Season Recap: Car We Want in Our Driveway


Now that we’ve tackled the best economy cars, hybrids, SUVs and concept cars, it’s time to decide which car we want in our own driveways. This post is kind of like asking us what we’d do if we won the lottery, but considering we’re a fickle bunch when it comes to cars, there’s a bit more to consider than pure fantasy.

Kelsey Mays:
2009 Cadillac CTS-V
Energy independence notwithstanding, I’d gladly shell out $4 a gallon for a CTS-V. The regular CTS is one of Lutz & Co.’s finest achievements yet, and the thought of 550 hp underfoot is stupefying enough to make me crave one. Reality bites, but this Caddy bites back: It still has a full backseat, commute-friendly amenities and a trunk that can fit a weekend’s baggage. Naturally, if I had one, most of my weekends would be spent at the track.

Mike Hanley: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V
I'm a fan of sport sedans, and the new Cadillac CTS-V looks ready to join the list of heavy-hitters in that segment with its 550-hp, supercharged 6.2-liter V-8. Equally significant in this slice of the market is a luxurious cabin, and here the CTS-V gets the benefit of the much-improved CTS' cabin. You might find yourself visiting the gas pump frequently with this car, but that comes with the territory. And, hey, it does have room for four adults; maybe that's enough to convince your significant other of its practicality. It's worth a try.

Joe Wiesenfelder: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V
I don't know how much ogle I have left in me, but I ogled the hell out of the Dodge Challenger SRT8. The thought of a black one in my driveway is irresistible, but sitting inside one doesn't come close to the view from inside the Cadillac CTS. The redesigned CTS was screwed out of some awards last year on account of the redesigned Chevy Malibu's dramatic improvement -- over a crappier predecessor. All aspects considered, the CTS is the best thing out of Detroit in ages; I like it for what it is and what it represents. Sorry, Challenger. I have to go with the extra doors and luxury. What's that? It comes in a V-Series version with more horsepower, too? Yes, I'll take that one.


David Thomas: 2009 Audi A4 Avant
It would be too easy to list the Maserati Gran Turismo as the car I’d most want in my driveway, so I tried to dial my pick down to some form of reality. I really don’t crave big muscle cars as a car owner. In fact, I’m kind of a station wagon freak fan. The new Audi A4 Avant is one of the most stylish wagons I’ve seen, and it won me over immediately. I’d prefer if Audi offered its 3.2-liter V-6 in the U.S., or if it brought a high-performance S variant, but I’ll still take it as-is. 



i'd hide my CTS-V in my garage and park the other car in the driveway if i could afford one. ;) hehe


Of all the cars to choose from and you end up picking an Audi station wagon? You must be the one behind Mother Proof.


Hey Dave, I respect your appreciation for the wagon. They get good mileage and now more than ever, they should be catching on. Considering that I don't have kids, I wouldn't buy one. But, I can understand why the Avant would bode well as the family hauler.

Aussie Boy

send a CTS-V coupe out n id go for that, i prefer the coupe over the sedan and a V coupe would be mint


Is this or!? With all of the great cars to choose from, how can anyone select the Avant! Get some serious automotive journalists to write these stories. You are killing me!


Typical ignorant comments from an average American that doesn't know the greatness of a wagon.


How do you know the poster is an average American?
You proved one thing, you know ignorance.


Why are folks bashing the Avant? Sure there are tons of awesome cars out there but dosent this make sense? Its got an agressive front face, smooth BMW-ish lines even for a wagon and probably some pretty sweet numbers to go with it. Factor in utility and I could see this as a very logical choice. Would I personally choose the Avant if I could have a Superleggera in the driveway? Not a chance. However when I think of something I could drive daily and still have a lot of fun, the Avant fits the bill nicely.


Just look around this site.


Ah c'mon! You mean people actually want to be seen in a car as ugly as the Caddy CTS? It looks like some kind of anime inspired Transformer thing especially with those nasty HID headlights coming at you. A car can look good whether it's a sedan, coupe,crossover, wagon or minivan. GM hasn't had a good looking styling concept since 1969.


The CTS coupe is hot. I saw it at the NYAS. I love the hidden door handle, much straighter lines, love the back lights that they run from the trunk and up, gorgeous interior (aside from the yellow interior)love the ambient lighting....all the makes for a beautiful car. If you are interested, here is video from the show:

Actually, I won't choose any of this cars. There are still a lot of regular and old cars out there that if well maintained and with proper driving, can produce less pollution and burn a little less gasoline. Sure it won't be as powerful and aggressive looking like those cars, but for an ordinary Joe, it is something that takes him away from public transports and walking.

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