Americans Rein in Driving Habits


Going from 3.01 trillion miles traveled to 3.00 trillion may not seem like a big deal, but the .4% reduction in 2007 marks the first time American travel has decreased in more than 20 years.

The change comes as gas and oil prices hit record highs that show no signs of slowing in the immediate future. Perhaps 2007 will be remembered as the year American habits finally began catching up with the hard realities of a petroleum-based world.

According to a Reuters report, these habits are not confined to reduced driving alone. Americans are also meeting the challenges of rising fuel prices by purchasing more fuel-efficient vehicles and choosing public transportation more often. More people are taking the bus or subway now than at any other time in the past 50 years.

Do you feel like your driving habits have changed? If so, how?

Americans Drove Less in 2007 for First Time (Reuters)

By Stephen Markley | March 31, 2008 | Comments (2)
Tags: Car Buying



Oh really?

Then why in the world are they still driving like they are on the track?


A lot of people complain abot the price of gas but keep on driving like the Indi 500.

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