I Just Paid $4.20 For Gas


There I was, just minding my own business, test-driving the new BMW M3, when a warning went off about having low fuel. According to the trip computer, I still had 50 miles or so to go before I reached empty, but I decided to be safe and pull into the gas station around the corner from my place on the north side of Chicago.

The M3 requires high-octane gas since it’s such a performance machine. I hit the 93 octane at a whopping $4.199 a gallon and topped off. After nearly 14 gallons the grand total was $57.94. In honor of the occasion and high prices nationwide, it might be a good time for everyone to tell us what they paid for a gallon of gas recently in the comments below.

By David Thomas | April 18, 2008 | Comments (42)
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It was close to $3.40 for premium here in Boston last week.


Just filled up 3.359 this morning at Metro Detroit. Hitting 38.27mpg on that specific tank.

Sad Driver

$4.19 is totally ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I recently paid $3.67!


Premium in LV anywhere from $3.59-$3.89 as of this morning

Just take the train!

3.55 - Long Island, NY - Regular


We just paid $60 to attempt to fill up our volvo in Fairfax Va, we paid $3.35 and it didnt even get the 18gal tank full. only 17.
our car only gets 18.5MPG city (which we mostly do) on average we spend around $300 a month on gas.


$3.22 Reg in Upstate SC


Up to 3.85-3.90 for 87 in the valley. West Los Angeles is about .30-.40 more.


$3.69 for regular in the north suburbs of Chicago


By the time the oil barrons and mortgage lenders are done ripping us all off, we will be living in our cars with no place to go!


Regular unleaded is $3.799 in Monterey, CA but can find it for as low as $3.719 in town. Just down the road in Gorda it's going for over $5. Ridiculous.


Regular unleaded is $3.799 in Monterey, CA but can find it for as low as $3.719 in town. Just down the road in Gorda it's going for over $5. Ridiculous.


about 3.70 - 3.90 at uncasville CT


I paid $4.29/gallon at a Chevron Gas Station in Encino, CA. My total came up to $65/fill.


I paid $3.359/gal @ the Chevron in Canton, MS yesterday. Total to fill up was $43.

UK Diesel Driver

8.76 per US gallon of diesel in Horsham, UK.

Seems like you guys still get a decent deal...

Greensboro Driver

Paid $3.50 for premium in Greensboro, NC


$3.60 for premium gas in West Haven, CT. Of course I have to put premium gas in my 06 Goat (GTO)


Yeah, thats alot to pay for gas. In western Canada we pay $1.29 a Litre. Thats about $4.87 a gallon ( regular) Hows that for high gas prices!


About $4 In Arkansas, but I used to live in Europe where I paid like $8 so I still enjoy our cheap gas here in America =)


In indianapolis, IN 3.33-3.45 for regular. No logic to price movements but I fill up today since gas will rise on record prices per barrell of oil.


UK Diesel Driver is so right. We have it good in the US. Gas is so cheap. Stop complaining. Last summer I paid $6.00 US a gallon for regular in Dublin, Ireland. You don't see big pickups or SUV's in those places except for the very rich or businesses that require it. So, we still have it real cheap and good in the US. When gas hits $7.00 a gallon then we can start complaining.

Cameron Cowger

Last week (4/12) i put a half tank in my volvo 940, and paid about 3.25 (oklahoma) now its 3.35, OUTRAGOUS, there is no reason for it.


Cameron Cowger,

What do you complain about? You drive a Swedish car. Gasoline in Sweden is about $7 a gallon and most swedes drive a volvo v70 or Saab 9-5. If Swedes can fill their volvos with $7 gas, you can fill yours for $3.35. I would understand your complaints if you had a big American V8 truck, but not for a car mainly produced for the european market.

We paid $3.31 per gallon filling up Phil today, Dave, here in Boise. The Spectra has been consistently giving us 33-35mpg now. Still a great value, and no purchase regrets whatsoever. Great car!

Idaho Bruce


3.45 per gal for super in NJ. Total to fill up 41.01 and thats a 07 Honda SI CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!


3.89 for 93 in New York City

3.89 for 87 at Costco! of all places. San Luis Obispo, California


3.45 in bowling green, ky, compared to 3.35 just 2 days ago... before long the working man won't have a way to work!!!


$3.73 for Super in Omaha


I can't believe some of you still get gas for as little as $3.30 a gallon. I paid $3.59 for regular this morning (arkansas). The only good thing about this price jump must be all the people I saw yesterday WALKING and BIKING. In America!!! No way!!!


I filled up my 06 Camry for 25.00 SR. with (95) Gas. Which is about $6.60 US dollars.


I wont complain about the price of gas, we have it very good here in the States, as many of you Euro's have shown.

What I will complain about is how I can't fill my 2000 Tundra from empty. It takes more than $75 to fill, and the pumps only authorize up to $75.

I just bought a bicycle for trips to work!

I saw about 50 different motorcycles last Saturday. Never saw as many onm the same day.

3.30 this morning in Southern New Hampshire. Gas has gone up about 20 cents over the course of a week. Too bad my car doesn't run on coffee! Its much cheaper and I get it every morning.


Im dreading filling up my truck today. I think gas is somewhere around "house payment" for regular, "college fund" for Plus, "first born" for premium. Seriously though I am looking at around $3.85 - $3.90 for regular in San Diego depending on the gas station. Heres hoping they build a bicycle lane on the freeway soon. hehe *sigh

Eric Rossi

I paid $4.10 for premium gas in the Chicago suburbs!

approx 35 miles outside of the city.


About US$7.00+ a gallon in Australian cities, up to US$10.00 in the remote areas.
Those middle east wars are really paying off :(





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