GM Pays Out for Coolant-Related Repairs


Any chance you bought a GM vehicle between 1995 and 2004? If so, GM might owe you as much as $800 as part of a settlement in one of the largest product-liability lawsuits a U.S. automaker has ever faced.

The problem stems from an engine coolant known as Dex-Cool, which caused engine malfunction in an estimated 35 million vehicles. Even if you bought your car used, you could be entitled to compensation for repairs linked to the faulty coolant.

The details break down like this: If you paid for a repair because of Dex-Cool on any 3.1-, 3.4-, 3.8-, or 4.3-liter V-6 engine in the first seven years or 150,000 miles of the vehicle’s life, then GM owes you some amount of money. If the repair came in the seventh year, you're owed $50, in the sixth year $100, and any repair in the first five years earns you $400. Any damage to the car beyond the engine's cooling system, and you're looking at up to $800. Finally, if you had to pay for multiple repairs, you’re entitled to multiple repayments.

Now you're beginning to see how this could add up for GM.

Claims can be submitted until Oct. 27 of this year. For more information, or if you think you qualify for repayment, go to Read the models after the jump.

Model years 1995-2003, equipped with 3.1-liter or 3.4-liter V-6 engine:

Buick: Century, Rendezvous

Chevrolet: Impala, Lumina, Malibu, Monte Carlo, Venture

Oldsmobile: Alero, Cutlass, Silhouette

Pontiac: Aztek, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Montana, Trans Sport

Model years 1995-2004, equipped with 3.8-liter V-6 engine:

Buick: LeSabre, Park Avenue, Regal, Riviera

Chevrolet: Camaro, Impala, Lumina, Monte Carlo

Oldsmobile: Eighty-Eight, Intrigue, LSS, Ninety-Eight

Pontiac: Bonneville, Firebird, Grand Prix

Model years 1995-2000, equipped with 4.3-liter V-6:

Chevrolet: Blazer, Chevrolet S-10

GMC: Envoy, Jimmy, S-15

Oldsmobile: Bravada

GM to Pay in Coolant Repair Cases (Detroit Free Press)


Ken L.

If Dex-Cool is what’s causing the problems, then shouldn’t it affect more than just GM vehicles? I currently have Dex-Cool in my 98 4Runner 3.4ltr V6 and I’m sure Dex-Cool is currently being used in many more engines. Dex Cool was touted as superior due to its higher tolerance.


Thanks guys for the info. I owned a 99 Grand Am that needed the intake manifold replaced. I am submitting a claim, for some reason I kept the paperwork. I will take the money if I can get it.

Ken L. Yours will probably be up to Toyota as to what they do about it. As I looked into the site they only cover certain parts on certain models. On the Grand Am for example it was just the intake manifold, the one our local garage replaced it with was never a problem again.

how about 99 cadalac. mine they put on awater pump. said the head gasket is bad . how about this problem. its only got 104000 miles on it.

ron edgerton

i got a 99 cad. deville, 104000 miles on it.they said it has abad head gasket, 8000 to9000 dollars to fix. also transmisson is acting up. 40000 dollar car , only 104000 miles could this be caused by dex cool

i am about to buy a 1996 chevrolet lumina - but i just found this website about problems with the 1996 lumina - is it unwise to buy a 1996 lumina (its in excellent condition)

Ken L.

Here’s a follow up on my earlier post:

After hearing about the settlement, I went ahead and had my radiator, water pump, etc. flushed (2x – same visit) and had it refilled with “Toyota Red” coolant from my local Toyota dealer. It was costly, but well worth the price for a piece of mind. I also purchased an extra gallon for future use. As an FYI, I never had any problems with Dex-Cool in my truck, since I only had it in there for a few months, but I did not want to take the risk. I was low on coolant that night and needed something quick, so I picked up a gallon at my local auto shop. I should’ve read into Dex-Cool further prior to my purchase, but it was last minute and I was in a rush. After this announcement, I also read on other blogs that some GM owners are using “Toyota Red” in their vehicles with no problems as described. As of today, I have close to 114,000 miles and still no issues with head gaskets, overheating, leaks, etc. It still runs strong.

joe fall

hi. i bought a 2003 montana last july, and i had the oil changed last week jan 15. they told me the oil was dark brown. can i get some help for repairs? need manifold gaskets for sure, maybe more. appreaciate any info i can get. thanks

otis thames

G.M. failed to notify the owners of the vehicles in question. The service light came on my dash board and at the cost of 106 dollars,it revealed that my head gasket need to be replaced on my 2004 Chevy Malibu Maxx hatchback costing $1605 dollars. I have owned 16 new vehicles in my life time. I never had to replace a head gasket.

Bill Berensmann

I have a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue which has been virtually trouble free. But this week the engine overheated badly. No sign of coolant leaks. Mechanic ran pressure test. Found no leaks. But it's eating up Dex-cool like crazy. Is it the head gasket? Or?

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