Man Paints His Car Like Police Cruiser, Doesn't Get in Trouble


You'd think it would be illegal to paint your car like a police cruiser, right? I mean, authorities in Arkansas made it illegal to honk your horn in front of an establishment that serves sandwiches or ice-cold beverages after 9 p.m., and you're telling me no one in Nevada thought to say, "Gee, let's not let people make their own police cars?"

Apparently not, because Las Vegas resident Jessie Vigil spent last summer transforming his 2007 Ford Mustang into a cop-mobile. He took the black and white paint job and added an emergency bar to the roof and the word "Police" to the side.

To be fair, Vigil did not intend to mimic a police car, but rather was duplicating a car-character from the movie "Transformers" for his 7-year-old son, Thomas (on the side of the vehicle, instead of saying "To Protect and Serve" it says "To Punish and Enslave").

Vigil spoke with law enforcement before undertaking the redesign, and discovered that, yes, indeed, he was in the clear.

Vegas Man Paints Car Like Police Cruiser (Associated Press)

By Stephen Markley | March 14, 2008 | Comments (19)
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True story: I was tasked (by a former employer) to purchase a Crown Vic and outfit it as if it were a working police car - lights, screen between the front and rear seats, paint job the whole nine yards. The car sat parked in front of his house to ward off "kidnappers."

The Houston Police Department was pretty amused.


If the vehicle is going to be driving around I don't see how this could be legal. Think about if someone really is in trouble, they see this mustang and then what? Precious time could be wasted in an emergency situation. If it is just going to be sitting at their house on display, then cool. Kind of a waste of money though...


I agree that people who are not police should be driving around in cars that are marked as police. But, like what the article said, that the police sell off their old cars and don't change anything except taking off the shield on the doors, then what’s to stop someone from doing the opposite. I think the car looks nice. It looked very menacing in the movie and here too. I like the paint job on Optimums Prime better though.


If memory serves, in California, it is illegal to have a car with white doors on a black body.

Forget about having a law preventing people from making their own police cars, how about a law making it illegal to impersonate a police officer like other states?


He is not dressing up like an officer. If he was and going around and flashing his lights, then there might be a problem. He did his homework, and found loopholes. Now, those loopholes should be closed. He forgot to put a bumper bar on the front.


I was under the impression that doing that is impersonating the police.You are supposed to cover over the door "shields" or "Police" markings,put "Not in service" signs in visible places,and cover the light bar.There are many many Hazzard County/Dukes of Hazzard replica Furys/Monacos out there that have been read the riot act for impersonating Sheriff Rosco...


That's not Nevada, that's Las Vegas, New Mexico. It's quite a bit sleepier than the other Las Vegas.


I actually found more fun reading the link in the article.

I think the car looks nice. It looked very menacing in the movie and here too...

As surprised as I am at this man's boldness I think it's awesome. You never know it just might make people drive better if they can't tell whether the car behind them is a real cop car or not. What kind of exhaust is on that car?

Haha! That's awesome! I wonder if his car insurance is cheaper with a police car because people drive more carefully around him.

I want a car just like this one. That dad is pretty nice to his son to do that for him. Hopefully that car doesn't need any dent repair. Good luck driving.

Steven Rogers

That's Pretty sweet! "to punish and enslave!" haha awesome. It would be interesting to take it to get car detailing.

I absolutely love this idea. I'm sure it wasn't really for his 7 year old son. This guy just likes to drive through red lights. But seriously, I wonder if his insurance is effected by this. Or if he had to get a no credit auto loan. Either way, I still love this idea.


That is awesome! I wonder if I could get a auto detailing mesa az office to do that for my car!


That is awesome! it almost makes me want to do it, but I like my car the way it is, so I probably wont end up doing it.



I'm mixed on the whole idea. How about someone painting a cargo van to mimic an ambulance then driving past accidents so you can get to your load of 2x4's at the lumber store? I don't think in NY you could get away with it. Cool idea, but I think the novelty would wear off shortly.

That is fantastic! It's very surprising to me that it's legal to paint a car like that, I'm sure there are quite a few things you could get away with on the road that you shouldn't with a car like that.

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