRP: $50,100/$52,100 
Cash back: $3,500
Percent off MSRP: 7%/6.7%   
Expires: 4/30

The M Coupe is one of those misunderstood cars. It’s a heck of a sports car I would even call it a sleeper. It has 330 hp, handles like nobody’s business and is quite unique-looking. With $3,500 off, the price comes to about the same as a base Corvette. The BMW 135i tester we currently have in the office with options also comes to roughly $46,000. If you just want the looks, the base Z4 coupe and roadster that the M is based on also have $3,500 off.


2008 Hyundai Elantra
MSRP: $13,625
Cash back: $1,500 (everywhere except the Northeast)
Percent off MSRP: 11%   
Expires: 4/30
5-Year Ownership Costs

With fuel prices at record highs, everyone is rethinking the economy car. The Elantra is one of our favorites in the class when it comes to pure utility, point-to-point transportation. It’s not the most exciting to drive, but it comes well-equipped and has a much improved interior and exterior look. $1,500 is a huge amount of money to be taking off an economy car in today’s climate. Thrifty shoppers should definitely take advantage.


2008 Volvo S80
MSRP: $38,705
Cash back: $3,250 (everywhere except the Northeast)
Percent off MSRP: 8.4%
Expires: 4/30
5-Year Ownership Costs

One thing I noticed when I reviewed the new S80 was that it cost almost $10,000 less than comparably equipped BMW and Mercedes-Benz models. There are three available power plants, all getting the same discount. I prefer the mid-range turbocharged six-cylinder, which takes some of the sedate-ness out of the S80’s overall personality. Still, the level of luxury inside is far above the sticker price. $3,250 is a significant discount on top of that.

*Incentives prices listed here are for national incentives. There may be more incentives available in your area. Check’s new incentives page for more information and other offers.


Doug Thompson

I have owned a number of Chrysler products and I can tell you first hand that they are probably the worse manufactured cars built. They "normally" will run fine to about 70,000 miles and after that its expense after expense especially in the town & country vans and forget the New Yorker all together. Buy anything but one of these.

Chuck Smith

If you are smart you will double check with regarding rebates, cash back, marketing incentives, etc, as does always have up to date and accurate info. I read a post somewhere on about a user who almost lost out on a $1,000 rebate on a Camry because didn't list it. I almost went through the same thing when I leased my TL. It had a $1,000 marketing incentive that I only found out about after visiting

Good try. Again our NEW rebate system is pretty comprehensive. Please ask Edmunds how there's is better. Thanks for your kind comments. I'd consider them spam but I'd rather folks compare our incentives lists and see for themselves.

Gary R

I'd have to agree with Chuck ... the listing of rebates is not accurate and you can prove that by simply comparing the information here to any manufacturer's website.


I also agree with Chuck as I wouldn't use as my exclusive rebate source given the many errors I've seen in the day to day articles.

Gary R and Roger,
Since this is an open forum feel free to point out all the errors you see. Again without you giving specific examples I don't think you're actually concerned readers rather than Edmunds "advocates" looking to stir up trouble. I'll leave the comments here a bit longer for specific examples which we will address as we always do. If they don't appear I'll remove the comments as spam.


The Journy reminds me of the old 2nd generation Caravans, inside and out. Ironic that one of the last vehicles Chrysler builds before going under (maybe) is 80's retro?

The Z4 has a double curse against it. Coupes have a shelf life. No matter how good they look when new the soon become yesterday's model. (and IMHO they NEVER looked GOOD). Old at best, ugly at worst, and not particularly practical. Doomed.

The Elantra just doesn't seem to be getting good traction in this market. Sure it's selling well but I think the people at Hyundai had higher expectations. With gas prices it's low entry price and high quality should be selling like mad. I think the last redesign is a little more awkward than they hoped. Too much "egg" if you will.

The S80 was doomed from the start by poor reviews. Big car, not particularly sporting, not particularly prestegious.


Are those lease rates money factors? Thanks.


If you want to censor my postings go ahead and knock yourself out. I am far from an advocate for and I find it especially laughable knowing that I read everyday and the only time I go to Edmunds is when I need a second or third source to confirm numbers for a car purchase. As far as errors just go and look at the number of articles that you have to go back and draw lines through after readers point out the errors.
I suggest you get your panties out the knot they're in and take a chill pill.

Not sure what you mean. All the cash back numbers are strictly on purchase deals.

Thanks for clarifying. Please read how your comment followed by Chuck Smith so quickly look. To the guy running blogs it seemed to be a concentrated spam. Especially since the names aren't regulars in the comments. AND it has happened before.

On the error front I wasn't saying we don't make mistakes. In fact we're very transparent about them when we do make them. But I doubt we have more than once or twice a week when that happens. I looked through the past week and there wasn't one.

Open up any newspaper to the second page and you'll find corrections. Because we publish some news so quickly there is bound to be a slip up here or there but we try to correct them as soon as possible.

Also many of our competitors delete all reference/links to us in their comments or forums. It happens infrequently here though so I usually leave them up as long as they're not spam.


I just bought a 2008 Mazda 6i Grand Touring for $200 below invoice plus an additional $2750 cash back. The 2009 Mazda 6 has been redesigned so it looks like dealers are willing to make great deals to get the 2008s off their lots before the 2009s come in.

Gary R

Dear Dave,

My comments in regard to errors in your auto manufacturer's rebates are not spam. I'm not an advocate for but since you've mentioned the site more than once, there must be something there. I think I'll check it out.

My apologies for forcing anyone to the competition. I certainly did not start the discussion about them. If you know of an actual error on any page PLEASE send it to

Since one commenter above has yet to point to any errors I don't think there are any to report as of now. Obviously mistakes could have been made in the past and we're not excusing that and we're always working to make sure the most accurate information is available.

I will say I do not think any of the competition has this open of a forum with its editors. Nor do they have as strict an editorial policy as we do. I think those are advantages in our favor.

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